Breaking Free in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking all about breaking out of an unfavourable position!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Increasingly desperate content and just… Boring! Off to watch some Skill. x

  2. Still waiting for the sandbox video…

  3. That T95 is a bot I think

  4. Wow two artillery players with a keyboard! Amazing

  5. That salvo was beautiful

  6. And I thought they only move on console x’D

  7. Shout out the 2 afks on QB’s team, T95 and 257 for their 0 efford on winning lol

  8. Why did you remove the 5minutes of stat shaming after the game?

  9. The best way to break free:
    1) Play until you’ve had enough and not a second longer.
    2) Screw buying premium tanks, they’re killing tiers VI to VIII anyway
    3) If you want to run a premium account only buy a month at a time (See note 1)
    4) Don’t give these ridiculous mission marathons any of your time.

  10. The Dank WoTB Player

    It is time for the piggies revenge xD

  11. The t95 on The friendly team was AFK

  12. 12:15 that is the closest land battleship we will ever get

  13. Selmanzwak Blazevic

    5:10 UDES 111 1-4 QuackyBaby you did it again

  14. I put in both ears and turned up the volume for the high caliber trifecta at 12:14.
    *boom boom boom*

  15. That TVP threw the whole match. Hope you sent him a message thanking him.

  16. Me: Sees the video title and clicks.
    Also me: Starts singing I want to break freeee

  17. UDES 111 1-4 XD

  18. Imagine if he is in ww2 or 3.
    He will be the one best crew with a *sharp consideration* in the war.

  19. Best arta players on the server.

  20. WOT Education video.

    by. QB

  21. t49 152mm… no alpha.. 🙂 *frowning*

  22. salute to those arty players for not camping till the end of the match o7

  23. @11:00 – “I love to see artillery get stuck in”, Yeah, you stole his kill.

  24. I have to chuckle when a guy who plays WoT for a living complains that he has to play 5 hours a day to get a tank. lol

  25. How much money does one player have to pay to play against lower tiers when playing a tier 10 tank?

  26. Awesome play but with some veeeryy good luck

  27. Ros Vincent Alvarez

    I absolutely hate it when the arty clicks from the other side of the map but when those buggers lead a tactical charge to victory, I’ll give em a medal.

  28. Obj 257 = 400+ EXP to afk
    The system didn’t catch him and award him zero XP 🙁

  29. Press Left Click + Right Click to break free.
    Simple Dimple.

  30. Why do you show games pretending u base on tanks while u make plays based on xvm when u know that u play against monkeys?

  31. UDES 111 1-4 confirmed? 5:12

  32. Breaking free, uninstalling the crap fest of a game, ty QB!!

  33. OUUEEE

  34. That T95 and T30. Make me angry so much!

  35. FYI a slow-moving hurricane causes the most damage!
    Great battle.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  36. man, I have been watching your channel for years now, even though I stopped playing the game. you really deserve more subs and views. If this was a more mainstream game you’d among the top streamers out there. love your commentary on WOT. Cheers for all these years’ WOT content.

  37. Let the artys spot for me si I can pick up a Top Gun… pathetic.

  38. Hmmm… yeaaaaa….. Broken spot mechanic in this game and lucky Arty hit. Yeah you brake for sure.

  39. Big shout out to these players who in the end, overcame their campiness and just won the game.

  40. I love going forwards in my artillery at the endgame and support my team. BUT mutliple view range nerfs in last years are making artillery BLIND and one cannot do this on open maps or cover one flank alone and letting teammates cover the second one. Those arties would not even see the FV if they went alone.

    Please, let’s speak about this. WG, give artillery USABLE view range. Doesnt have to be 410 m, but at least 350m would be nice and definately not OP in any way.

  41. Why your turret slowly rotates to right at 9.18 ???

  42. I started up the livestream as this game started it was epic, you should have left the version with your original reactions.

  43. Darkness Nighthingale


  44. Me: fuck artyyyy
    Seen that shot of 1.3k damage
    Me: ow nevermind

  45. DAMN that was a sick game! Cool team too. Nice work QuickyBaby!

  46. find the weak side and crash through it.

  47. You should do more of those didactic videos. This is gold content !!

  48. Excellent vid, excellent tactics, excellent advice. One of your best, QB.

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