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  1. Phly: Lets bring only one round gunner
    Gunner: What why
    Phly: So our ammo doesn’t blow up, no ammo no explosion
    Gunner: But then we can only fire once
    Phly: Its ok
    Gunner: Bu-
    Phly: No butts just do as I say

  2. Bring back challenges and combos on the regular

  3. 17:15 the guy blasting “Erika” 😂😂😂

  4. Day 108: play Sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed Sherman


  6. POV: you’re a kv 2 crew

  7. Drink water

  8. This going to a tank game with no ammo is really frustrating to look at and if you forgive me for saying … stupid.
    But taking a low BR tank to a High BR game makes it extra challenging and really fun to watch. Thank you … your biggest fan !

  9. Silly Phlee, no hullbreak

  10. Looool. The smokeshell he fires around the 4 minute mark had be confused too. Apparentely the m103 gets the only high velocity smokeshell we know of. I always aim those bitches to the moon when trying to smoke in front of someone

  11. @PhlyDaily, thanks for this vid, I am really sick and nauseous right now and this video is cheering me up a bit! Thanks again for wonderful videos

  12. 7:20 What a bomb drop, bonked you right on the turret.

  13. ok how is your game so realistic how does you track damage look realistic and when shells hit you just how!


    when i playing World of Tanks, this video is good for me.

  15. Chadwickboseman Dangerfield III

    In say a open top tank or a tank with the gunner and commander are exposed can a smoke shell kill them if ya hit them directly?

  16. T-35?
    Its been 4years….

  17. hardbass atgm is best

  18. The Idiotic trouble maker

    Guys hello 😊 and i need your help as when went to simulator battles to make silver lions (since I am broke) I followed the advice of some experienced players and went to bomb enemy airbase! I also did that a number of times in my French Leo bomber but I only got 9000 sl which got deducted to 4500 after the ammo and repair costs did something changed in WT? Or did I do something wrong plz help me guys! 😭😭😭

  19. Roll tide.

  20. Challenge time
    play 2 matches with a teammate, one only has smoke rounds, and the other normal AP/normal rounds. if any 1 of you dies, the other dies, no playing safe. the 2nd round switch round types, planes are allowed but only to the person with normal rounds

  21. Plz bring back Phly 2016!!!!

  22. POV you see phly finally having your K/D ratio in a match

  23. Uo ply will u react to ur first ever video? From 8 years ago war thunder? Just to see how much you’ve progressed

  24. I have an Idea for a challenge
    Only armor piercing rounds and you can only shoot your enemies once

  25. Phly why not be useful for the team and bring more than 1 tank

  26. Aight mr. Tank daily next challenge is kill a plane with a smoke shell?🗿

  27. _Crew member gets obliterated by shell_


  28. Love using the LekPzM41A1 as a mobile AA platform.

  29. LOL he turned into Scatman John there at 5:05

  30. Day 8 of asking Phly daddy for kill montage video <3

  31. next challenge! Sturmpanzer, only allowed to reverse! NO FORWARD DRIVING >:(

  32. You made things harder for yourself, Steve, by putting the one round first in your type-list of rounds ahead of the four smoke rounds. If you’d gone to Modifications and selected the smoke rounds in the drop-down list that would have made smoke rounds the first round to be fired and you could’ve used one, some or all of them before switching to your killer round. But Bravo Zulu! BZ! for an excellent and entertaining response to a crazy challenge!

  33. Could You not break the geneva convention and use smoke Shell’s (white phosporus) on open topped vehicles i am well aware its illegal in war

  34. 2:47 australian atgm moment

  35. The ATGM at first game looks like a SRAAM.

  36. Jacob Sturdivant


  37. FL Studio Remakes

    Can you try Ju 87 D5 machine gun loads for CAS? 6x 20mm or 2×20 + 8×7.92mm

  38. Виктор Фирсов

    7:24 the chat says that type 60 killed phly, but the game message is about IL-10

  39. ok if this is the way to survive in ground battles, i might give it another try

  40. My favorite part is 2:48

  41. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    Phly: “We gonna take only one ammo!”

    Crew: “But…We can’t defend ourselves with ONLY one shell and…”

    Phly: *I said we one today*

  42. At certain distance, even smoke shell can penetrate

  43. Have you ran out of content that this was your only thing you could think of?? XD

  44. loving the unloved. play the su122-54 russias best case made tank destroyer that no one plays.

  45. Haven’t seen a challenge in a while. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    Also it’s my birthday.

  46. 15:16 “Vadim blyat!” -Boris

  47. Phly with 1 ap round still prob outpreforms 75% of hes teammates, people are fraking dumb when thats posible.

  48. Loved hearing “Vadim blyat” from tha BMP

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