Bring the HEAT, slowly.. – AT-7 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

BRING THE HEAT, very slowly, in the AT-7
The camo is from -fest i think, has bring the heat inscription, from 2018.


  1. Bring the yeet

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  3. some OBJ 244 memes on the horizon?

  4. okay but it took me so long to understand the title?

  5. Also holy shit what happened to this branch of tanks that this was an ace? Like shit it was a good game but it didn’t feel like an ace at ALL

  6. #HAY #Circinflexes Do you want my SEA account 53% win rate 300 + tanks ?

  7. Circon: tittles video “bring the heat”, also Circon, uses tank without access to heat rounds

  8. Im sorry but this really wasn’t that YouTube worthy….have to say it lol

  9. 3 mark it with the autoloader gun lol

  10. Like all the AT line. Slow, but deadly 😉 Tortoise is my fav of the line. Well gotten best dmg (7519) in it. Erlenberg map, first in the alley cupola hidden. So much fun 🙂

  11. Spell power ret is THE thing in Classic. Well if you actually count ret as a class and not just walking buffs.

  12. @Circonflexes I should have your jagdpanther drawing done by the end of next week.

  13. Just aced Ram II. Funny part is that i finished with honours MT 13 from Stug IV campaign, while i could have done MT 14 as well with the result.

  14. they see me strollin, they hatin!

  15. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    The reason I like your content is because you play tanks no one else plays. *by the way, about the AT-7* The stock gun is an autoloading 57mm with 10 rounds in the magazine and reloads in 1 second. It’s the ultimate meme gun

  16. 4:55 British colonization of Paris, 1945, Colorized.

  17. first shot at 2:33

  18. Circon; brings the HEAT without even being able to load any cHEAT.

  19. Post some of the Chinese replays from yesterday

  20. Expected the Kolobanovs game from yesterday 🙂

  21. So what’s the normal procedure? Like the video and then watch it, or watch and like it afterwards? Nice british attack. Slow and steady.

  22. Nice relaxed game Circon !!

  23. Play the Chi-Ri! It’s soooo good. Sorry i don’t watch on twich 🙁

  24. Why does your MoE go down the more damage you do? Lol

  25. I love the damage standing counter counting down with damage done

  26. 5:01 The British are coming!

  27. What ever happened to snooze?

  28. If there were no arty personal missions, I’d have the Stug IV. As it is I’ve had to go past tier 4 with arty in the American and German tech trees to come even close to doing mission 15. And I feel kind of filthy every time I go to attempt the mission.

  29. Yes exactly why the fuck are there artillery personal missions. Why are we encouraging toxicity.

  30. Circon I love you. But I don’t know how you play this line of TD’s I got to the AT8 I think and just fucking sold it. I was like “fuck this. I play games for fun, and this is not fun.”

  31. Doesn’t everyone block Paris? Weird.

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