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  1. Notification gang lets gooo, good to Circon back! <3

  2. tank driver, record breaker, 100k youtuberer (soon)

  3. penetration?

  4. Title should be: “Beard of Doom marches in Paris”

  5. this tank is just amazing for xp farming, also seal clubbing but none of us do that 🙂

  6. well deserved

  7. Notification from Circon comes and a valiant in pain says “Finally! A few minutes of happiness”

  8. meanwhile it takes the best RNG and skill game in tier 10 just to get 2k xp max

  9. Yesterday i saw QB doing 3k+ exp and that was his record, Circ casually doing 4k+.

  10. O kur*a, congrats!

  11. It’s always the one shots that you ammorack…

  12. he’s on fire…. xD

  13. When Circon plays, it feels like he is constantly in PvE mode.

  14. Love having you back, I haven’t had any good background noise to beat off to in a while. ❤️

  15. We love your content Circon!

  16. imagine if you killed that hetzer and amx 40 too
    holy shit that could have been 3k base

  17. All you have to do to beat this tank is press 2 and auto aim at it, then trade shot for shot and not for DPM. . .

  18. 4:55 OMG😂😂 T1 Heavy was a real Tourist lmafo

  19. What is your setup for this tank? I played mine yesterday and my aiming circle, aim time and bloom seem to be twice what yours are…

  20. Mooooar content!

  21. Mr worldwide here, breaking records left and right

  22. The true WoT GOAT carries that game because of course he does. Never worried

  23. Shouldn’t have posted a video with some fat, face stuffing, rude, degenerate. Who wants to see that ? Do you have no shame ? Douche bag.

  24. Pfff just a 4 day record,i expect to be broken again in max 2 weeks again,i accept nothing less.

  25. Churchill III, my first ever premium – good memories with this one, got kind of powercreeped over time, though, its armour is no longer really good at anything, and gun, while it has good DPS is not exactly viable without spamming ton of gold.

  26. Eating the last candy in the house to break another record 😂😂

  27. Circon “bitch I’m gonna RAMPAGE,mask on ma damn face” 😈

  28. It’s good to see you again

  29. You’re on another planet. They always give you their tanks, we don’t have the same WoT.
    And I did not know that it was possible to be in deficit with the Churchill III especially after such a battle ???? My Churchill III is one of my moneymakers despite being really bad at WoT.
    Can you do another battle without these gold shells? I’m sure you’ll tear down the reds anyway.

  30. Are you sure you don’t like this tank Circon, as it seems to bring out the best in you.

  31. for the win, the content, the memes!!!

    we kan always be better…uve shown us all proof of this.

  32. 3 mark the arties

  33. Omg low tier game play is boring

  34. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    3 videos within a week, this cant be!

  35. Louis-Philippe Nault

    Circon has.entered stat padding chatroom LOL

  36. Does the church 3 have a base xp modifier, and do premium vehicles have it in general? I know they have some xp boosts but idk if base xp is affected, since it feels like whenever i do well in my t25 pilot 1 i think i get more than what i usually get base xp wise

  37. >”I hate this 3 mark”
    >”I’m so in trouble I’m alone on this flank”
    >Casually defends it
    >Wrecks enemy team
    >2.9k base xp

    Gigachad circon lmao

  38. I could get used to the Daily Circon on YT again 😀 happy to see you having a good time taking names and kickin butt

  39. cmon circ, push YT a bit so you get over 100k subs 😀

  40. What teir 6 and below heavy tanks you guys like to play !?

  41. this is the first video of yours i’ve been recommended in years since I stopped watching world of tanks videos, I almost forgot you existed circon ;-;

  42. i don’t understand. can someone explain how 2,867 base xp became 4,301 maximum experience in a battle? does the 4,301 count bonuses like first win of the day, booster and premium time?

  43. You took more than half the HP of the enemy team. LOL
    Circon: 3973 damage
    Everyone Else: 3942 damage

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