Branching Out: T-54 “Road to Object 140” – World of Tanks

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Source: AgingJedi

The T-54 Russian tier 9 medium tank, a lovely versatile tank with a great mix armour, mobility and … well ok the is a bit underwhelming with the standard ammo, but these guys didn’t seem to have too many problems with it! Some big damage ace tanker games!

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  1. In the first replay, T54 was over angling and his gun reloaded before T28
    shot him…correct me if i am wrong…

  2. Philip Oesterle Pekrun


  3. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    24th view 3rd comment

  4. T-54 <3 <3 <3

  5. The T-54 Russian tier 9 medium tank, a versatile tank with a great mix of
    armour and mobility.

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