Bourrasque Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Bourrasque. The first T8 premium tank of 2020 is the Bourrasque – a French medium that plays like a Bat Chat.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hi all – slight correction to make. The reload of the tank was nerfed since the 1.7.1 test server and is now 22 seconds NOT 18. This means the base DpM is 1,800 NOT 2,160. will hopefully update soon 🙂

    • @Tristan Read the map and reposition if the wheeled light makes you angsty.
      every T8 light has better dpm exept LHMTV, 12t and the ELC 90
      EVERY T8 light has better aim time
      EVERY T8 light has better dispersion
      every T8 light exept ELC 90 has better power/weight
      every T8 light exept the T92 has better top speed
      EVERY T8 light has better traverse speed
      every T8 light has better turret armor exept the HWK and ELC 90 (in their case the armor is exactly the same)
      every T8 light exept the T92 have better camo while on the move
      the only T8 lights that have noticeably worse camo when stationary (or moving while the Bourrasque is stationary, I’ll say 5%) are Senlac, LTTB, HWK 30 and the T92.

      the Bourrasque has on average 150-200 hitpoints more.

      and yes, I actually meant to sound condescending. Didn’t expect you’d actually manage to figure it out 🙂

    • It says 2O. 63 in my garage tho

    • With that gun stats it wouldnt be OP even if it had 2.500 dpm

    • How about, Vents, GLD, Vertsrab 😅

    • @Tristan its probably to fit bt-25 crews

  2. paul aaron Ordinario

    No neutral steeering 🙁

  3. ItsErikBoiii - Captain00Gaming

    Plese make a video about new balance

  4. Cookie Command Gaming

    Where are you KevinWang?

  5. “I know I didn’t, but I am a professional idiot.” – I’m a hobby idiot.

  6. Why they bring new premium if there’s already Lor 40t? The should definately give us new maps and remove some old one.
    First to remove, Overlord and Serene Coast.

  7. So they effectively put a tank destroyers gun on a light and just made it slower. If it had AP I’d feel a little better but with 2 sec between shells you may aswell just give it a 720 alpha gun at tier 8. This game is breaking…

  8. Neutral turn

  9. How the absolute fuck is this a medium tank?

  10. That term you’re looking for was neutral steering

  11. Very handsome armour

  12. Can it beat the M4 Revalorise?

  13. ‘turn on itself’ is called ‘pivot steering’. The final drives need to be well engineered for that. Older tanks would lock a track and turn around it. As drives got more advanced the pivot steer became a feature, both tracks need to move in opposite directions at the same speed.

  14. The term you’re looking for QB, is ‘Neutral Steering’, for turning on the spot

  15. Play freaking old Germans and u gonna get vieeeews

  16. Looks like a french Lansen.. 🤔😎

  17. We need new and more maps not ranks! I think there are more prem tanks in the game now then teck tree tanks sad!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Making a tank turn on it’s axis is called a “Pivot Steer”.

  19. Well WG doesn’t need to add another OP tank to the game whether its a premium or not. If they made the aim time good along with everything else it is then it would probably be OP.

  20. The one track back one track forwards is called Neutral Steering, I think. It’s pretty bad for a tank to not have that at tier 8 imo

  21. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    When you can revisit CDC pls?

  22. Fuck that, no more marathons

  23. Two things:

    1) as a casual player the renegade challenges nearly destroyed me physically. I had to quit one night because of a splittimg headache whenever I pointed my eyes at a screen. Still ended up having to buy the last 2 stages. BS. This challenge is F ing impossible.

    2) I’m really dissapointed to see no video on the sandbox or the “new balance” test. It’s been over a week, Wargaming have released the information to the public and there has been a huge negative reception. Yes, they did revise things today but we need people like you to talk about why the low-tier tech tree changes will be negative and make the low-tier stale and forgetable (plus locking most of the tier 2/3/4 tanks behind a progression barrier (tier 6) which most non-dedicated new players never reach anyway? Tier 4 is where a lot of people quit the game because it takes so long to make it to tier 5 compared to anything before that) Because I feel Wargaming listens to you (sometimes anyway) and as possibly their largest community creator constructive feedback and criticism is needed right now. There are positive things about “New Balance” yes, but there are many negative things and mainly they said they were going through with the tech-tree revision, but a lot of people still feel this is a huge negative to the game and an overreaction on WG’s part to a problem that was never there.

    As always a well-planned and thought out video os better tham something rushed, but at this rate the update will be out before you give your say on it. Even if it’s an unedited rambling to get your opinion out there, WG needs to know these things are bad for the game.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this really long comment if you did, QB.

    • 1) Buy “gaming glasses” if your eyes get hurt. Those have a yellow tint so your eyes don’t get stressed from the blue light. Works similarly to the yellow light in phones.

      2) We got info about the sandbox yesterday. QB posted this video yesterday. Do you really think Youtubers make videos in couple of hours straight from their head? QB probably has videos for a whole week in advance. Besides, it’s sandbox. Pretty useless stuff TBH.

  24. Lol, they should have put baguette’s on the tank, all sticking out of a bread bag. My be some cheese too. I’m hungry now, Thanks man!

  25. You literally have to grind close to 250,000 exp in 10 days. Good fucking luck. This is basically impossible for anybody who doesn’t spam prem all day for 3 hours or runs 8 hour sessions all day grinding normally.

    • What is this math? Spamming prem all day for 3 hours or all day 8 hours grinding normally?
      If you are doing the EXP missions you can check your highest average XP tank and play that. Games last maybe 5 minutes or 10 games in 1 hour.

  26. its a batchat 12t with ebr 105 turret and gun

  27. another damn grind, I’ll do it with the TD missions only 50 more kills to get…

  28. Doesn’t seem like my cuppa tea… would like to play around with the AMX 30B before it gets removed, but alas, I’m not sure I’ll be able to

  29. Just put EBR 105 turret on the B-C 12 t body and here it is The Bourrasque….

  30. Hmmmm, first Circon and now QB. Yeah, looks fantastic when you have a 5+ skill crew like they have. If you don’t, it’ll be trash tier because you won’t spot and you won’t hit anything with the lousy aim time and accuracy. Worth 40 hours of your life? Feck no!

  31. 3.5 aim time? Thats just as bad as the WZ120’s aim time.

  32. yeah more prem tanks why not ??

  33. thx quicky.

  34. Sorry, but this is not worth the even more ludicrous grind required to get the Fat Chat.

    Looks like WG have raised the bar even higher for the majority of players to grind some of the stages and get a discount, before flashing the credit card for the balance, because they actually have a life, friends or a proper job or family.

    The tank doesn’t look that impressive and will be xp piñata for others if you don’t play it well.

    Plus tier 10 only for mastery is going to screw over the MM for the random queues.
    Sticking with CW as this is a hard pass for me.

  35. Which premium tank is good for a new player like me? Pls if anyone can advice.

  36. You were bush too faaaar 😀 😀 😀 😀

  37. Clip size…..I’m going to assume you mean magazine. From what I’m seeing a lot of tanks had drum magazines, or contraptions more similar to a revolver than anything like a “clip”.

  38. “A bush too far” was my high school nick name.

  39. 1998 is for the football world cup win… ZZ is for the Zinedine Zidane and 10 is his number… 😀

  40. Wow, a tank that’s not Russian.

  41. Zinedine Zidan! I play WoWs nowadays, but I will grind the marathon for that alone.

  42. You copy pasted everything what skill4 did about this tank yesterday.

  43. Missions are up for NA server amd the non teir-X are bullsh*t
    All exp gains

  44. It’s pretty much the Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 without wheels.

  45. STG got the kill, not the KV-3 14:15

  46. QB I think you grinding on your FP account shows players that it can be done.

  47. I really didn’t expect you to recommend vents on this one. The aim time way to bad to not get GLD.

  48. To me, this looks like what the British lights should have been

  49. 190 is not a light tank penetration.
    T-44 with 100mm gun and M26 Pershing with top gun have the same pen.

  50. It looks like the Lanscen C had a small 1v1 with the EBR…
    …late at night…
    …with lots of engine oil…
    …and a wrench?
    Have fun imagining that! 😉

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