BOUNCE EVERYTHING…Well Almost | New Favorite Tank – MAUS Tank (War Thunder Tanks)

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BOUNCE EVERYTHING…Well Almost | New Favorite Tank – Tank ()

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  1. Phly, i have awesome hs-129 book in pdf, do you want it?

  2. Lt. MillerUSAF42 Gaming

    And three kills in the duck… Fu*k

  3. play t34 in 7.7 plz

  4. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    It’s a good thing I’m in the German Forces then, cause the Maus is another Tank I’m going for ?

  5. Phly can you please play Chi Nu 2? its my new favorite tank. the gun is insane at 3.7 br with 152mm of pen and one shots everything. ive been asking for forever, you wont be sorry. ive been getting like 10 kills consistently

  6. Yeah,Good job gaijin,let make a shot for the ammo and keep it in black,but in 17:35 that t44 shot at the ammo,he just make it orange and the tank blow in hundred pieces. OK

  7. so called “burp” sounds like an A-10 warthog strafe run

  8. Phly, get “epic thunder” sound mod. You’ll get blown away.

  9. just normal maus huntin aliens nothin to see here folks….

  10. @phlydaily whats the jagdtiger like…i’m looking forward to getting it

  11. Hahahaha he is now doing the brtt sound yeasssss

  12. BOMBER CREW!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The e100 comes close xD

  14. Plz take out the t 34 85 d5t

  15. Can you play the e100 and compare it to the mighty muas.

  16. *hull breaks with a 75mm* *doesn’t hull break with a 128mm*

  17. Maus and Ente 2 animals fighting in war 😛


  19. Atempt no 1:
    Use the tortoise and the swordfish

  20. What was that at the start was that an a10

  21. You looked like a great white rhino in the second video ?

  22. cookiemanaka oscar


  23. Bro that weight u were talking about is the weight of the Dura-metal alone from the factory(Boeing 777) the gross weight is about >300 gross tones

  24. U should have put smoke around in 5th min ? (t34)

  25. It would be nice to see the E-100 heavy tank available for all players to unlock or buy as premium which would help out the German 7.7 lineup with a new and arguably better heavy tank than the Maus. (Because of better hull sloping, 30 tons less so better speed and maneuverability and has the same turret)

  26. Great video!

  27. Sulaimans Mubarokh

    I want to ask. if i use mod camoflag does other player can see it too ?


  29. the maus is so under appreciated in WT. it fights veitnam era stuff and can hold its own. people dont realize just how much of a beast this culd have been in ww2

  30. Early Video, not shooting the enemy and ending up getting very shot up was cringeasf

  31. Must be nice using a press account

  32. If you meet IT-1??

  33. i was just jacking off the whole time to porn but had you playing in the background to around out the rapping noise ( ps can’t play porn outlaid and headphones are too dangerous )

    Thanks phly i know i can count on you!

  34. The Russians have are using their over powered Yaks. Take out the flak 8.8 bus and shoot down 5 planes as supporting AAA with 8.8 HE

  35. Dumb guy popped smoke to flank u. Ended up cutting support from his own teammates. Top plays

  36. Challenge time kill a mouse with 50 killogram bomb

  37. Arstotzkan Officer

    But who is the father?

  38. It’s moving bunker…it carry your jokes…(not really)

  39. Can I have your acc phly?
    I wanna try everything out

  40. Why is there an A10 shooting in the begining

  41. Fun (or not fun) fact: Here in germany, the “88” is used as a Neo-Nazi “designation” for the lack of a better word since H is the 8th letter in the alphabet “88” is “HH” which would be short for “Heil Hitler” but also the “18” can be used as such since A is obviously the first it would turn into “AH” short for “Adolf Hilter” so the 188 could be seen as a 18 and 88 pulled together turning into an “Adolf Hilter” and “Heil Hitler”.

    Maybe they deliberatley made it weigh 188 tons?

    *Illuminazi* *confirmed*

    And also as fun calculation since you just brought it up at 2:30

    For the Maus 20kph/188t = 0,106 kph/t
    For an IS4 43kph/60t = 0,716kph/t
    For a Leopard 2A6 68kph/62t = 1,096 kph/t

    So clearly the value (which is complete bs before someone complains, you’d rather use hp/t where it wouldn’t be a lot better either) is quite….terrible. But I’d say 20kph for what’s essentially an 188t block of steel is pretty fucking fast considering a 30kph impact of a Golf I can mess you up pretty good (speaking form experience here)

    And just for the funzies, a GSX-R 600 K6 (’06 speed according to my paperwork, actually goes a bit faster) 268 kph/0,169t = 1.585,799 kph/t. 2 Wheels win.


  43. Phly Jagdtiger gogo

  44. if i subscibed, i would get cancer…

    …so i didnt

  45. Phly please play the american rank premium auto-loading alien weirdness, the one-barreled Type 60 aka
    *THE T114!*
    Attempt #18

  46. Jonatan Qvarnström

    #rip maus KPS took over :,( (we always going to miss you maus)

  47. What comes close to the mause? Maybe the E-100?

  48. 12:50
    Happens to me all the time.

  49. I was more shocked that maus is your fav than you being pregnant

  50. Play the HE162 for loving the unloved attempt #2

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