Bourrasque Master Class! – World of Tanks

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  1. Golden man, golden video. Nothing gets old. Love your content circon, from a viewer who has been watching for 6 years

    • The reason why you like this, and not only you, but other streamers like skill4ltu, is because it has the same feel as the BC 25T but at tier 8. Large alpha, fast tank, a clip, relatively bad gun handling, no armor.

    • Exactly, I haven’t even played the game for the past 2 years and I still watch his content regularly!

  2. Like very angry slim Revalorise with 2 shell clip. Cool tank.

  3. I saw a chat from the livestream, and it reminded me how pissed I got with the light tank changes. I would pay 100 euros for the old ELC AMX please.

  4. B-C 12+EBR105=this piece of… Nice gameplay =) привет тебе из СНГ региона!))

  5. i like when you have to work for win 🙂

  6. Rly WG..this should be tech tree quality but no its either prem or reward = p2w u fucktards..i dont have pc for a while and cant wait to buy one so i can play some tanks but after the chieftans and milon track no weakspots tanks going 100km ebr looking at u and gun reticle is better then e50 jesus i think i’m gona sell my acount fuck wg

    • so do it and the game is one less whinnie boi 😉

    • @Son Tran yeah nice comeback turd 🙂 where do i vhine just saying how it is…but u are one of those aint u..licking ass no matter what

    • Bruh then don’t play the game, if u don’t like the meta then don’t play

    • He’s right though, players like you will just whine whatever WG do, they do plenty wrong but nothing like the level you whiners moan about, your better off just going to do something else and save your mental health because people like you will never be happy with the game. This tank is clearly a good tank to be a premium, its not really a med, not really a medium, odd alpha damage and clip compared to french tech tree tanks and looks decently balanced, but of course people still complain.

    • @Michael Rugaber and i dont play it cuz my pc is broken..which i said..the meta cant be wrong wright jesus go under the rock where u were..the meta smh

  7. This thing looks unique enough to give WG more of my soul… Love light tanks and love oddball tanks and this combines the two. Like the fat ugly cousin of the ebr 75 that traded its wheels and aim time for more alpha.

  8. Nice game, Circon, review of the tank coming soon?

  9. i went to bed right when this battle starts, i guess it was mistake

  10. Wow that would be like… Equal to my best game ever or something.

  11. Which should I buy, mutz, lowe or defender

  12. those guys frequently asking in twitch chat when this tanks gonna be in shop….
    too hard to read news in game launcher.

  13. “where’d they go

  14. I dont think light tanks needed a nerf except for the wheelies. They need to be tracked when shoot the tires and they also need to be slower. You cant nerf the speed of the RU stating its roo quick and hard to hit and then add an entire tech tree thats smaller and faster i find that the bulldog is one of the only lights that can really screw over wheelies

  15. I haven’t played the game in a while, but I never miss one of your videos brother. It’s almost like the content creators are the only good thing about the game now

  16. This is just disgusting. Makes me feel so shitty watching Circon pulling games like these with such ease. Its just unfair! 🙂

  17. This tank is what the CDC wishes it was.

    • If I remember correctly the only real thing hindering the cdc is horrible ground resistance. This should have been corrected years ago. Hidden stats should all be available but then wg can’t secretly manipulate tanks.

    • @Prevenge IX true, but the gun handling is pretty Terrible as well. And it has no armour with a terrible camo rating. It’s one of the worst premium tanks IMO.

    • @M vE Chaussier De Chars…. (CDC) LITERALLY translates to “Tank Destroyer” if you play the CDC as a Turreted TD its actually pretty fun. U just have to rely on others to spot, and block out the chat because your teammates sre goong to get teary eyed.

    • @JackG79 but as a TD is terrible too. It doesn’t have the pen, nor alpha nor DPM.

    • i hope wg does another trade in
      ill get rid of the cdc pronto

  18. Master class empty magazine relocate an reload.

  19. Looks cool, but if there’s a chance I can get it for gold this Christmas, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

  20. Remember when tier 8 mediums had 240 alpha? yeah me neither…

  21. how did he get it ?

  22. Viewrange camo and mobility are such op stats, late game scenarios like this make the enemies look like bots

  23. @Circonflexes Awesome game, also seems you helped to create this tank. Wargaming just made it a tier VIII instead of a tier VII.

  24. pas mal Circon, pas mal!
    Interesting tank, definitely going to try my luck in the marathon

  25. “Light-medium hybrid like you’ve never senn before”…AMX Chasseur de chars…

  26. What’s even the point of the AMX CDC at this point.

    • to be fair the CDC still has better DPM, pen, accuracy, and power to weight ratio, the only advantage this tank has over the CDC is how fast it can put out two shots, after that its hopeless compared to the CDC, other than its superior top speed

  27. Circon I feel like you are missing out on some golden meme potential by NOT using Dave Chappelle’s True Hollywood Stories skit with Charlie Murphy and Rick James!

    “What did the five fingers say to the face?!?”-Rick James
    “What?”-Charlie Murphy
    “SLAP!!!”-Circonflexes while Ammo Racking some poor soul

    LOL Good times! Thanks for all the great content!

  28. Good god the hidden gun stats really make up for the 3.5 aim time….. shity wg leaving out the hidden stats that totally make the tank. *703 2*

  29. So nonchalant for what would have been one of my best battles ever. LOL

  30. Does WG not see how this is better than the LHMTV in almost every way

  31. Does not hurt to have a 5.7 perk skill crew…when this tank becomes availible most players will be lucky to have 3 perk crew.

  32. Another Autoloader? god damn i hate these things….

  33. I don’t think people will understand just what a high skill cap tank this will be. All I’ve seen is top cc player using their batchat crews. I’ve seen no less than 5 skill crews play this tank. All using food as well. It does look amazing but I think Joe 6 pack will have a much tougher time with 0-2 skills.

  34. Hello twitch chat! 👋
    Also 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 bloody gg man, top marks

  35. So, is this thing OP or just good in the hands of a skilled player? Lol, nice moves at the 5:00 mark!

  36. A question: What are the numbers that change underneath your aim reticle? 1:27 in the video 180/74. I notice they change depending on where You are aiming.

  37. Star Platinum ZA WARUDO!

    Circon’s commentary is a power play. He predicts the future as it must be!

  38. Wow, bloody good (again) !!!

  39. Amazing game! The outplays and the mind-games were really stronk with this one!

  40. Casual Radley…

  41. In a lot of ways it is the AMX CDC double barrel, but with the Salvo fire removed…..
    And a slightly higher Alpha.

  42. Евгений Ткаченко
  43. Looks like the fun police have a new tank:)

  44. Never worryed

  45. Fat Chat!

  46. I don’t know how much of this is that Circon rocks, but this tank looks OP

  47. 8-killz **All in a days Work – easy peasy… and you did it with style – as always…

  48. This tank is dank

  49. Amazing, Circ. well done.

  50. So basically is an AMX 13 75 hull with an EBR 105 turret that seems legit …

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