bRiTaIn aCtUaLlY SuFfErS | Loving The UNLOVED (War Thunder)

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bRiTaIn aCtUaLlY SuFfErS | Loving The UNLOVED (War Thunder)

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  1. 13:30 Why does that T-34 have a 4 second reload? Was it changed?

  2. hey phly how about a derp gun compilation! strumtiger , strumpanzer , lorraine 155 mle.50. etc

  3. Try sherman firefly again its pen is 180mm or so

  4. maybe they suffer befcuz they actually sucked?

  5. Play the kv-85
    Attempt #4

  6. Worst tank in war thunder if you already have my bad. I know you like to suffer. + I really wanted you to use the Archer or AKA the backwards driving tank. To me is the worst tank in war thunder. I don’t see a lot of people use it. So I dare you to use it. But it all right to chicken to do it. Love watching you play war thunder man. Keep up the good work man.

  7. Pick a tech tree line and race to finish it, you have to get 5 kills with each vehicle to move on to the next. Up to you how you choose to do it, bring low tier into an uptier so you can move to the next vehicle in the same battle perhaps?
    We could strawpoll on the tech tree line and see how fast you do each one

  8. jappie2003 dankmemes

    Does hé know there sneaks a pz 4 at 5:40

  9. 高产似那啥

  10. Here is a Challenge for you phly, take the fastest vehicle in each battle rating or tier and do not stop moving. You must constantly drive forward unless stuck. Attempt 1

  11. those poor M4A1s at 4.7 lol

  12. Less than 1 month to Endgame, hmm this seems legit…

  13. 17 pound ‘Gunder’


  14. I have an idea MEMEING IN THE TAOP BR.s

  15. u dont need to reverse in this tank

    Its faster to do a 180 and go

  16. I got the free abrams with your discount 🙂 it really is free taking into account 13.3k GE

  17. Dear phly please take out the kb1b 756r

  18. Julian Grünfelder

    *avengers theme playing*

  19. Julian Grünfelder

    Maybe some Tutorials on how to use this and that. You could make us the pro’s we want to be ??

  20. Phly do a “Evolution Series” for a countries tanks e.g. Germany start with a Panzer IV-C and proceed along “slowly” going up the tech tree through likes of the Panzer IV-F2, IV-H, Panther D, Panther A. Again only an example but its just to try and showcase the evolution of game play and the evolution or tanks during the war

  21. Matthew Dustworth

    Well, since you’re actually doing some crumpet tanks, why not do a video on the Chieftain Marksman. Never saw a video on that one from you yet boss.

  22. Moar British tanks

  23. is this game worth playing still? has it gotten better or is it still a biased mess?

  24. You should make a series about the gift vehicles they give to new players because not a single youtuber has and it will help bring new players in

  25. ultimate brexit tank. hard hitting. no defense.

  26. The P-61 phying tank

    Attempt 3

  27. Hey Phly! You know when you last made a video on KV1? No? Mmmm… Maybe because it was 4 years ago!!!

  28. Vasco peeters Vasco280706

    Play is with the maus

  29. 8:19 you did. The video was called “the little Maus” or something like that

  30. New Mini series:
    Tanks vs Tanks that really saw eatch others in Real Life Like tiger 1 and t34 or Something Like this 🙂

    Wishes from Germany

  31. “Realism series” example : bring a t34 76mm against tiger or a sherman cromwell etc…

  32. Avenger is the only decent thing in British 4.7 lineup. Unloved? Are you mad?.

    Want unloved? Try playing A30 Challenger at 5.3 or Archer “the Ass tank” at 3.3, those things are disgusting and unlovable.

  33. New account grind

  34. Games and Science

    M41a1 pls

  35. The Russian T 34 line

  36. Try a back to Back ‘Unloved’ series, Play RB then same tank in AB

  37. The Ariete (P) is the most unloved tank of 1.87, please give it a try!

  38. American medium line

  39. Light tank plz

  40. Mirza Şahinkaya

    Oh, the bravest tanks ever no reverse only forward “insert British Grenadier March here”. I love those things especially Iron Duke IV I grinded whole British tech tree with it. Maybe not useful in close range but oh boy when you get long range maps APDS shreds through like a hot knife through butter, if you are lucky enough sometimes one shot Panther’s from front plate easily.

  41. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    From the video, it seems that gErMaNy SuFfErsss..

  42. Play the Tortoise

    Big fat slow British boi needs some love

  43. Maybe a little series about the best lineups from different nations und different tier?

  44. I miss the combo series, I enjoyed when you would play in a tank and eventually get into a plane. So lets do this, the KV-1E or T34E and the Yak-9T. Get an air kill and ground kill with the 37mm!

  45. Please play any tank with a crew XP of 20 or less, just for the giggles

  46. Aleksandr Zirkou

    Phly can you review KV-1B germany. That would be Phantastico!

  47. I shot through those blinds once with a Sd.Kfz (SPAA, not flak bus)…. the one with the flak gun on the back and killed an Avenger. Don’t ask me, I was just as surprised


  49. New Series: Low Tier = Fun Tier

  50. Bring back tank and plane combos. Used to love those!

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