BRITISH BOOMSTICKS | Biggest Guns In The GAME (War Thunder Meme Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BRITISH BOOMSTICKS | Biggest Guns In The GAME (War Thunder Meme Tanks)


  1. *Big thanks for spending your time on a Sunday to hang out on my channel. Everyday it blows my mind, the on going support form each phan. Have a good safe Sunday. See ya’ll tomorrow.*

  2. I think they did surgery on a grape.

  3. Just as a heads up Phly the MG on the FV4005 fallows the trajectory of the HESH round. This makes it very easy to range-find the gun.

  4. Somebody should do a custom DERP battle. Only tanks available FV 4005, AVRE, KV 2 – something like that.

  5. There is an ally nearby you can help repair his vehicle!

  6. Shows a montage of me killing an IS-7 by an RU-251
    *Mein is biggest gun*

  7. sounds like music from a stellaris trailer or smth

  8. 7:09 The Asmr Starts

  9. So is this Bruce Campbell approved?

  10. i was just looking at these tanks like i wonder if phly has a video on them

  11. Gaijin has nerfed this gun a lot already.

  12. When you killed that Panther II at 5:04, i got a Battlefield V ad 😀

  13. Георгий Воропаев

    Черт, какой же ты молодец! Я когда вступление началось даже ушам не поверил… Лайк короче)

  14. Hey phly get 8 kills in tier 4 with the su-5-1

  15. if its realistic then they should take off and land as in real warfare

  16. Sub to PewDiePie, and Phly if you haven’t.

  17. Yay tankdaily is back

  18. your pro bro

  19. Death star strikes again

  20. You get such obvious pleasure from all of the game. Unlike other youtubers, you also enjoy when an opponent plays well. That there is the mark, the ACME of Manhood.
    If we don’t have worthy opponents, what pride in defeating them?. If we routinely slag off the enemy, what worth our own winning?

  21. How to make your miniaturs

  22. how does he make the sight line move up and down to the designated distance?

  23. The groundspawn is actually a really simple, good idea to nerf CAS without making it much less fun.

  24. Haha!I have 23 000 lions less than you (I win 1 000 000 lions in battle trophy)

  25. War thunder 《》 Ultra non-official channel

    Plz gaijin ad lazer telemeter on death star

  26. I wish they add arty tree to WT

  27. I actually agree with the ground spawn…

  28. The three R’s of war thunder relax reverse reload

  29. Phly when you aren’t impressed with your 1600 meter shots you sound like that one kid who said they did so bad in the maths test but gets like 90%

  30. two times baby
    /plane revenge

  31. 72kg is a lot of tea

  32. Георгий Бондаренко


  33. Sturm_Waffen Developing

    Тот неловкий момент когда флай тащится от совкомузыки …

  34. I remember you making a video of the FV4005 a few years ago

  35. I’m getting the FV4005 soon
    I’m around 50,000 rp for the tank

  36. take out the panther d!!! attempt 109

  37. “Kills expensive premium tank and then gets killed by expensive premium plane.” FREE TO PLAY GAME COMRADE!!!!

  38. That intro tho ???

  39. Oh man, they really need to focus at the other tech trees in the game. I’m tired and bored playing us, german and the(how the f I pen that?) russians.

  40. I agree about the plane spawn. I also think they need a tank only mode. I don’t know how many times I’ve worked hard to get into a position just to get bombed or maybe even get a kill in a slow moving TD knowing that a plane is going to come back for me but since I am so slow, I don’t get away fast enough to avoid the bombs.

  41. Nice idea Phly with the groundspawn! I’d personally argue that Strategic and Tactical Bombers should get an airspawn around 1500, attackers get an airspawn around 500 and fighters a groundspawn.

  42. An organic Life form

    The tank at 15:35 needed your help repairing. It’s part of the new mechanic. Stock players can now ask for repairs from other players.

  43. SubscribeItWontHURT

    That a building block

  44. (*AND PS4) Wow …
    xbox feels dick ? ok

  45. Phly the Germans AA vehicles have all been stolen by capitalist spies! Use the RU-251 And squash the enemy air competition by shooting down planes with your HESH rounds! Good luck
    Attempt #1

  46. its true with no airspawn but then more spawn camping on airfield u dont have then the energy when u spawn from airfield. against fighter in the air

  47. need that name of that song at the beginning!!!!

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