BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (War Thunder Otomatic)

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BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (War Thunder Otomatic)



  1. *Second for today! Hope everyone is doing okay. Thanks for an amazing week 07.*

    • Twentininthph


    • Challenge Request:
      German little and large challenge. Take out the Fw200C-1 in Tank RB and get three ground kills. Or if that isn’t entertaining enough, take out the Ju87D-5 with x12 MGs and get three combined air/ground kills with guns only. Have fun. Attempt #141.
      Keep the good times rolling Mr. Daily, thank you for doing what you do to get us through Coronavirus mania.

    • Phly, I love your vids. I was wondering if you could take out a classic, the British caernarvon. It’s been years since the last time you’ve taken it out. With love, captain zero. Attempt 1.

    • Plz take the sea hawk mk100 out, you haven featured that on the channel

  2. Francisco Emmanuel MunsayacJrIii

    Should I buy the 1 year premium ? I already have 500 days of premium now

  3. The OTOMAGIC returns!

  4. That sale is a nice 60$ aud …

  5. Is it possible to get your logo on xbox one?

  6. Hitler hahaha

  7. Anyone else can’t unsee the hitler face?

  8. I wouldn’t want to be an italian tank at the moment

  9. Because economy 1 year of premium is almost $200 here in the Au

  10. Used the code! Felt good seeing;

    “Supporting PHLYDAILY”

  11. Could someone tell me how to shoot multiple rockets at the same time by default please
    Love you only
    (I. Also using my sister phone)

  12. phly how do you have this many tanks and jets ?

  13. What tank is this, sorry if I sound dumb, I’m new to WT and have never seen this tank, or is it literally called the otomatic?

  14. Thanks Phly at 1: 20 I can never unsee this again…

  15. How’d you snap like that and instant lock on?

  16. Phly how could you betray the R3 T20 like this???

  17. Alex A war pigeon

    Boom boom boom i want this in my room

  18. Shit I missed it I thought it said half off thru the 23rd meaning that you could get it till 11:59 PM on the 23rd that sucks looks like I wont be getting it lol

  19. Sebastián Gulisano

    8:09 that radar packaging tho

  20. Boom Boom Boom Boom I want you in my room.

  21. 8:01 look at that cute little radar wave

  22. hey look a sell-out… advertising for a P2W game, that cant even get mechanics right..!! xD

  23. 1:18. Your welcome

  24. Just a guy That exists

    It’s my birthday today!
    No one will see this probably,but hey it’s worth a shot

  25. Please play with the AH-64d

  26. Nice work Phloppy, stay safe <3

  27. Do the P51-H-5-NA again

  28. Hey phly I’m a huge phan man keep making amazing and hilarious content, if my phamily wasn’t broke as hell preparing for the worst of COVID-19 I’d be buying all the phly merch and premium offers and I’d be phlexing the hell outta the logo

  29. Are you from Germany because you say “scheiße”

  30. Yeap used your link Phly, I got The decal and everything but instead of 53% it was 50% off, bruh. Was worth it anyways

  31. Phly will truly lose it if they ever put in the Draco SPAA.

  32. Play f82 yeet guns

  33. How can you put your radar off?

  34. George Vasilopoulos

    The new artillery sound gives me chills

  35. Hey Phly, would you be able to take out the AH-64A Peten?

  36. dron na batareikah

    Привет товарищ , аутоматика дом труба шатал чудо зенитка один косяк палевная)

  37. Hey Phly! You should try and meme with the 75mm on the Churchill Mk1 – it’s only HE

  38. Anyone else dislike the new sound effects? The satisfying arty whistle and explosion is now gone ;(

  39. 7:28 Merkava engine-front layout doing its job right

  40. I liked the video because it is funny, it truly looks like hitler 😀

  41. Im 7k like wow

  42. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #491!!!!
    Play the M48 in stock conphiguration on 7.7 br (old lineup).

    If you have phun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.
    Good luck with the APCR, you will need it.
    Requesting it bephore the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  43. Dusan Ljubisavljevic

    how to fold a radar ,,, anyone ???

  44. i mistook it for the NCIS new orleans episode

  45. NOBODY




  46. Reminds me of Baldricks German Guns Poem ” Boom boom boom boom boom……Boom boom boom…..Boom boom boom?

  47. One question Phly: whats your problem with Leopards?😥

  48. Am I deaf….. Why can’t I hear that EPIC SOUND PACK….

    We need it once again.


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