Bottom Tier Gameplay in the MT25

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. you should totally platoon with Dreadshells on stream! It would be awesome 😛

  2. No stream today?

  3. Hi I currently have b-c 12t. Should i get b-c 25 t, AMX 30 B or AMX 13 105. I prefer autoloaders but should i think about AMX 30 B?
    Ps: your videos are so good because you really teach how to play… Keep it Going mate!
    Greetings from Finland!

  4. Have you met quickybaby yet?

  5. Keep up the good work……….Hooah!

  6. Yes my favourite tank in my favourite wot channel.

  7. All I got was audio???

  8. Notification Squad???

  9. Seal clubber kappa

  10. motovlog dez plz

    Wait wrong channel

  11. Rip amx td lol

  12. I remember I didn’t even rely on the gun, I just went for the ram damages. One game I rammed a light tank ( a frenchie I guess) and did a ton of damage, receiving hardly anything on return, it was glourious 😀

  13. Man I miss the old 37mm auto cannon

  14. MT25 doesnt blow…a bad work man blames his tools.

  15. Excellent. Thank you. I love watching mid tier (4-7) disadvantaged game play. Being able to play and commentate at the same time; that right there separates better players from average and bad players. I would have liked to see some of the games that didn’t go well where you can say “this is what is playing this tank is mostly going to be like”. Don’t feel that you only have to show good games. I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying seeing others share my pain. Thanks again.

  16. 4:45 Low ground? That is most likely his downfall as the opponent then has the High Ground!

  17. As someone with over 1000 battles in the MT-25, I gotta say that nerfing the top speed, the dpm AND the apcr pen (a nerf that the same gun on Chinese tanks didn’t get for some reason) was overkill. Not seeing tier 9s doesn’t really compensate for taking away the only good things about the tank

  18. I looove the MT-25. I’m not a special player and this tank is the only one I have two gunmarks on. Very common to get at least 1000 dmg games due to 1.69 reload and awesome mobility 🙂 2400 dmg avg dmg.

    I know it was nerfed but I never experienced the old vehicle and I find this tank still very fun to play.

  19. The question is why is this a tier 6 tank? It would be OK at tier 4.

  20. I know what sand river is guys LOL

  21. Bad tanks played well teach you more than OP tanks played badly. If you can pull off a good game in this tank you deserve to move up. Just means you have to do the work.

  22. Great match. This tank is decent but you have to have BIA and full camo to get the DPM, aim time, view range and camo where it needs to be. Snap shot and smooth ride makes it consistently effective. It plays a lot like a T-50 or a fast T-34. Great counter to other scouts. The old version was awesome – a lot faster, more pen, armor etc.

  23. Nice, game/commentary.

    You might want to avoid calling the SP1C the “Spick.” The term, as said, is a wildly offensive ethnic slur for hispanics.

  24. Before it was speed nerfed, mt25 was one of the best. It still shoots nearly as fast as 12t without a clip load pause, and will usually ram 12t, type 64, e25, and even 1390 to death, among others. Plus that circle of death will work on any isolated tier 6, 7, or 8 heavy or td, and should be used all the time.

  25. I miss the T50-2, which preceded this thing I never play.

  26. Can any one give suggestions on what tank to bring? In my clan we are doing a 1v1 tier 7 clan cup, NO GOLD and no capping. but i have no clue what a good 1v1 tier 7 tank is and it needs pen so i could pen a o ni or something. plz help

  27. I got my one and only Kolobanov’s Medal in this tank on himmelsdorf.

  28. Why is whenever someone post reply with bottom tier, there is no artillery inthe game. That is why this replay lasts so long. Dont get me wrong, i love your replies, but i play so many games low tier, and when there are plus 2 arti in the game, you are useless in the game, you cant pin anyone, you cant engage because everyone will yellow you, and you die in the first 2 min of the game, or other option is to sit back, and hope that your team will win, so you can collect 200-300 xp. And this is happening in 80%of the match making. And just to mention that there are more than 50%of the players that dont have premium accounts. I dont blame anyone but that is how WOT rolls. Same for the mid tiers, who are grinding (again with no premium accounts) and no matter how good they are, their WIN8 raiting is still so low. That is the reality and everyone is ignoring this. Sorry for the negative approach, hope you’ll understand my point.. This is only my point of view…

  29. Very interesting, not just the top tier carry but how to make the most of being bottom tier etc… love it!

  30. No comment, cuz I gotta go poo.

  31. The MT25 is a WN8 farm

  32. Alphaketti Santonil

    MT25 is like corgi dog

  33. btw that thing nashorn (nose-horn) … so not nash-orn but nas-horn, or rather nahs-horn

  34. You should start a video by saying “hey guys, this is Austin”

  35. It’s not that bad a tank. It WAS bad but now it’s ok

  36. So far the easiest tank to 3 mark for me

  37. when i grinded the MT25 i did allmost 3k dmg few times

  38. This tank used to be a lot better before WG’s brilliant light “rebalance” just made all the tier 6 lights shit other than the Type 64. Fucking premium tier 6 light tank gets 390 view range and 2200 DPM while all the non-premium tier 6 lights get 360 view range and 1600 DPM. I own a Type 64 and I don’t even want it to be that pay to win.

  39. I was excited to get the MT25 till I seen how much it slowed down when it ran stuff over, I might have sold it…

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