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  1. DAT timing 😀

  2. I’m early

  3. Nice Game, Circonflex

  4. That T-54 xD
    Oh Tier 9 Best Medium Tank *with HEAT

    Lost to a tier 7 paper armour tank


  5. i hate that tank

  6. Fuck world of tanks I’m tired of this fucking rng

  7. WhosYourDaddyNow

    First 3+ minutes, 0 dmg dealt.
    Next 3 minutes: 3.5k dmg + Top Gun.
    Plus those skillzzz from the enemies near the end: it kind of looked like you were invisible there: Shoot an enemy in the back = he is still looking away! Such wow, much awareness, so amaze!

  8. This spartan guy in the chat is the actual attraction in this vid XD What a clown .

  9. getting top tier with the recent bs mm is incredibly tough

  10. Circon you too op, make WG buff IS-4 🙂

  11. Darkness_of_Doom

    My favorite Tank. My best score was 5200 DMG…More Replays from this tank thx=)

  12. Screw world peace, I want some pizza


  13. Krzysztof Plizga

    genius tactician at work

  14. good game thank’s

  15. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I really like the Vk30.02 D because I do enjoy bouncing shells from lower tier but the downside is that Top Turret is pretty damn slow

  16. From the font of the thumbnail text I thought I was going to watch a video done by Quickybaby… Who else thought that?

  17. Ransom Access Memory

    Great play

  18. “buff t-54, please”

    Joke is on you comrade,
    they are actually buffing the turret armor to like 300.

  19. Give this man a spoon to kill tanks

  20. and about the chat: IS should have 200+ standard pen and APCR removed as gold ammo and instead should have AP (cause BR-412D that is APCR in wot in real life is i fact and APCBC (AP in wot)) with pen of 225 at least (even 230). it would not only be more balanced (cause 175 is already enough for tier VII) but also historically accurate for the folks that still think that wot is/should be historically accurate

  21. Somehow the looks and feel of that tank in relation to its size bring a beautiful Dutch word to mind:


    Great comeback though, Sir!

  22. LOL! I guess people on EU server haven’t figured out the bush SirCon was sitting in yet. If you play on NA server, you cannot sit in that bush and get spotted, you will die instantly.

  23. You can almost hear the T-54 player smashing their keyboard…

  24. just a helpful tip.

  25. Dave Pawlikowski

    Circon makes it look all too easy.

  26. Been trying to tell people for a very long time that this tank+t6 gun is actually low key OP

  27. Playing on a computer all day!

  28. How is he against tier 9 tanks is this old replay?

  29. I’d like to see QB VS SirSircon 😀

  30. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    they should have killed you near the end, poking that corner. Good thing that heavy was a moron.

  31. nicoles medal is rare af

  32. Daily circon videos? What year is this ?!

  33. Radioactive Turtle

    Wait, people actually play this tank?


  35. Eating green apricots, whut’s up!

  36. gold spam yeah 😛

  37. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    First game today: Type 64. Up Tiered to T8 2 Skorpions in the enemy Team and a BC-12t.. lakeville.. spotting in the mid bush from south spawn.. spotted the enemy Type 64 did not get Counter spotted cuz 3 skill Crew. Went to the next bush. Spotted Bc-12t Close. Gets spotted. Dies to the 2 Skorps.. FUN^^

  38. 4 minutes into the video im like why did he upload this shit?

  39. Autoloading Bulldogs in 2017…..

  40. What did the German officer say at the concentration camp?
    I’m so sorry…

  41. Dabombinable Mi

    You only us that 88mm on the VK 30.01P….because it sucks on all other mediums.

  42. hey circon…..any thoughts on QB

  43. I love how salty the chat is

  44. goldfammo

  45. 88mm smashed face

  46. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    to see Circon have these kinds of RNG rolls…… kind of refreshing (jealous because of his awesome crews XD)

  47. plays CS:Go, minimizes all settings for FPS. Plays WoT, Maximizes all settings because fuck FPS…

  48. i wouldnt call this brawling i would just call this flanking

  49. First three minutes of replay made me think it is a meme replay where you miss all shots lol

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