Book of Records: TANKS / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

There are hundreds of interesting vehicles in War Thunder, but even on that list there are a few machines that clearly stand out. special ones: the biggest, the heaviest… or, let's say, the smallest ones. Why not?

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  1. Stahlhelm Model. 1940 Fd. Gr.

    And the Panzer III E/F/J gets the slowest turret traverse award

  2. The sheridan don’t have the fast atgm is the t80 whit 400mps

  3. Who did the narration for this video

  4. 0:35 but the largest concept for a tank was 100 times bigger aka the german landkruiser

  5. The speed one should not qualify, Because its not even a tank

  6. I’m waiting for a t-14 armata and a char 2c

  7. Thickest non composite armor in one plate T95

  8. My T-34STZ have 26 300 ground kills and 700 plane kills . is this record. My nick is Pedja168 in WT.

  9. Thickest piece of armor? Highest non atgm penetration? Smallest main gun caliber? Highest tracked vehicle speed? Slowest reverse gear? Fastest turret rotation? Highest aphe tnt equivalent filler? Most powerful engine? Tallest tank? Longest tank? Shortest tank? Widest tank? Shortest tank (height)?

  10. 7:25 pils Japan ??Niklas?? pils? No ??????

  11. Bernhard Scholtz

    I want to see if you guys at War Thunder would release South African Military vehicles? I mean you got the Angola Civil war in the 70’s and many of these new tanks came probably from the 70’s/80’s aswell

  12. As much as I try to be ok with it I still can’t handle this presenter’s voice for these videos personally.

  13. The P.1000 Rattle

  14. Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte is the biggest tank in war thunder

  15. DMX Lasxhxdivids

    “This beast can hit targets up to 5 kilometers away”
    *completely misses*

  16. The thickest armor in the game

  17. SpaceBacon BreadMan

    When is RP gonna be changed for the good (much more RP per match else we would need years of farming) Attempt #2

  18. Terror of the open tops: Most machine guns on a single vehicle

  19. i think the japanese houses are insane if you destroy them they rebuild themselves before it hits the ground

  20. You forgot the Vickers MBT with the fastest reload

  21. Alexander Steinmetz

    But isnt the Zsu 23-4 the king of Rpm because 850*4 = 3400 ?!?!?

  22. Strongest 100% steel armour

  23. Which tank has the most machine gun armament with the light 20mm highest caliber, and the m163 with its six barreled Gatling Vulcan does not count

  24. The most Russian bias? Oi blyat is the is-7

  25. 7:15 *_when the trees start speaking Vietnamese_*

  26. Least armored?

  27. Yeah if we could go back to using the Historical data for shells and armour and only use the algorithm for the modern tanks that won’t have data available for the public that’d be great thanks.

    My squadmates and i have noticed after the changes were made allied mid-low tier was no match for KV-1’s and some T-34’s.

    *but don’t forget Gaijin doesn’t do alternate history))))))))*

  28. The Russian Tunguska that will be released has a 33.3% faster rate of fire than the American M163

  29. The most balanced tank ?

  30. Aaaammmmmeeeeeerrrrrriiiiicccccccaaaaaa!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????

  31. Inglorious Basterds Hitler

    Best Tank is…

    Bob Semple Tank

  32. You, Versus the guy who heart reacts her memes on Facebook.

  33. tank with most and least amount of armour


  35. Mortally Challenged

    Every time this game does something I don t like I will now down vote a video from you. This time: experienced crew need to reinvent the fire extinguisher when in a new tank… thats BS

  36. 1k subscriber with no vids challenge?

    0:40 Tell that to the ratte.

  37. 2:58 It’s Cal-eye-oh-pee…

  38. Gold play button with no videos

    What about turret traverse and gun depression

  39. World of tanks dont have this toys

  40. The most hated tank in War thunder they forgot to mention

  41. Il Cane Millonario

    The best AA

  42. The ugliest and Prettiest tanks in WT (by a majority vote)

  43. Highest percentage of a tanks weight that is explosives with a full ammo load.

  44. Andrei Catrangiu

    hello…. i am a WoT player and i can say BOTH GAMES ARE COOL and… idk why exist a war between WT and WoT they are two different games WoT is an arcade game and WT is a simulator… pls help me to explain this to idiots

  45. cool Potato_kid dude

    Add the bob semple

  46. oh wow! I just randomly guessed 30 KG and it was close, lol but it still not as awesome as my beloved KV-2

  47. e100 is bigger than the maus

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