Bottom Tier. Camping Team. What can you do?

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Lemming,heart my comment ples ^_^

  2. Bottom tier with a camping team……..sui-scout then blame team for the loss. The Brazilian way.

  3. Any tips for using vk1602 leopard? 3cm or 50mm? I found 5cm lacking in dmg, while 3cm lacking in range. Currently with 2nd mark of excellent struggling getting 3rd

  4. 2:34 Fly boi… real life :O

  5. FeelTheDerp ll joben

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This makes no sense

  6. FeelTheDerp ll joben

    To do List:
    -write a random comment
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  7. Useful, thanks.

  8. great video many thank’s…kinda hard to apply these tactic’s to my pzllj light tank.

  9. do another stream today

  10. Reduced Fat 2%Milk

    Lemming said fuck that shit I’m out lol

  11. Henri Liimatainen

    I dont know how can people learn from this (except tomatoes), you literally just went to double-bush to farm the guys who were pushing the flank and after they had advanced forward you just went to get some more dmg, seems pretty normal to me, didn’t “learn” jackshit from this.

  12. Hey lemming……can u plz do a video about how to deal with stock a tank u just bought and dont have any free exp and credits then what we should do or not do so plz do a vid on how to deal with stock tanks moreover those of higher tiers where u need more exp plz
    Like if u want this kind of vid tooo 😀

  13. Lamming if you have T22 can you pls do the vid about it or if you dont maybe about Obj.907

  14. Dude lemmingrush run xvm man i dare you i double dare you, idk about u but after wargaming emerged servers my wr went down from 52.9 to 52.43 in 2 days dude……i have xvm, i see my team ……2to3lemons, 2 greens, the rest tomatoes, enemy team: lemons and green and one or two tomatoes, every fking game i get if not its all tomatoes except me and 2 other lemmings/green in my and enemy team

  15. Great info, thx

  16. I know what Skill4ltu would say,

    well we can suck a dick, that’s what we can do

  17. I looked at 1:31 PM on your map tactic screen and then looked at my phone that said 12:51 PM and I was significantly bamboozled.

  18. From the thumbnail, the best thing to do is to scout and then camp back and react to the map … but knowing my teammates, they won’t support me most of the time.

  19. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The Type 64 has wayyyy too less ammo… i run out of ammo like 1/3 Games^^

  20. Lemming, can you make vid about Sand River tactic?
    It’s my worst nightmare map in wot and I simple dont know how to play on it

  21. Hey m8 im getting better thanks yo ur videos/streams , just wanted to tell ur soing gr8 and to thank u ♥♥ but can i make u a question?? In ur streams ive saw how u change crew from tanks in a sec, idk how to do that. Can u help me ??

  22. But you can run,what if cant move fast at all?

  23. “It’s the typical roflstomp team where everyone sorta dies, and all you can think is, ‘stop dying’, but they don’t stop”


    truly words of wisdom.

  24. Usually people who camp, don’t help. Those players want a flank to fail as they think they will have a good game shooting the one shots. Then when they die they complain the team is useless.

  25. Unsubscribed. Last 10 videos suck

  26. Monty Python : Run Away !

  27. hi lemmingrush its washere2020

  28. Carlos Valenzuela

    You either die a hero or live long enough to become a unicorn violet stet pedder. ?

  29. Great video. Probably one of those lessons that takes some a long while to get. It can be complicated. Sometimes the best action is to hold them off a long as possible to give the other flank time to win, and sometimes it’s best to fall back and pick at them as they cross the open area that is usually on both ends of the brawling areas.

    Would like to a video of my first example.

  30. Bottom tier sucks no matter how much WG tried to tell you are better off under the new system. A friend that just started a few months ago quit because he said he always felt under-powered compared to the competition (he was up against a majority of tanks that were better than him under 3/5/7 about 50% of the time). Another friend rages all the time now because of this stupid MM system, and two other mellow friends have shown emotional reactions to being bottom tier too much and they don’t get upset easily. It was a bad change to have this 3/5/7 template.

  31. an upload on my birthday!? sweeeeet

  32. This was good. You could do videos like this for both sides of every map. I’d like that. I remember the one you did for the south spawn on El Haluf. That was good. I’m old (53) yet I still remember the fall back positions you mentioned. Nothing not to like here. Bottom tier (I love rooting for the underdog). Crappy team (happens all too often–I’m often one of them). Died in the end–but you did your best and stayed alive until close to the end (I find that the last guy alive is often a crappy player who stayed back/hid/did little or no damage/may not have even fired his gun/may have been afk, and for all that ends up dying like a pitiful arty). Two points: 1. Running away (aka falling back or repositioning). in slower vehicles that’s a harder decision. Often all you do is end up dead due to being caught isolated. Obviously you don’t play heavies very much even though you often find yourself on the flank where the heavies go (I’m assuming that’s because that’s where much of the farmable damage is). I’m a crappy player. Being so, I gravitated toward heavies early on because they can take more damage. But that’s the wrong way to think because you don’t learn positioning (you just go where the heavies go and hope to do well) or skills like circling slow vehicles with auto-aim engaged while figuring out your next move. 2. Trying to live longer. That may have been what the guys who were staying back were trying to do. I went through that phase. When all else seems to fail, stay back with the camping TDs, let the action come to you, and try to do what little you can. It’s wrong because it eventually leads to more frustration (you often end up bored and then over run and killed like an arty over and over). This may be heresy, but I’ve been playing a lot of Armored Warefare in the PvE mode (against bots) lately. Someone suggested Armored Warefare PvE in the comments to one of these videos a long time ago. I find it a good form of practice–or just a good place for crappy WoT players to retire to. Like I said earlier, not all WoT players are going to make it to tier 10. Beyond that, some players are always going to be sub-par. Armored Warfare PvE is easier yet still reasonably satisfying. It’s hard to admit that you are a bad WoT player and should move on, but sometimes that’s the reality. Take heed all you 45%ers. In Armored Warefare the IS-7 is a tier 3 vehicle. The Abrams line of main battle tanks can take insane beatings and still bring you out the other side with a victory. It’s not as glorious as doing well in WoT, but it’s a lot better than struggling or giving up altogether. And the best thing about it is it might make you a better, more confident WoT player. You don’t need to give up on WoT or stick with it just to go on sucking at it. Jingles made a good video on how to not suck at Armored Warfare PvE. That’s probably the only video you need to watch. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make Armored Warefare videos any more. That’s too bad. Maybe I’ll pick up that mantle. It really is a good game and game mode for bad WoT players. Wargaming would do well to add a PvE mode to WoT.

  33. Camp with them?

  34. I face this situation many times because I like to play aggressive. I prefer to give the campers 1 warning shot while I drive by just to make them suffer…. and release some anger. Not TK them but 1 shot just to let them know they are “special”

  35. This game is the perfect example of why ‘skill based mm’ is essential to the future of this game.  If you had xvm, my bet would be that your team was ‘mostly red’, and their team was mostly ‘yellow-green’.  To be clear, sbmm is not a tiered system.  It simply means both teams get the same number of red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple – or at least close for each category.  If you run xvm, you can see games like this in an instant.  One team is 10+ red/orange, the other is 10+ yellow/green.  Red team loses every time*  (* sure, once in a blue moon you can pull one of these back, but that one win isn’t worth suffering through the 99 losses on the other side).

  36. Lemming, I know u have lots of questions, but can you play some derpy tanks(Tiers dont matter)?

  37. Hey Lemming,

    Good video, which isn’t saying much because they’re all good—even the doubled ones and, no, I’m not ribbing you.

    One fun part about watching your videos is “reading between the lines” in the sense that, more often than not, you say more than you intend to for people who look at it with different eyes. Also, playing at lower tiers, you show that you’re so far removed from the mistakes of ordinary players that they are like looking at glass in water, you know it’s there, but it is different—changed by its context.

    Let me explain.

    You are in a lower tier match in a good choice for you, an OP premium light tank with the speed to get to where the mediums meet and brawl before the mediums get there. You’ve done it so many times that you don’t go into “a bush” and shoot, you like to go into “this” bush (one you know well) and get in shots at the approaching tanks. If you pause the prose here for a second, you can see a crucial difference between yourself and new/ordinary players in terms of understanding. You’ve done it so well for so long that you can use individual features of the terrain that you know from previous experience and be surprised when others fail to move to useable positions.

    Let me offer you the under-3000 games player’s perspective: This video contains (and I cannot emphasize this enough) the first example I’ve seen of someone’s using a light tank’s speed to get to the crest of that hill before the mediums can get there and put shots into them. I’ve got about 2700 games to my credit, I’ve been on that map enough to have memorable games on it, and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone do that on that map. So, for me, that’s food for thought. After watching your videos and others I am beginning to think in terms of “where am I going to get the best vision? Where is the best, safest place for me to get shots?” and this has come in the wake of my internalizing your simple but devastatingly useful advice, “don’t fight fights that you can’t possibly win.”

    For you, this is obvious, but for new players, it’s a revelation.

    They think differently than you do and you can read what they’re doing from the perspective of the true newbie. The tanks on your side on the East adhered to the principle that drives newbies: “I have no idea what I’m doing so I’ll follow the first person who looks like he does. Then, I will imitate his actions.” This works out if the first person Jonathan Newbie sees has more sense than he should at low tiers and they follow him into a viable position. When it works it works, but when it doesn’t work, it is very much a case of the blind leading the blind—in this case, into camping behind a bush with their guns pointed at nothing in particular, waiting to get the hell flanked out of them.

    It’s a very natural thing to do for someone with no knowledge-base to give him the basis of smart decisions (like not getting flanked by a slavering horde of unopposed mediums). It’s “natural and bad”as a great chess-player once put it, but everyone does it at low level. *I* did it recently while training my tier IV TD-crew in a Tier VII (SU 122-44): I found myself thinking along the lines of games analytical logic that you’re good at explaining so I’ll continue telling you about it. 😀

    We were about to start and I had no idea where to take my TD on a map. I looked at our lineup and found it contained a Scorpion G and an SU-100 and had this train of thought: “The guy with the skorpion is either a guy who’s really good and is willing to spend cash money to wrack up some points and he will go somewhere good and useful, or he’s just someone who had fifty bucks the last time the “G” went on sale. I think I’ll follow the guy who had to grind through eight tiers to get his TD—he is practically sure to know *something*.” Newbies don’t have that sense. For them, it’s a matter of aim at someone who’s aiming at you and click the mouse until one of you goes back to the garage.

    Basically, as far as Newbies are concerned, everything you did was “some mind-blowing, next-level shit” Your guys who didn’t save the VK? I can tell you from the perspective of the experience you get from 2,000 games of tunnel-vision that they were unaware of his existence even while the opposing team was ending it.

    Okay. Hmm. Other things:


    After watching enough of your videos, I’ve decided to work to “weaponize” my vision. In your videos and in Circon’s I’ve noticed maxed-out vision circles even on lower-tier tanks. Seeing as I specialize in TDs, this has amazing effects, in the lower tiers, vision mechanics might as well be advanced voodoo for all you see of them. After your vids and information from Wargaming’s forums, I’ve realized that I can use the edge of a maxed-out vision circle to determine when I can safely shoot even when I’m not only not under cover, but parked on the crest of a hill, and, the best part: It tells me when I can stop running, and turn around to counterattack my opponents.

    You might consider making a video on that someday because I’ve been finding that “vision-circle=maximum vision circle” meme to be incredibly useful.

    Running away:

    I mention it elsewhere but the idea of running. away from unwindable fights to be super-useful and I have clear memories of when it’s done very good things for me in games, but more important than that, the notion has helped. to give me a sense of positioning and when someone is really, really shouldn’t be where they are. Yesterday, I was on Lakeville and saw that an enemy Black Prince driver had taken his tank up to the middle of the ledge where light tanks fear to tread. The sense I had when I saw him there was more than just “Ooh, an opportunity for pew-pew” I thought, “You. don’t belong on that ledge and I am going to make sure that you never leave it.” and that is exactly what happened. I bracketed his Little Rock with shots and changed positions until I could get consistent, penetrating shots and farmed him to death.

    Along the same lines of multidimensional thinking, I recently found myself confronted with a marauding e25 driver who and thought, “this guy is so kill hungry that the easiest way to get a shot on him will be to hide in a bush close to the arty and wait for him to show up. He did. I missed my shot but the artillery shotgunned him. After the game, I checked his service record: Twenty-five hundred games in the e25. He was as predictable as the tide.

    So, running away. How do I run away after watching your vids? Like I’d just met the schoolyard bully and all his friends and told him: “No. I won’t give you my lunch money, but your mother can come by my house later and *earn* it.” That’s how *I* run away. 😀

    Okay, so, thanks for the vid. Thanks for showing me one good thing to think about when I start the light tanks missions again.

  38. Damn Lemming… some good tips. Wish more people did this. I’ve had a couple of games where I’ve retreated because a flank was about to be over taken, only to be team damaged by retards who fail to realize the importance of relocating. I think I’ve been team killed twice because of this.

    The last time this happened, I was in my Skoda T50 and was at 2.5K DMG on Murovanka. Our retard T29 got pissed because I left the right flank and put two shots into me. He literally just camped the right flank dealing less than 1K DMG before he got overwhelmed and killed. After relocating I ended up dealing around 4K damage by helping push the left and mid flanks.

  39. Great video again! Keep it up

  40. NIce Vid Lemming….

  41. Mr LR, you are supposed stay and die like a man and not run like a pussy…right?

  42. Great vid. Thanks for some very valuable lessons. These are some of the things I already do. But, like you, I sometimes wait that one more shot too long before I leave a situation. It’s a fine line. You don’t want to either leave teammates to die in a situation they might have won if you’d stayed to help, Or you leave too late from a hopeless situation and take damage or die.

  43. good video, most youtubers tend to show the games they do great in. This is the type of game I get maybe 50% of the time and as im trying to get my MOE on a few tanks farming that extra bit of damage is crucial. 1500+ damage in Type 64 as bottom tier is pretty good. (well id be happy with it)

  44. If the same thing happens from South spawn, ie you lose C1, whats a good position to retreat to?

  45. This is a classic example of why Lemming is Unicum. He plays nothing but Tier X so he’s always top tier. He lost a Tier 6 battle and it wasn’t his fault, so the default is WN8 stat pad. It’s great advice for sure for padding stats and also trying to help the team. WinRATE is proven with this example that it comes down to that the other team is more noob than yours to win. Yes good players can influence more battles, but evidently the ROFL stomp teams still give you a loss… Which is me on the SEA server playing before 11am where there is only 2000 players and they are mostly noob. But this is an excellent video because it allows someone to stat pad. Next time you play tier 6, play a tank that isn’t gold OP and probably has 5 crew skills. Play the stock Tier 6 clunker to pretend you are grinding to the next tank. That’ll be a good test of whether or not you are a great player. IE the potato stage tank VS. the OP. Last time you took a T67 out with so many perks it was embarrassing.

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