BRITISH BIAS | Black Prince ft.SABOT (War Thunder Gameplay)

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BRITISH BIAS | Black Prince .SABOT ( Gameplay)

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  1. I hate solid shot

  2. Tiger 1 Please

  3. Plz play the American T34 heavy tank. Try to shoot trap kill an is-6 😀

  4. Anderson Oliveira da Silva

    No more Russkies for a While?, So i guess i will give up the PE 3 BIS for a While, PLAY THE DAIMLER AC MK II!


  6. I like how the Black Prince is O.P. in War Thunder, but is shit in WOT XD

  7. pls do more PHLY daily

  8. Black prince is not as dangerous when the driver isn’t Phly, I had one with a KV-2 from the front.

  9. why not the american bias take out the american T34 and and the p51 -h-5 na attempt#1

  10. maybe i’m crazy but wasn’t this 5.7?

  11. Can i get some support on my latest video on World of Warships i worked very hard PhlyDaily!

  12. feature the long awaited epic thunder 2017 sound mod?

  13. Phly, play the jpz 4-5.

  14. Kommissar Чанка

    can you do some Japanese planes like the ki 43 or zero

  15. Play the f6f-5 or the first b17

  16. T34 American beast

  17. Rip your aim today Phly. Still great video nonetheless

  18. let’s play some Japanese first tier tanks

  19. How powerful U.K why german’s tanks are weak!

  20. Phly do the IS-6 next !!!! I haven’t seen do it for a long timme

  21. Phly when are you going to actually fly planes again?

  22. Do the T-25 at 5.7, good ol 90mm aphe

  23. Why does the black prince have the blanket or whatever on the front of the guns turret

  24. You just ruined panther by shooting at it. That’s it panther is ruined once again.

  25. Иван Щербина

    Rusik43(Russki P47 with bombs) is also a youtuber.

  26. hopefully black price is on sale for christmas cause i will buy this british bias tank 😀

  27. next on loving the unloved play the brit rank 1 heavy the independent attempt#20

  28. I usually hate Brit tanks but the Black Prince with sabot is my exception. I got mine half off. And for Russia? The KV-122 is so OP for its BR. A 122mm at 5.7

    Dear commander phlee! you are to play the German Armor with APCR only! (non APCR tanks like Tiger 1 are not allowed for backup) preferably play at BR 5.7or 6.7
    waffenträger-panther G-tiger II-jagdpanther
    attempt #1

  30. Ey Phly, you should definitely try the new Epic Thunder 2017 sound mod! The sounds are just so amazing! ^^

  31. German AA is stupid OP

  32. I’ll give the anti air unit attacking you an A for balls but an F for brains. Why he thought he’d hurt the Prince I’ll never know. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  33. Russian bias

  34. Hey Phly. Think at some point we could fly together and you can help me become a better pilot please? Would be awsome

  35. Use the M103 and A-26-B-10
    (Firs trie) Love what you are doing keep up the good work ya boy TTO

  36. It is nice seeing what war thunder could be instead of waiting 5 minutes then getting disconnected 2 minutes into a match.

  37. Has anyone else noticed that warthunders assist system thing has been broken since the new update (not giving assists when they should be given) I have experienced what phly has experienced way too much lately. And yes i know it was actually another pz 4 but what had happened at first has actually been happening alot to me and others I know lately….

  38. EntryCentral AKA Nathan Estes

    Do the Cobra combo!!! Phly the P-39Q-5 and the drive the Cobra King.

    Attempt #9

  39. Phly, I dont know if you know, but I never see you doing it. You always estimate the BR of the game due to the vehicles you see in your team, but that isnt always accurate, I saw you complaining about “where’s our x.y” in an uptiered match, when someone on your team could have a vehicle in their loadout which they just didnt take out to begin with. A reliable method to see though, is the initial SP cost of your vehicle.

    For light tanks and medium tanks:

    210 SP -> Full uptier
    240 SP -> 0.6/7 uptier
    270 SP -> 0.3 uptier
    310 SP -> full downtier (your vehicle is max BR)

    Heavy tanks:

    300 SP -> Full uptier
    340/50 -> 0.6/7 uptier
    400 SP -> 0.3 uptier
    450 SP (maximum) -> full downtier


    190 SP -> full uptier
    210 SP -> 0.6/7 uptier
    240 SP -> 0.3 uptier
    270 SP -> Full downtier


    150 SP -> full uptier
    180 SP -> 0.6/7 uptier
    230 SP -> 0.3 uptier
    260 SP -> full downtier (not 100% sure about these ones, except the 150)

    So for example:

    Your loadout is a tiger H1, a Sturer Emil, and a Panther D.

    If you get a full uptier, so a 5.7-6.7 match, the tiger will cost 300, the sturer will cost 190, and the Panther will cost 210 SP
    For a full downtier, so a 4.7-5.7 match, the tiger will be 450, the sturer will be 270 and the panther 310 SP and so on.
    Note that the SP cost always goes after the highest vehicle in your loadout, as that is the one determing your BR, so a 5.7 in a 7.0 match, because you have a 6.0 in your loadout, will still cost 300, while the 6.0 will also cost 300. A 6.3 in the same loadout and match would cost, given its a heavy, 340/50 though.

    There are slight differences in different vehicles for odd reasons, I dont know all of them, but i know for heavies, that for example the tiger H1 will cost 350 in a 0.7 uptier, the Tiger II (H) will cost 340 in a 0.7. Why that is, I have no idea, I just noticed these differences, so take those values with a grain of salt. They’re always +-10 though.

    There’s also values for planes, I dont know those though, except that Fighters cost 480 SP in a full uptier.

    Also, in any match there’s always a maximum of 4 vehicles of the maximum BR of that match per team. So a 6.7 match germans vs americans, would have for example 2 Tiger II H and 2 Ru 251s vs 2 T29s and 2 M26s.

    Hope I could help anyone who reads this. Like I said before, some values might be off by 10 or so, but that could depend on the vehicle or me not remembering something correctly.

  40. Play the Chieftain Mk 10 and the Hunter for some tea-rrific combo!

    Go tea or go home!

  41. Phly show your face

  42. Take any tank you want with 5 rounds of ammo and get 5 kills
    Yes you can refill at cap only five rounds
    (Attempt 4)

  43. POSSIBLE MODE FOR WARTHUNDER: Squad of four… TANK RB: 2x Leo A1A1s (Designated, well, Tanks); 1xBegleitpanzer (Designated scout/flank/fire support)(Probs not the right spelling) 1x Gepard (AA of course…) stick together and work as a unit. Mig and/or CL for air cover if needed, after a death rally on spawn and push together cycle roles to keep things fresh… AIR RB, flight of two jets with rockets and/or (designated as CAS, hit LPBs or MTs F84s?); flight of two fast jets (designated as BARCAP F86s?) keep the strike package together at all times. Something I want to do with some mates, however rarely does someone want to do this or has the tanks/aircraft (myself included). Experiment with different nations and lineups I think it would be great to see this in WarThunder maybe as a Sim battles game mode or a seperate mode alltogether. Thumbs up for a vote.

  44. How about german bias phly?

  45. That Black Prince is an absolute animal

  46. Is that a GUP skin in the thumbnail?

  47. The important question is : does it have a tea making component?

  48. “Its kinda slow” well it kinda is a infantry tank

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