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BATTLE BUNKER | Churchill Mk VII INDESTRUCTIBLE…Unless there hans


  1. Been wanting this on ur channel for years- but gave up requesting cos u seem to ignore my requests. Prove me wrong and like and pin this comment phly

    Edit: still love u and ur vids phly

  2. They die-bomb

  3. Shit tank in a shitty engine.

  4. Thank you Phly. I love this video so much! I’ve been waiting for a video about the Mk VII, and now I satisfied! THANK YOU AGAIN PHLY <3

  5. I can watch this intro a thousand times.

  6. erika das blümelein xD

  7. Phly, thank you for giving me that little laugh at the beginning of your video, just what i sorta needed rn, as i just lost my job. thank you.

  8. “Waiting for my depression to kick in”

  9. Phly, play the German churchill and see if you can get in a slugfest with a British churchill mk 3. That would be a derpy battle.

  10. Also take out the su-100y it’s been a while since you’ve played it. Show those krauts what 2.35 kilos of tnt with 225mm of pen can do!

  11. Phly ,let play the north korean combo with T34-85 and Mig-15bis

  12. 4:34 – DeMonETiZeD lol

  13. Hey what that song in opening nazi song what the name???

  14. Hanz …..please no

  15. What happened to planes? Are you taking a break from them? I still like the vids though.

  16. I have been waiting for a video on this tank for ages, I’m working towards it and have tried to find multiple videos on it but not much luck

  17. German Metal – Blast the kick ass Scorpions song “Rock you like a hurricane” while kicking ass in the Leopard 2A4

    Attempt No.10

  18. I can’t find any fw190f8 vids on ur channel, can u do 1 plz???!!!!

  19. The doom turtle needs a buff

  20. American likes being late


    Not In a British tank sunny
    We brits are always on time to a war

  21. 4.7…. good armor, shitty cannons

  22. I remember the good old days when I could use a T-34 and the whole enemy team would end up using all their ammo just to take down my tank.

  23. Марк Чернов

    Что за музыка?

  24. Careful with demonetization muzik Fle

  25. 19:45 check the nick of that pz 4 🙂

  26. Some say Flappy Wappy is a racist who hates puppies

  27. Challenge time! Take out the Stug III A

  28. Germany: *invades France*

  29. Олег Воробьев

    This is definitely the most British video I’ve seen in my life

  30. I saw this and went out and tried it. I had horrible luck and got the penetrated by everything….

  31. This thing is not really a Bunker, i got so easy penetrated in Arcade even at Distances from 500m, mostly through the Turret, and the 75mm dont have enough penetration on this Distance for Tigers and IS1s, so im happy when i have in the Future the FV4502 and after it the Caernavon.

  32. Springtrap Günter

    Was Hans a japanese? He makes a kamekaze atack.

  33. M4D_MARK_XTr3Me -Ozkil-

    Can you play the IS4, the useless metal box all armour and no gun

  34. i need to play the british

  35. when i think in the churchill, i remember when i faced one the first time… was using kv1 l11, and a chirchill 1 apeared right in my front… we kept wasting shoots in eachoder util the match ended cuz bot me and he couldnt pen armor.. like

    (challenge: kill someone with smoke shell (becuz why not))

  36. Disguised shit is still shit filly.

  37. Anderre Flammarion

    Pizza & Fagiolo COMBO:AB43 and BREDA BA.88#3


  39. love your intro videos phly always get me to laugh

  40. Something else comes to mind when I hear “Classy bush placements”

  41. got the classy bush going on

  42. play that su130 tank destroyer or I forgot what its called

  43. Phlydaily, thanks for the turret ring trick. It just helped me kill Hans’ Churchill from the front with a 75mm jumbo at about 600m using APHE.

  44. Bismark, take her to SEA again please, I beg you

  45. I liked AND subscribed the video because of the use of Erika at the beginning by the way the video is amazing (this is not my first video I’m surprised I wasn’t subscribed)

  46. meatshild deployed lets go curchil

  47. 19:32 “Waiting for my depression to kick in” – Phly 2019

  48. “Waiting for my depression to kick in” -PhlyDaily 2019

  49. Is phly the only one that doesnt know the weak spot of the jumbo right behind the tracks?

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