BOX TANK OF DOOM | Pvkv II Tank Thingy (War Thunder)

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BOX TANK OF DOOM | Pvkv II Tank Thingy (War Thunder)



  1. Big Iron Swedish KV-2

  2. phly, give us very honorable 3.0 already

  3. have you been spawn Camped by German TDS in a Russian tank

  4. 1:00 Sturer Emil: 14° with a 75mm, I can’t do that. But what about 15° with a 128mm?

  5. This tank looks like a chibi AMX AuF1 !

  6. I think it should be the danger toaster.

  7. Hey Phly could you tell me why the Conqueror Mk 2 has the highest max repair cost?

  8. The pvkv II is if the marder 3 and m10 had a mutant child

  9. T34 is of have pure Stalinium plate comrade, no tank penetrate

  10. Phly , Play the Chinese M4A4 with stock rounds (AP) Pretty Please uwu … I’m struggling to finish grinding it but basic crew and stock tank is just …

  11. Hey phly, hope ur day has been good. I ordered one of ur champion hoodies the first or second day it was released. I have not received it yet, it may be because of the coronavirus. If not it would be great if u or anybody else to say if it is or something else

  12. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Looks like baby fv4005

  13. I thought that thumbnail was an exaggeration but it’s pretty accurate. That’s a thicc boi.

  14. BOOM the dirt is gone

  15. Alexander Jonsson

    Phly I have a really weird challenge for you and I don’t know if it is possible!
    Squad up with 1 or 2 Pt76bs and you should take out the asu 57. The goal is to get a kill while you are ON TOP of the pt76bs when they are in the water.
    Good luck comrade! You will need it.

    Attempt #1.

  16. Take out the beautiful F-80a shooting star. It is time to shoot for the stars.

  17. You need to show the replay of the rounds penetrating your armor and destroying YOU rather then only showing the replays of folks you take out.

  18. Phly, please try the G. 91 r/3 for the Germans in air RB

  19. Attempt #1 play the M4 Tipo

  20. No joke about driver hatch
    it’s can bounce 12.8cm from Sturer Emil sometime…

  21. Check out gun depressions of german open top vehicles like sturer emil 😉

  22. Ibrahim izzul muttaqin

    Very awesome intro man lol

  23. ok i always thought u used some aim assist, but you hunting that hetzer down. pure gold. good show!

  24. The first shot you took on that Sherman literally hit the tiny little edge that happens to be 80 or 100mm thick

  25. Can you do a tutorial on how to play realistic battle properly

  26. Hello comrades. Today we present new composit armor. Is sandwich of driver’s hatch and diesel tank. Stops everything.

  27. WAS loving playing this tank but….. then they made it all bouncy when trying to aim….. I get shot more than shoot people now…

  28. I think youre an amazing youtuber and I think there is no need for saying that you do nothing and get everything for free. I think you deserve all that because you have to take out pretty much of your time for youtube,for us and for the phlying circus as well. Ignore them haters and crybabies because if they just wanna make you feel bad or such. Youre amazing and you deserve this all in War Thunder.

  29. PvKv stands for PansarvärnsKanonsvagn, in English: Anti tank Gun carriage

  30. Attempt #1: Go have some low tier fun with the French Palliers D510. It has a 20mm at 1.3 br.

  31. the best armor is lots of optics

  32. I really don’t think Russians are balanced

  33. found out today that 2.0 is completely butchered and it used to be so fucking fun

  34. Даниил Нойманн

    who’s that pokemon
    it’s stalinium

  35. 6:40 “War Thunder, Almost fun…..”

  36. Awesome video 🙂 nice tank

  37. Me: gets 3 kills Damn im good at this game
    phly: gets 7 kills more

  38. Negative pfourteen degrees is pretty good brah

  39. Drama on wt community between sgt vittie and smigol xD and other cc

  40. Whenever you change your name you should name it phix it phelix (fix it felix)

  41. I play Murcia 3.7 (now 4.0 because change n stuff) a lot (low br is funnest br) hate versing KV1’s n’ T34’s.

  42. “Negative 14 gun depression”. We want this on a t-shirt Phly!

  43. I genuinely wonder if this can be one one shotted… I aim for turret with APHE and then the commander or loader takes all of the damage and then the breech is only yellow, then I get shot and die. I then in other games aim center mass and shoot, I don’t take out the whole tank somehow? It then speeds off and then kills me from nowhere..

  44. U said swedish doombox but what about swedish boombox

  45. AlexandRo 《Pleb》

    Play vfw but as an anti aircraft

  46. Dum Box. (Dumb/silly Box)

  47. Pig Got Gaming Moo

    You should play British Helicopters

  48. Well i like the sturmpanzer2 like swedish recoilless derper 🙂

  49. The sweeds destroy planes and tanks

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