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Source: Circonflexes

Doing my best my way through this battle.



  1. Seen this live, this is why you should watch circon on twitch

  2. William Wikström _

    You’ve been staying up late or something Circon, you look tired!

  3. New Circon vid POGGERS

  4. Ammo and health rework? Nah, I just want arty to bug off.

    Also MOE’s are going to tank.

  5. russian bias isn’t real…
    2:33 *RUSSIAN BIAS*

  6. If the T28 Prot player wasnt a bot this would be a completely different game 🙂

    • Krystian Olszański

      shhh he was sightseeing 🙂 “hmm what a beautiful cliff i totally dont see the tank on my left side to finish, oh he shot me, not all can be polite and just watch a beauty of nature, my mommy told me to ignore rude ppl and go forward”

    • @Krystian Olszański And if they strike you with HE shell, turn the other cheek 🙂

    • Choppin my way downtown

      The enemy progetto didn’t do shit either, he took the longest way to go back to his base.
      He could have killed circon multiple of times

  7. Not gonna lie, watching tl-1lpc gameplay without the special camo is instant dislike, this being the second offense I may have to unsubscribe

  8. Heatin’ it up

  9. 6:42 & 7:58 When you think WW3 started but you only went up in the game…

  10. How does one get this tank?

  11. Jędrzej Maciejewski

    hi there

  12. 6:48 & 7:59 are so relatable, like holy shit, it happens every time when I am least expecting and I always almost shit myself

  13. Circon vs. everybody. The enemy team, his own team, RNGesus, the khmer rouge, you name it.

  14. Great game (again) sir !

  15. “How do these bushes work?”
    They don’t

  16. Such a heavy gold spam as top tier. No wonder everybody spams gold rounds at this points if they watch videos like this 🙁

  17. The bushes don’t work if there is even a little space between the ground and the bottom of the bush to where you can see under it, they can spot you before you can to them. Go look it up if you don’t believe me.

  18. Christian Krakhofer

    i dont know why but even remotly looking at your stream chat hurts my brain, well played as always oh great beard of death

  19. You don’t want to play on NA these days, mostly one sided due to all the 45% bots flooding the teams these days.

  20. The amount of scrubs on the beach side… when I saw the Lowe alone I thought “ok he’s out”, then he reappears FULL HEALTH? LOL. Plus the bounce on the Nashorn, how is that possible?

    • martynas samsonas

      the bounce from he most likely hit the gun as thats actually fairly easy to happen considering most of that paper box with tracks and gun is just a gun. as for lowe i was surprised as well how the hell did a tiger 2 of all things managed to run away from lowe without a fight. also its surprising that lowe did not meet like all of the enemy teams heavys down in beach since it seems to be what recently happens a lot.

    • Beach is actually a legit strat these days for farming. Daki goes there all the time now

  21. So for real, how many memes games does Circonflexes have out of 100 games played?

  22. if you think they wont fuck the rebalancing up then you must have forgotten what company we are talking about

  23. Where the IS penned you only has 186mm of armor

  24. …again…Premium tank challenge: Play the panther 8.8 aggressively with only HE and survive the battle. Everyone like if you too would enjoy watching this. Good luck, you’ll need it.

  25. This was a great game to watch live yesterday! I was like #420!

  26. man, things you do and way you do it….

  27. i like how he shuts up when he is doing work in “the zone”?

  28. 6:43 lol scared me too

  29. When the game tries its best to screw you, but you say “fuck off.” Nice job Circon.

  30. Hiiiiiii Twiiitch !!!!

    The jingles sound are so cool

  31. it is very infuriating how many bushes in wot don’t work atm.

  32. Imagine if reusable consumables weren’t a thing. A dead Commander and Gunner in one shot and then later on a dead loader… fun

  33. Bert shoots you once and kills two crew members. The biggest bullshit about arty

  34. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Holy shit man, that felt you were fighting the entire enemy team 1by1 while your team managed to die anyway…amazing GG


  36. Progotto Run, B!tch run

  37. I know Circon would be disappointed if he saw this comment… But:

    Circon >>>>>>> QB skill, plays, big games and memes any day of the week.

    • Krystian Olszański

      i think he wouldnt understand the jibber jabber you wrote, tbh i didnt understand that either

    • Krystian Olszański

      What, not getting your head around what the symbol > is?

      It means greater/ more than. I know you’re trying to be a smart ass. Any normal person would get what I mean with my comment.

  38. That level of map awareness, picking the targets and constantly using new cover – simply astounding.

  39. load gold for tiger p…

  40. Nice carry Circon .
    Carry the muppets # Claus Kellerman lmao

  41. Premium – never gunna buy it, never gunna play it, don’t give a shit about it. Also Circon fanboys whining about HE and arty – boring. Circon cool – circon fans dumbasfuck.

  42. Cucumberflexes. Cool as under pressure……

  43. Its 2020 anddd fv304 player can go fuk offfff

  44. jimbeam the redneck

    Very nicely done circon, those crying about prem rounds must not be smart enough to get mad at rng, when u didn’t pen the is, tiger p, and the skoda….one must combat the 25% so you can carry the tards to victory, the arty kill made me so glad was cheering for it!!

  45. Jeez, normally I don’t give a shit about prem round spam but all that HEAT at tier 6 meds? Big yikes

  46. If that arty had killed you I would’ve punch through my monitor to strangle him. 9:00 “Little shit” indeed

  47. omg the game really tried hard to ruin it for him …

  48. credit to that p43 ter that came and assisted circon for a bit

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