Borsig Live Review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 11
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. lololol YES!!!! I use the 150mm gun too!!! It’s the fun gun 🙂
    The 128mm trolls me too much with the projectile trajectory RNG because it doesn’t have the Russian bias.
    I’d rather than the 150mm HE against tier 10s because the armor meta make it nearly impossible to shoot frontal weakspots.

  2. Honestly, whenever Im grinding or thinking of buying a tank I always check out your “Is it worth it” videos… very informative and straight to the point opinion…QB is overly optimistic and Skill is showing me game play, first one is misleading and second redundant – I dont get the idea of what to expect from others, is what Im saying…cheers

    • QB is just a little too good…to the point where it skews his opinions on tank, imo. Foch is a bit more real in his play, I guess. Jingles was also much closer to an average player, and I do miss the old days of his 1+ hour tank reviews.

  3. so far the feedback i gathered, onscreen chat will go away and i will experiment streaming in 1080p for clearer image

  4. I like it

  5. Man, just upload more videos ffs!

  6. I like this format…would enjoy more.

  7. I really enjoyed the stream today. Your analysis is pretty helpful, both of the tank’s characteristics and then how to play it. Any chance of a map analysis stream or set of videos?

  8. Yeah I’m enjoying the longer vids with more realistic games

  9. Good job. This type of commentary is fine.

  10. I like educational Foch much better than rant Foch. I like the format, I guess since the games are random and not cherry picked, you can’t predict how qualitative each review will be.

  11. Great video. Totally support not putting excessive effort into it. Keep it simple and insightful. Cheers.

  12. best part about foch is the ammo loadout… so refreshing these days

  13. Format is great… reminds me of Lemmingrush

    Quick Question tough why no Gold Ammo loaded meme?

    these days its easily effordable and if you need to pen some heavys from the front (basically what your job is as an TD) you arent forced to fire HE

  14. i like it … end of comment

  15. I liked it, good format

  16. Sirfoch can you recomend a tier 8 usa/uk tank with low requirements for easy ace.Im on alliance 15 279e.

  17. The day before this video was released I bought this tank. This is destiny

  18. It’s honestly a great idea. I know other people do this kind of content but seeing it from the perspective of only firing standard ammo is great. I think 3 battles is a really good format; depends how much you mind being spammed with requests on stream. Any more battles takes too long and any less doesn’t provide as much of a good representation of what games will be like imo. Best thing about it is I guess if you have a trash game or map you can just cut it and play another. Guessing you aren’t taking requests lower than tier 6 (please dear god).

    Chat on screen as it is isn’t that important. What would be ace is if it was possible to have the person who requested the review’s messages be highlighted so that they can ask questions and you can answer if needed. In that scenario chat on screen would be nice; can be a viewer participation thing in a sense. Could even do a rap up at the end of the reviews and reel off a quick bullet point list of do’s and don’ts for playing the tank.

    There’s a lot you can do with this and I’m really excited to see it!

  19. This video format is great and very entertaining. In my opinion 3 games are perfect amount for video. Twitch chat is unnecessary tho… Keep up with good work!

  20. I like live reviews more than “highlighted” reviews because it gives a more accurate presentation of what games in that tank are actually going to be like.

  21. I had my most glorious shot in this tank using the big gun. I one shot a full hp EBR on Fisherman’s Bay as it was surfing the ridge exactly perpendicular to me at max spotting range, and I got him with an HE shot.

  22. Where some see lazyness, others see efficiency. This is an excellent idea.

  23. Honestly foch, you could upload a 40 minute video of you eating cereal and i’d stay for the whole thing so keep doing what you’re doing

  24. Good review, prefer this type.

  25. 3 games work for me !

  26. Thank you Foch for your latest video. You sir are my favorite streamer and youtuber.

  27. In my opinion 1 to 2 games and between 12-25 minutes is the sweet spot. 30 min and upwards is hard to watch in one go and stopping the video in the middle of game 2 to resume later feels bad.
    At least if you want to turn this into a regular thing, and upload like twice a month. Great content as always.

  28. Yea its a good idea. Skills youtube content is pretty much like this and I think its great

  29. Good to see you back Sir

  30. Still such a stronk player 💪.. Gg More videos pls

  31. Good job, Foch – I like my Borsig with the 150m, too.

  32. I actually like it.

  33. annual foch video

  34. this is not lazy enough just paste the entire vod/games PogU

  35. Agree about removing the chat, and 1080. Really like this format, definitely talk about what you’re thinking and why you’re doing something. Although I find the salt funny, I don’t learn anything except how to be more salty, and my wife tells me I don’t need any more of that

  36. Yes pls. Go for it! 😎

  37. Benjamin Dieckmann

    You can start with our weekly dose of foch. If you Like it, ask skill4LTU how you can Upgrade to daily.

  38. Fuck me, you’re a little cutiepie. From the way you talk I always thought you were a butch ass looking big boy, kinda like that poker player Tony G.

  39. lazy, maybe, but if it helps people? cant complain

  40. 3rd game was really good Foch. Really informative. Keep up the great content. Cheers!

  41. Live gameplay is the best content imo

  42. I dislike this td and eventually sold it. It’s underperforming and has been powercrept by a lot of stuff. The gun is okay, but the borsig is too slow. The Scorpion G is just a far better choice due to the mobility factor. The whole thing is a bit disappointing, because when the borsig was first introduced it was kinda unique and fun.

  43. Foch, you could set up your OBS to stream like you always do, but also record locally at 1080p at a much higher bitrate (probably need to do some quality testing before, but it should be fine). The Twitch VODs are always going to look bad on YouTube no matter the resolution. I’d be happy to help with that over discord if you’d like.

  44. I play my borsig full HE build, so much fun and the pens, ohh when it pens

  45. a brilllant idea sirfoch is back we hope

  46. Fantastic video mate! It’s good to see you back on YT

  47. I for one don’ mind the chat.The chat itself on the stream is hilarious to follow.Especially during the RASHA moments when they start spamming DA and russian words.And of course hearing Foch saying ” Blyat ” and other russian words live on stream is the funniest thing ever.

  48. Your face in this video looks like you should be dictating surrender terms to the UN as you hold the world hostage with your space-based laser weapon.

  49. Don’t ruin the 666 likes XD

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