Bought a NEW TANK!

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Am I the only one Who constantly watches chat?

  2. 10:03 “Gun, please”
    Gun was actually accurate 😀 It went where you aimed 😀

  3. Give circ an at2 with in a t10 game and he would be To by dmg..

  4. I’m sad give me a like ?

  5. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Hey circon what mod is that which lets you zoom out so far i hate only having a limit 3rd person view

  6. Epic driving Circon, especially that Skorpion G at the end.

  7. That would have been an epic solo carry at like 3 min from the end. You would have done it as well. 🙂

  8. gamer anime-otaku

    am the only one that thought it was about the new primo Victoria

  9. That first shot sums up my experience playing this tank

  10. there was that hyena laugh in the background, so amusing

  11. Holy shit.

  12. My first tier 10, and my only tier 10. It’s the sexiest tank in the game And I love it.

  13. Watch out for the witches around you? Call a priest or something…

  14. Nice Play dude:)

  15. Almost 100k Circ, got anything planned?

  16. Koca Yüarakli Adam 27

    i saw the red sovjet star ,instant dislike

  17. Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth

    You’re a god damn demon in WoT… holy hell.

  18. Why would anyone dislike this video?

  19. No ram kill vs the scorp. Sad panda…

  20. I blame our noob gnome lord for bringing me to your channel…now I’m torn as to what to watch during my breaks in the salt mines

  21. what are you gonna do after reaching 100k sub ?

  22. If only console WoT players knew the basics of the game. Evenly matched games like this are non-existant, most are over before arty can find a hiding spot. Most are too busy sucking on a rusty spoon to apply brain power

  23. It took me 1350 exp to ace my WZ-132-1

  24. That’s nothing. I had a 1391 experience game in the T-71 and only class 2. What would you need to ace it then, 2000?

  25. Gareth Fairclough

    Modern tanks? Heh, I can see an April fools day event where community contributors and WG staff are put in Challenger 2’s etc against the combined might of the player base!

  26. LOL everyone wants to follow the mighty Circiron

  27. I love how nobody shoots at him….if I did that they would all snap their turrets at me lol

  28. jebaited

  29. Did Circon get a pet?
    I kept hearing weird noises…

  30. Nice game EPIC MUSIC 1000MODS

  31. someday circon is gonna do damage , someday

  32. Sircon the Fearless.

  33. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Congrats! Nice fuking tank too!

  34. MM by tier for tier would be more fare or 1 tier up instead of 2 up like now

  35. Skip to 6:54 and listen. CAN SOMEONE MAKE A REMIX

  36. almost at 100k subs!!! will you make a video contest?

  37. Name of the band & song?

  38. as usual, all the team mates attack even when you clearly loose on tanks…. retards as usual

  39. Hey circ i was wondering if you could tell me what to go on first: AMX 13 105, BC or AMX 30 B? Btw luv u 😀

  40. Why does this tank has such a Long reload?

  41. Rest of Circon’s team was like, yeah, we are just gonna chill over in this corner, the 132-1 is going to carry us.

  42. China will be larger 😉

  43. What are they going to do to T10s MM?

  44. The best player in WOT. Period.

  45. nice toy 😉 its so fast, so f”” fast 🙂

  46. I’m thinkinh about rebuying 268 ot grinding out this

  47. Cute. Circon kept tier 2 and 3 light tanks 🙂

  48. Gefeliciteerd en veel rijplezier!

  49. are you going to make a video about the new “Primo Victoria”?

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