BRITISH 94mm FLAK TANK |QF 3.7 RAM (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BRITISH 94mm FLAK TANK |QF 3.7 RAM (War Thunder Ground Forces)


  1. *Phellas hope you enjoy! Will let ya’ll know when I live tomorrow!*


  3. Happy Bday Phly, hope u had a good one.

  4. wow I didn’t realize you live in Raleigh! which buffalo lanes did you go to? I live in garner myself.

  5. this thing can frontal pen hetzers anywhere you dont need to flank it lol

  6. Happy Birthday Phly the best war thunder content creator and our brother

  7. your bday is on the 27? dec?
    ayyyyyeeeee my bday too, happy birthday brother, and love your vids man .

  8. Ship daily! Play the 3.7 kanonboot! It is a beast of a ship against both torpedo boats and destroyers.

    Ps happy birthday 🙂

  9. 3 b birthday,bowling and blowjob ….happy borthday phy ??

  10. Oh yeah , HBD Phly

  11. It’s over Russia, I have the High-Ground!!!

  12. Hay guys go follow Phly on MySpace
    (It’s in the description)

  13. congrats on the 2.8 battle rating and great fun bowling too, Yer far too many crew put in the way of looking lol and dead guys with bad backs not the best lol.

  14. 0:59 my fatass thought he was about to say Buffalo Wild Wings ?

  15. Hey phly remember your cod game play there’s two tank and one b-24 liberator mission on the big red one

  16. never realised how close i actually lived near you XD

  17. I miss Warcraft 3 peons….

  18. Phly: Try to look for tanks
    Soldier: on the way
    Phly: get out the way!!!!!

  19. Happy birthday

  20. Man you know world is f***ed when you literally get ad’s for armored vehicles….

  21. I have a challenge for u phly. Play World of Tanks and see how different it is from WT

  22. so your a boomer now?

  23. *Did you at least drink beer???*

    Yesterday was one of my closests friends’s birthdays to … so i drinked for you as well 😀

  25. Happy Birthday Phly may you have many more and have a very good life with your supporters.?

  26. start a myspace page, no balls

  27. I’m battle rating 4.5

    Noob 🙂

  28. Happy birthday!

  29. Happy birthday Phly!!

  30. Germans got raped again. Sounds about right.

  31. AA milk trucks and tanks: its free real estate

  32. Birthday of champions!

  33. Hello There.

  34. War Thunder x PhlyDaily x Warcraft

    Noice crossover.

  35. i really hate that commanders position and happy bday phly

  36. That tank destroyer s!ck… VFW so much better that british cookie tank destroyer… Get him to max 4.7br in rb…

  37. That war craft sound

  38. Please do some phlying with the J32B attempt #1


  40. Happy birfday

  41. Could you play boom doom KV-2 and PE-8 togheter with some of your Friends?
    attempet #3

  42. Happy Birthday

  43. The into to this is the same into to Skyrim

  44. happy birthday Phly

  45. Playing Warthunder with Tanvoli_senpai

    Hey phly can you play the French f-86k please.

  46. You rick rolling son of a bitch

  47. Phly is 10 years older than me!
    My 18th birthday was on 22 Dec.
    Happy birthday Phly!!

  48. Attempt 195 phly it is time phor you to take a splendid Cromwell phor a ride.

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