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  1. “uploaded 16 seconds ago”, ok then xD

  2. lucky refresh squad xd

  3. Should be back near daily again. Tomorrow will be a compilation vid by elliot again. Hypu. Dont forget to sub! <3

  4. I swear your youtube vids are q u a l i t y. You should upload more often and grow your YouTube alongside Twitch

  5. I want to re-buy it and fininish the 13 105 (100K lacking) but 3marks on 13 75 are too sexy and I don’t know if I’ll be able to getb3 marks on 13 90

  6. what mod is he using that show the mm of armour? Pls link it

  7. That ram attempt in the end tho XDD

  8. When Circon uploads a new video, you know you can give it a thumbs up in advance

  9. Alexander Krikorian

    “You can’t just leave the base in a UDES”

    More accurate words have yet to be said about that tank.

  10. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Hairy Potter…wow…fucking wow chat 😀

  11. Farming sim 2017

  12. I tried playing the 13 90 for a couple of matches last week, never did I get teams like this on the enemy or my team. Most of the time I got the enemy that knew how to counter light tanks preventing you from doing anything useful all match long *or* of course only brawling city maps with huge corridors. gg wp.

    Damn nice result though!

  13. You are too good at this game.

  14. to bad u didnt put one you played on malinowka…

  15. You always make it look so easy… I don’t know whether I love you or hate you… Let me go with “respect…”

  16. Wow when i clicked on video that i watched, there was 1 view on this vid xD

  17. Can we just agree that WG did a really good job for once “modifying” the AMX 13 90, it is such a good tank now!

    • SESD95 yeah

      the reload are so enjoyable right now

    • Not to mention that I actualy could hit (and pen) stuff right now instead of doing stuffs like:
      > shoot 4 times on the move
      > only one hit to track, didn’t even detrack
      > enemy ran/died, now you have nothing left to shoot and you are forced to reload in agony for eternity because you don’t want to face enemies with only 2 shells

  18. Hey circon, good vid as always. But I don’t like the fact that you just threw away all your premium rounds :/ anyways, sick carry! Keep up the good work on making these awesome streams! 😀 <3

    • Jorden Benjamins yeah he only needed 3-4 of those premium rounds when shooting at the side of the IS-3, just against lucky bounces


  20. The enemy team took one look at the roster and said “I ain’t goin out there man! Circon’s out there!”

  21. Lol that 750 alpha per game was out of nowhere

  22. Nice of your team to let you have all that damage at the end 🙂 GG.

  23. Poor AT 15

  24. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    where is MEMEWHILE?!?!?

  25. Wait you can get gold for uploading replays now?

  26. “Grind to the tier 10” he says… AMX 13 90 is easy mode bro, there is no “Grind” involved haha
    Oh, Marks work? What is that sorcery…

  27. If you invested so much in the prem ammo and I don’t think credits would be a problem in the first place. So why no prem food?

  28. Whats the mod which shows if u can or can’t pen

  29. Can circon have a bad game?

  30. You’re yawning is making me yawn.

  31. lol i have 2 marks on my 13 90 as well…but i only have 12 prem rounds. does this make me better than circon…

  32. PUSH IT TO THE LI—— Damn, wrong tank ;P

  33. Epic – incredible tank control – well done.

  34. Oh boy the gold round waste triggered me. Not because I have a problem with gold rounds, but because I have a problem with not making a profit. A game like that and not making a profit would destroy me

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