Boring, Move Along || War Thunder Gameplay

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•Thank you all for watching!



  2. You literally would have made B if you didn’t slow down to shoot that plane.

  3. God I HATE the mach cloud. There needs to be an option to disable that shit.

  4. What did you think that guys name was?

  5. Everytime he kills someone he has to say boring

  6. “Are you kitten me?”

  7. Vicious Unpolite Games

    2 shoots for kill a leopard2a4? BooooOOOooooOOooring

  8. why dont he upload a video and we see if he is not boring…big mouth!

  9. love it epic vid !!!!!!!!!

  10. Mig 21 montage timeeeeee boissss

  11. 》》 Ahnkoo 《《

    I haven’t seen boring brit high tier footage cover… Slick? Thermovision boring brit challengers? And please stop whispering… its creepy 😀


    Slick : thats my sister i wana date her ?
    Alabama : thats my kind of action ?

  13. Hey man i love your videos!! i was just wondering why you never use thermals?

  14. Yuri Malinovskaya

    I want a slick decal

  15. Mig 21 montage 🙂 pls

  16. Why you upload trash video again ?

  17. “naked mole rat” hmm interesting 🙂 good stuff man

  18. mig21 montage Pog

  19. I don’t care if it a trash gameplay
    I will still watch it . Why ? Because we are playing the same game , and we once a newbie that make so much mistake in game before we become a pro-player .
    I will enjoy the video that you upload , and appreciate it

  20. i remember slick backindays 3 shots 3 plane hits in a row,nowadays two shots fokin one plane

  21. This was so boring I want to see more

  22. Show us the brits!

  23. Top tier just boring as shit

  24. this wasnt boring, seeing your perspective of me killing you and the other way around was quite interesting

  25. My personal fav lineup top tier russkies r the ?

  26. I wanna see yoir 2.3 naval setups

  27. “War thunder is so boring hahaha”
    Its funny because its true

  28. you make good content bro

  29. frst time waching and amased

  30. u heggin normie, play the J7-II or however u spell it:D 😀 :D:D : D:D 😀 :D::D D 😀 ::D:D ::D 😀 : 😀 😀

  31. That ASMR was cursed af, mate.

  32. Ngl I only watched the first 6 mins of the last video?

  33. Top tier gameplay is boring, ww2 is the best gameplay era in this game by far, 4.0-6.0 is the sweet spot. But top tier can be fun every so often

  34. I’m J0HNC3NA, idk if you remember me

  35. 1.3k mig montage here we go lol

  36. Silent Spartan913

    DoNt UpLoAd BoRiNg GaMePlAy

  37. Reanu Keeves: “You’re boring!”

  38. Maybe a russian both? I remeber you criticizing gaijin pretty hard like a year a go and after that you and mike almost dissapeared from the map, while phly (always happy with WT) become the solo marker for gaijin xD

  39. Slick play the B-24

  40. Christopher Dudley

    Can we get an entire asmr commentary, it might be nice and boring

  41. How can u look around and control the airplane ? Because u can look around with c, but u can’t control the plane.

  42. Sinai with trash map layout lol

  43. dude say HURRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA you playing soviets !

  44. I hate coward dumbfuk teammates.
    Also, you fools flying over the theatre weren’t even giving a situation update.
    You all a bunch of dumbasses… deserve to lose.

  45. Boring

  46. Do next “amazing” video

  47. No matter what slick be does he is trash

  48. WarThunder ASMR

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