Bourrasque Review/Guide, Blending Burst with Vision Control

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Source: Taugrim

I review Bourrasque, a tier 8 French premium medium in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 8 Westfield Cliff battles.

Bourrasque marries the vision control of a light tank with compact burst damage. It is the quintessential finesse tank due to its many limitations, but when played correctly it has a lot to offer.

Strengths Weaknesses
+ Insane compact burst (720 in 2s)
+ Superb camo (39 with Camo, BIA, Vents)
+ Good view range (390)
+ Good shell velocity (1000)
+ Small profile
– Poor gun depression (-6)
– Poor accuracy (0.42 base)
– Long aim time (3.5 base)
– Poor silver ammo penetration (190)
– Sluggish hull traverse for a fast medium
– Paper armor
– Lightweight highly vulnerable to ramming

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading as it unfolds discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide FAQs:

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  1. Hey, I’m back 😊

    For those of you wondering where I’ve been:
    1. I started to lose my voice last fall due to poor vocal mechanics and talking 5+ hrs a day at work. Then I got a virus and lost my voice completely. It’s taken months for my throat/voice to recover
    2. I never stopped playing WoT

    Many of you are probably sheltering in place due to COVID-19 and looking for content to watch – I’m in the same boat – so I’ll be posting more videos soon.

    Stay safe 🙏

  2. Happy 100th
    Stay safe

  3. HazMatt Container

    Good to have you back, always enjoyed your tutoring and gameplay.

  4. I am a player who returned to WOT after many years,its odd, i like lt’s, but i kind off am bad at then currently*.Could u make a video on reading the situation as LT’s and to make decision, ik ur videos already have that, but in a general prespective. Be safe : )

  5. Hey Taugrim, do u ever get angry?
    I mean, I watched Your videos recently and even if u talk about some players in negative way, Your voice is calm like Morgan Freeman reading me goodnight story while putting me to bed.

    • I’ve been very salty in chat in recent weeks. I get frustrated like everyone else.

      These narrations are done after the battle is done.

  6. A rare Taugrim video appeared… Welcome back man.

  7. Welcome back! You were missed.

  8. I was only thinking last week why I wasn’t seeing new stuff from you, great to see you back. You picked a good time in history to be making content, the whole planet wants something new to watch 😀

  9. New vid of Taugrim, best news of today! Very happy to see you back, this was really good play.

  10. Welcome back!

  11. Taugrim. Could you make a video, with the wrong tanks for wrong maps? I.e. lights and meds in the city and heavies in big open maps.

  12. I’m from Ukraine and apparently am playing at Russian servers. Though WOT blogging community in CIS country is vast and diversified I’ve switched completely to your videos upon discovering them last week as, opposed to majority of what one can find in Russian section, your videos are more informative, consistent and generally useful.
    Thanks for what you’re doing!

    • Horosho spasibo!

      Your written English is excellent, and I’m glad to hear that you’re able to understand my narration well enough for it to be helpful to you. I talk very fast 🤣

    • @TaugrimWhich actually gives me another good reason to watch your videos – listening practice)

  13. Good to have you back, and to have you fully recovered from your illness.

  14. It’s great to have you back Taugrim, I’m glad you are feeling better!

    • My voice isn’t 100% yet, but it’s getting better, and I’m trying to remember to speak from my diaphragm, not my throat.

  15. The gods have granted my wish 🙂

  16. Yess, good to know that youre fine. I learn a lot about light tanks from your video, so i hope i can even learn more from you. But please stay healthy

  17. great vid

  18. Thanks for the new video Taugrim! Woke up to see the upload, almost like coffee in terms of effect haha.
    I’ve been rewatching your Swedish medium videos since I’ve finally gotten to the Tier 8, good to see something about the Borrasque!

    Will you be covering the double-barrelled heavies? Also, any quick thoughts on the changes coming in 1.9 and later on throughout the year?

    Hope you and your family are doing well :), and that your voice doesn’t get worse.

  19. Nice triple comebacks

  20. Would you be willing to do episodes on the French lights again? Your videos on them are somewhat outdated and I’m grinding that line now. Nice to have you back!

  21. Ah mate great to hear from you again.

  22. I would really like to see a T-10 or Object 277 video. I find it hard to get the most out of the tank.

  23. So glad to see you back!! Great video, very intelligent and helpful. I love how your content is meant for everyone and can be accomplished by everyone. Looking forward to more of your work man!

  24. Keep getting better (health)!

  25. You are one of my absolute favorite follows Taugrim. Your calm and your thinking is so well placed and your explanations are simple and makes me (and I’m sure others), “Hmmm, why didn’t I think of that?” Thanks and great to see you back again!

  26. Glad you are doing well. Stay safe Taugrim.

  27. Great seeing you back, Taugrim! Hope you are doing well and your health issues are gone. I like the Baguette video and your playstyle – i am struggeling with it especially in Tier10 match-ups. One critic: In the video you are negative on premium ammo and that you need premium tanks and/or premium for that. The Baguette is one of many premium tanks that were available through a marathon. Wargaming gives out free stuff like these marathons, Tank Rewards, Scavenger Hunts etcpp. Looking forward seeing more videos from you 🙂

    • Fair enough, but keep in mind to earn the tank for 100% free requires more time than many players have the time to put in.

      That is, it’s not realistically free for most people, it just ends up having a discount available for purchase.

  28. GG, Welcome Back! o7

  29. It doesn’t take long watching your content to remember why you’re a step up from pretty much anyone else 😉

  30. So, Taugrim, did you get lost on the way to Youtube? I mean, bruh!!! 🙂

  31. Great to see Taugrim back in action. These videos are so interesting even as a non-player for WoT

  32. i came across this channel couple months back but didn’t sub thinking you stopped playing WoT, so if you are here i am here too welcome back

  33. Alessandro Borelli

    The content in your channel is pure gold!

  34. Taugrim is back! 😀👍

  35. Woo you’re back with one of my favourite tanks. Glad you’re on the mend.

  36. Thought you had retired. Nice to see you back and healthy.

  37. Yay! I was worried about u ty

  38. Very nice game since I started watching your content I have stop using premium ammo as much probably 90% less overall and not once have I used any in the last month , you have helped me get better thank you . My current favourite tank at the moment is the t44 with the 122mm 175pen gun been having such a good time with it using my brain to get side shots or trying to remember where I can overmatch armour on what tank , when you stop relying on the nuber2 button the game becomes much more interesting thanks again

  39. Taugrim: *Uploads*
    The Return of the King

  40. Serbian Highlander

    Itss aliveeeeeeeee ❤😂

  41. Welcome back! Just a couple days ago I was looking at my subscription list and wondering what happened to you. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I’m glad you’re doing better.

  42. I like that you include the after game mail.

  43. Finally!!!

  44. So good to see you back! Good video, as usual. Watching your videos has greatly increased my games. Thank you!

  45. Great job as always, Commander.

    I only wish you’d stream on Twitch.

  46. Had me worried bro

  47. Combat Ineffective

    Great to see you back Taugrim. Congratulations on Episode 100!

  48. I used to play a lot in TDs the only time I was not behind bushes was when I would hug the far edge of the map with people spotting for me up front.
    I’m sure people hated getting blasted by something they couldn’t see.
    The only two I would bully alongside the heavies were the AT2 and the Jagdpanzer E100.
    The AT2 was a rock back then and the Jag E100 I think my record for damage blocked was 11,000 or so. Angle that armor with the front glacis hidden and wiggle to make the machine gun hard to hit.

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