Borsig Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

First Ace in the Borsig using the stock gun while doing a mission.

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  1. no you should stick with the 128 gun 

  2. it wasn’t a decent game, it was a very good game, with a breathtaking
    finish ! well played !

    for missions, I’m agree : since they put these missions up, I see long and
    continuous series of defeat in random battle (I’m agree it’s all about
    damage and XP, but it’s still pleasant to win times to times), and when I
    see some objectives, I understand why my “teammates” are doing dumb things

    Be the first in a scout tank to spot 2 tanks ? ok, suicide run.
    Cap in a heavy ? ok, stupid mode.
    Kill an arty in a medium ? either suicide or stupid mode.
    And I say nothing about kill stealing instead of damage dealing (or the
    opposite … making the most damage instead of removing ennemy tank from
    the game, and getting killed by them). Never the right time, of course.
    Oh, and SPG missions are all about RNG (yeah, try to splash damage 2 tanks
    in a russian or french arty which have very little explosion radius, when
    your shots lands nowhere near where your aiming …). I definitely like
    them !
    And platoon mission in the personnal mission set ? really ? a scout with
    arty ? really ? meeeeeeh

    It’s good to see some new things to do in game but, accordingly to what
    I’ve seen in random battles, it just pulled stupid teamplay out of the

    I sincerly hope it’s just the novelty, and it will faded with time. But I’m
    pretty pessimistic.

  3. Nice game irish :)

  4. I lost so many games bc I focussed on the missions..but well, TANKS <3

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