Brawling in the Salt Mines – 53TP – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. A man who plans to save his loot… and get to know his fan base. Sounds like a super positive year if you ask me.

  2. haha, stop cry kid :p

  3. why wont the load a FUCKING HE shell and blast you? WHY !?!

  4. oof, rip jawscon

  5. This was a classic. 1 in a million good match on Mines lol.

  6. Never worried…. circS

  7. Dang! That was intense!

  8. The only YouTuber who can make me laugh… no cap

  9. Easy? Pure luck, amigo 😀

  10. holey sheet circon, game of a decade, easy

  11. The Sanity Assassin

    This Year… A new hero is born… 1 man bravely stands against the enemy threat… alone…
    he will never give up… never give in… he will fight to the death… for honour, for loyalty… For his family.

  12. Nice game Circon!

  13. Butt-clenching from start to finish!

  14. GG Circ, what a twitch moment…never in doubt 🤤

  15. Somehow, it’s artys fault. lol noob

  16. U live in nl circ

  17. Damn that KV-3 got outplayed so hard that he threw the whole game.

  18. Great game, but it would have ended otherwise if at least one of the enemies fired HE…

  19. Poor E75

  20. Two artillery that pay attention to their mini map and provide supporting fire when needed? Clearly a setup game with paid actors.

  21. Circon was trashtalking his arty during the whole game…

    But you gotta admit they did a very good job for arty players on Mines : they relocated when the base got overrun, they really did slow the enemy advance on the north side, and they saved his ass against the T95.

    Circon’s team in this game may have been bad, but these arty players were pretty good.

    • If both teams had no arty, this entire game would have been different in a good way.
      A ‘regular’ tank could have done the same. Ill trash talk arty all day, everyday because they negatively impact a game i like, on a daily basis.

    • the arty kinda relocated in a bad way and read the map wrong. if they’d stayed on the friendly cap side circon could have spotted/proxied from the hill more to provide direct line of fire. they relied on the panther 88 (literally the worst tier 8 prem) and a scorpion (maybe the worst tier 7 prem?) to spot for them on the enemy side and that totally failed

  22. No worries. You had it all along.

  23. I would pay £5 of gold to have Arty free lobbies.

  24. At the beginning, did he say Pz 1c with full gold makes money? Really?

  25. Man, all this 53TP slaughter is getting distasteful! XD

  26. TBF those two artillery did pretty well before they died.

  27. I am thoroughly impressed circon has mines unbanned lol

    • The thing about mines is that, while painful, it usually is over quickly. There are better candidates for banning.

    • @Cheeki Breeki Yep, like empires border. Only encounter battles don’t count for some reason, so You still get to play your banned map on a daily basis 😉

  28. Greedy and anti-team player saved by luck at the end. Badmouthing arty who was actually helpful. Beurk

  29. Now we know why your eyes are brown.

  30. And this right here is why Circon is L E G E N D A R Y.

  31. “can’t even pen the lower plate of the E75, gg bois” *E75 angles lower plate upward to be helpful boi*

  32. William Wikström _

    Man, this is the games I am subscribed to this channel for! Probably the most cool-headed player on EU server!

  33. Wauw, I really didint think you would put trough!

  34. nice mods dude …

  35. Circ, sorry to hear, what I think is a breakup with Jaws?!?!

  36. Kang O’ Da hill

  37. 54 health pull out!!!

  38. It was at this moment that the E75 knew he’d fucked up.

  39. That’s a great idea to save money now while your living costs are low but I’d take it a step further by doing 2 years instead of 1. Letting that money you save build up extra interest in the bank will only lead to good things for you and give you a better buffer-zone in case something were to happen.

  40. Lmao what a heartbreak for that e75. 7k dmg

  41. yup. rng is great…getting snapped into the turret, bouncing 120mm on 5hp…

  42. wait… Circon not sharing house with his lady friend?

  43. Save money and Warhammer stuff doesn’t usually go together.

  44. You no that 1st AMX alt f4 straight out of the game!

  45. This game was 53TP vs E75 lol

  46. E75 are always fun to fight against in lower tier vehicles

  47. It’s nice having arty that can actually look at their map and run away instead of dying for no reason.
    But those guys spent the entire second half of the game running, and barely shot at anything

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