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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: !


  1. Bloody boop good !!

  2. It just misses Betty

  3. The *BOOP* is strong with this one!

  4. Why oh why do we always have to watch the time counter counting down to zero? Just skip it.

  5. Boop!

  6. 3 arty… soo much fun

  7. Me watching the video “hm, WoT seems like it’s made some good changes, maybe I’ll play a bit after having stopped for 2 years” sees guy get one clapped by artillery “LOL, what was I thinking”

  8. 7:49 giggled

  9. Phly sent me 🙂

  10. I feel so autistic because everytime he said boop hurt

  11. Alexander Krikorian

    How dare you call a video using the small (pathetic) gun on the T49 “BOOP!”? The only boop is 152mm boop stick, dishonor.

  12. Found the gay nest at 6:53 😀

  13. Loosing my shit like a kid wondering where his nose is every time Circon goes “Boop!”

  14. Had a top tier t-34/100 game yesterday. There was a fv304 and a lefh gunning for me the entire time.

    I think they hit me once. Had to dodge shells left and right the entire time.

  15. u did BOOP! with 90mm gun instead of the 152mm

  16. Circonflexes is clearly OP. 😉

  17. Two auto-arties on a team. Terrifying.

  18. >T49 with small gun

    sorry, downvoted

  19. “If this is an Ace I’ma put it on Youtube and call it ‘Boop'”… Spoiler much lmao

  20. Start calling you Betty BOOP.

  21. 90mm on a t49? Blasphemy!

  22. Time to boop skrubs

  23. I don’t like BOOP, I like DERP

  24. Hi did circon 3marked T49 recently? If yes which gun did he use?
    Or if any of you guys 3marked this thing recently? Which gun did u use?
    I came up to 88% with the derp gun and couldn’t go beyond. I’m not sure weather changing to the 90mm would help or not. I really like the derp gun thaugh.

  25. As much as I’m always complaining about arty, the recent mission reworks made me play it a bit again.

    And you know what? I actually kind of like it now….
    It’s the only time I don’t have to worry about getting shit on by arty 😛

  26. When you get this good at playing something, is it still fun to play? I would not be surprised to learn you Aced that M3 Lee

  27. World of Tanks needs more boop from circon

  28. Jingles go How, Qucikybaby goes Hey, And Jedi goes Aging, but there’s a sound that no one knows WHAT DOES CIRCON SAY?!?!?! BOOP BEE BOOP BEE BOOP BEE BOOP BEE BOOP!

  29. God I hate you Circon you make this look so easy.

  30. aww… Circon cares about us.

  31. Wait, he asks for boops and noone in his chat posts boobs? This is the real sorcery at work here.

  32. Does anyone know what mod is on circon that show base pen and the armour value? Please help.

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