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    Day41: Play the Is 7 with one shell in the chamber:)

  2. play the sturmpanzer at top tier because overpressure. Day25

  3. Beast Mode ACTIVATED

    The act of giving false hope knowing you’re going to take it away is the fundamental of getting a human to break through torture. Js

  4. the game would be more realistic if the raidio active tanks would blow up

  5. Louie George Destreza

    I can’t wait to get this tank after grinding my IS-2 mod. 1944 and the T-54 mod. 1947 after grinding my T-44-100

  6. 『句冊』Karam D.


  7. Pop Quiz:
    Phly has 5 brain cells.
    If he gets hit with multiple tank shells, would it make him lose or gain brain cells?

  8. Thefrostypenguin

    18:35 * Hanz gets shot by 122mm and survives* “this is fine”

  9. Attempt # 880 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  10. Thanks to u, IS-7 shit now, no one wants to play any more! Hate u phly!!

  11. Alexander Milburn

    The title kinda rhymes

  12. YUNDER

  13. 20:29

  14. i have the is3 but i dont have money to buy it 😂

  15. Day 30 : pls play the etendard IVM so I can learn the meta

  16. games when you play the objective is the best ones. It took one missile platform, 3 tanks and an airplane to kill me in the Swedish STRV 101. Just amazing. Last week me and 5 remaining teammates had the best teamwork i’ve ever seen in Warthunder. Just all fun!

  17. 20:32 WHEN THE IMPOSTOR IS SUS 😂😂😭😭😰⁉️⁉️😤😤😤😤😤😳😳😳😳😳😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. 6:25 No, he did not have any hope…That hellcat was food for you phly lol

  19. Hello Phly. I recently play russian low tier and I think players really hate trucks because I feel like everybody focus on me when I play one of the many russian truck. That’s why I challenge you to play a line up with only trucks and teach me how to play it. By the way, I love your videos, I learn so many from you. Stay awesome and wish you the best for you, your child and the mom. Love

  20. So you bounce 2 shells ? 😎

  21. We_didn’t_penetrate_their_armour.exe

  22. tbh thats how i play most of the time. except for the ammo i usually take about 20 rounds with me. flanking can be fun but most of the time its just hiding somewhere, spotting and get a few kills.
    it annoys me when i have nice brawl with someone and those fking flankers ruin it. i know its dumb but more WAY more entertaining

  23. I also thought that heavy tanks are dead, but in the last few days I have seen how many first shots I survived with them and then I could shoot back and destroy the enemy. A KV-85 is simply better than a T-34-85. The T-34 is faster and more agile, but the KV simply stays in the game longer

  24. Challenge: you have done just one round. Now try surviving with full ammo in the tank of your choice. How long can you last ? 🤪. Excellent work as always.

  25. Lol went back to play this today, totally random.

  26. 15:50 This bomb drop was beautiful and sad at the same time.

  27. Evotech Electronics

    Phly make a video with the American t34 or panzer4 G

  28. Hey phly just saw german 15mm cannons have 50mm pen how have you not covered this?

  29. If you press alt you can mark on your minimap

  30. A T34, a tank with a gun specifically designed to take out the IS-3 from the FRONT, fails to pen the SIDE of the IS-3 at 4:00


  31. I got killed so many times in Is-3 from the front.. Most of the. was a shot between the track and front hull.. Even 76 Jumbo killed me through that

  32. Elo how are doig I wana now what tank can be use for super yoke

  33. Dont fall for this bullshit everybody knows all the fcking 6.7 light tanks with heat that armor doesnt do shit and when you go 7.7 wich wilk be 9 of the 10 games you play at 7.0 its fcking usseless ofcourse its the 1 game he gets downtierd that is the video

  34. Wow it is An AMAZING Video like always! Thank you Phlydaily
    In my Opinion you will be a good Father for Fearchild!
    Sorry if i write something wrong my English skills are not the best
    Greetings fron Germany!

  35. 7:02 DaPhly

  36. Huân Huỳnh Ngọc Gia


  37. Phly TheBomber 990 has been going for quite a while, check them out

  38. There is a weak spot on top of the IS-3 turret i meet a enemy tank and the first shot goes straight through my turret top insta killing me!

  39. Babushka says, “do not play with your food, Vadim!”

  40. it can bounce heat shell?

  41. I hate this game so much
    I watch phly, think this game is actually fun, than immediately die to overpressure from a KV2 or from an artillary shell that landed five meters away from my tank.

  42. Mr PlasticFantastic

    Totally no russian bias

  43. How is Phly daddy so good


  44. Conscious Lasagne

    me : minding my own business
    horny leopards : *MUST PENETRATE*

  45. Hi PhlyDaily!
    I really like your videos. It’s interesting and funny.
    I’ve never played a WT or similar game before.
    After watching your videos, I really want to try this game.
    But some people advised me not to try, because this game is difficult for newbies.
    Can you give me some advice?
    Thank you very much!
    (P/s: Sorry my English is not good)

  46. MYSH Tech & Gaming

    By far Phly’s best video title

  47. 20:29


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