British Challenge! + IS-2M Facepalm! – World of Tanks

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  1. The_Accidental_MLGPro


  2. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    welcome back!

  3. What about IS-3 YOLO, recently presented on supertest? A “new” auto-reloading heavy? Here, auto-reloading is set the other way round; if you emptied your clip, the first shell will load fastest, and then more reload time as you load more shells? Full clip reload – 12sec, which is roughly the time standard IS-3 loads one shell.
    So? Well, now any idiot will get IS-3 YOLO, install XVM, see who best player on enemy team is, yolo him and blast him for about 1,2k dmg in a matter of seconds…

    • Aleksej Safronov, here is how broken it is: in 12 sec it will load 3 shots and regular IS-3 will in that time load 1. Then it will in a matter of seconds empty its clip for 1,2k dmg. In a very short time, it will have 1 shell ready to fire, and in 12 sec, 3 shots. As I said, smb will install XVM, see who best player on enemy team is, go yolo at him, in a couple of seconds slap him for 1,2k… No, nothing broken there…

    • Алексей Сафронов

      +Ivan Stepanovic what 12 seconds are you talking about?

    • DezGames reported full reload on that new IS-3 will be 12 seconds

    • Алексей Сафронов

      +Ivan Stepanovic wtf are you talking about? 12 seconds is only for the last shell in the clip. It’s 18/15/12 for first, second and third shell respectively.

    • Even if so, it doesn’t change the fact that any retard will just yolo for a lot of HP

  4. Soooo? If you dont have a tier X tank you have to sell your soul to wargamming and play all day

  5. Even less chances of not getting tier X in tier VIII xD

  6. for 1 year now we can not see our friends on the chat server we can not speak to them or play with them. for 1 year now 1 day on 1 day off. they can not fix the chat servers and/or they dont care. you r CC of the game. why you dont tell them to fix the chat servers. there r out there 1 million games. why to play THIS game if we can not play with our friends. again you r CC of this game. DO SOMETHING FOR THIS GAME. TELL THEM TO FIX THE CHAT SERVERS.

    • Because they dont listen my dude. You honestly dont think they know about the friendlist for years already? Lol

    • What? I thought they fixed problems like a year ago. Me nor my friends havent had anything wrong with the game like a said for around the time since the last chat problems. Do they break stuff for selected players or something?

    • It still happens every now and then. Yesterday one of my friend’s friendlist didn’t work, the other’s did. Altho the frequency of this occuring has reduced. And most of the time at least one of us has connection,s o he can invite the others anyways. Only sucks if noone has friendlist/ppl can’t communicate outside of the game

    • Let’s be real does anyone use the in-game chat system? Just use discord or teamspeak. If your playing with your friends it’s the least you could do. I’ve never had an issue connecting with friends in a platoon which is all I care about.

    • JSRh1no Gaming  i dont know if my friends are playing the game to call them on discord if i dont see them on the game. and i can not see them in the game if the chat servers are off. yesterday one of my friend sent me an email to come and play the game. i was already in and he did not see me. i did not see him either.

  7. And IMO it’s the best free tank event since like forever (if ever)

    • Friends don’t let friends not run a rammer. Always mount a rammer, 100% of the time. DPM is king, especially when you don’t have alpha to back it up. I understand the sentiment of “well the dpm is already pretty high” but there’s no point where I’d say “nah, I don’t wanna shoot any faster” unless the accuracy was such trash that you couldn’t aim the gun in in time to shoot again (not likely because British). Mount the rammer.

    • +pickpocket293 if you keep getting better at this game you’ll realize at some point that rammer is not everything

    • We’re not here to compare stats– suffice to say that I’m quite capable at this game. With only a few very specific possible exceptions that could be argued (T49 with derp, Sheridan with derp and possibly 1-2 other tanks in the game) it is completely legitimate to say “you should be mounting a rammer on everything” and not be wrong. If you disagree, that’s on you. Feel free to bring down the 3-mark requirements with your sub-optimal equipment choice. 🙂

    • +pickpocket293 I should just laugh at you but I’m not an ass.
      And I’m not talking about stats.
      You’ll get it 1 day… Maybe

    • Alpine tiger had to be the best event for the average punter. The italian one and this one require some pretty severe grind dedication. You wouldnt want to have any other interests in your life to get them completely free.

  8. This event is stupid for people who dont spend irl money for ingame currency, ive played like 15 matches in the 113 before selling it because i cant afford it.

    • >angry 10yo screeching

    • If your in game monetary level is “I can’t even repair the tank” level of broke, you should have not buy tier X in the first place.
      I never bought premium either. I just play mostly tier 5-9. Even now when I bought like 10 tier X I still play them very rarely outside of special occasions due to credit factor (plus you need to shot more gold in tier X thanks to its cancer meta) . Just understand that unlike a MMORPG playing a top tier unit is not a necessity here

    • Yeah I never play tier 10s, even if I make credits in big alpha gun tanks, those games are rare. Tier 7s and 8s are where you get loads of dosh

    • +AshGBoxing most moneys is hidden in tier VI. Or just play ISU/Ob704

    • And IMO it’s worth to spend money once but spend it good. Like now you can easly make 5 missions and get a (good on paper) tier VIII premium for 50% less (like 20€?).
      Or just go ham and get Skorpion G when availble or just WZ 120 G FT (or T34 if you like turrets). Big alpha + good pen means you’ll never need to spam gold.

  9. IS2M have 7 more gold shells and 20 more hitpoints 😀

  10. This tier X only requirement is just stupid, at least make it tier 8-10.

  11. thank you for doing this video, i was bit confused ! Can you please recommend tier 6 and 7 light/medium/heavies i should grind XP in since I have no tier X ? @Circonflexes ?

  12. It’s not Proghetto, it’s progetto, pronounce it like project proj-etto

  13. for old guy like me, stage 4 is enough 😉

    • Free Zone i guess it’s done on purpose cause of the T10 tank economy to force people getting a premium account,other wise you’ll lose too much credits ;p

  14. You areument against the IS-2M is such a non-argument. And yea, they could have put a 100mm on it, but then they would catch flak from people because the IS-2 (and the IS-2M) never mounted a 100mm gun…

  15. told ya they will add more heavy russian premiums : D

  16. this will be hard to accomplish for the average working man you would have to play from friday night thru sunday non stop to complete the amount of games needed to finish this

  17. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    I cant even 90 :/

  18. IS-2M not worth it unless you are some kind of pixel tank collector and wanna just throw away your money. Also cant wait to see all these very less skilled players trying to play tier 10 tanks to do these missions …….. Great cant wait ppppffffff. But its so nice to see WG actually give out some credit boosts the damn cheap pricks. But this looks like a lot of these less skilled players are not gonna be able to pass some of these missions in 24 hour period. This is gonna be a bit of playing to do the end missions. But back to the IS-2M don’t waste your money cuz its just another way for WG to rip you off. But hey this Russian tank premium bull$hit is getting so tiering wow sick of Russian tanks but hey maybe they need to make the game (World of Russian tanks) or make a side game named that because that nation could just make up a whole game itself.

  19. Oh yay! Another premium Russian heavy tank 😉

  20. FeelsWGMan

  21. Also it didn’t say it had a BIA crew when WG posted up the page to sell this IS-2M as it said it had a special crew and not anywhere did it say it came with Brothers in arms it just said special crew so people that bought it thought it was some sort of special crew you got with the purchase of the tank and it said special camo again another way to suck people in and steal there money from the twist of words that WG loves to use. But I guess they fixed it after a few days of selling it.

  22. another marathon run for 268 version 4 😛

  23. 1000 base xp is not realistic i think.

  24. Yaaaay highlights coming

  25. I’m able to get 800-1K XP per battle in my T-34-85M which is what i used in the Progetto 46 marathon, so i’ll be doing the endurance missons, hopefully get atleast 70% discount if i’m lucky enough to play each day

  26. Man if you want a real laugh look at the recent balance changes on WoT console. Absolute dumpster fire

  27. Someone gave me a helpful tip that the best way to get the 4,500 dmg would be using a 183 or 4005, just need to hit 3 good shots doing 1500 each.

  28. I could care less about IS-2M i’m just so glad they are selling the IS-2 again since i missed it last time and i’m in need of a Russian crew trainer.

  29. No more soviet heavies for a bit? How about no more Soviets.. at all? For like a year? Fuck the 122s, fuck the cash grabs, more garbage coming from WG.

  30. the tier 10 route, not too tough if you fire exclusively gold….which i think is the point…. by the time you finish these missions, just think of how many credits you would have burnt through….

  31. I bought the kv-122 since i liked kv1S the old one but time change and Meta with it , i dont feel its usefull Berlin is2 is way better

  32. 230 alpha is out for me I won’t grind my ass off for that gun

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      Especially if the tank will be in tier X all the time. I have better things to do than trade hits with 500 Alfa guns with this peashooter.

  33. Nothing that war gaming does makes any sense. It’s such a weird company lol

  34. fuck this shit…. 245000 base exp for one tier 8 tank….

  35. Or! Doing mission with only tier X, for tier VIII tank. GG WG good logic idiots…

  36. They have to put the 122 gun on the IS-2m so it can over match all those 40MM armour locations.

  37. So for all of the ones which require high damage in some capacity, just play the Shit-Barn or the Death-Star, all the rest just play for XP and hope you get the other mission done first.

  38. I have a question for you circ and the people who play this game, me, having only the Is3 ,wz132 ,cromwell 59-16 and the challenger, who far can i get in this mission ?? i don’t think a lot

  39. Another “free” tank ;).
    Ill take my “heavily discounted” tank by the end of this marathon, just like the last one.

  40. Good to have you back on the Tubes, Circon ~salutes~


    Do you get your premium tanks for free for advertising wot cerc?

  42. Last time they did one of these, I only made it to the 7th one – I have a 40+ hour work week and a wife who, though understanding of my gaming habit, demands much of my free time. So I have to ask myself – is the Caravan AX worth sacrificing sleep and potentially irritating the wife? That would be a hard NO.

  43. Im just gonna play the E25 none stop I always make around 800-1100 base XP in it. lol

  44. Can you do multiple stages a day? Like I got college and only have 4 days free within this 2 week period.. I’d say those 4 days are enough to get the Stage 6-7 done… I only have a 5A at tier X and have Ru 251 for exp missions, also a WZ-131

  45. Good luck to you as well. Will be joining the grind after work for sure.

  46. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    175mm pen is eh in tier 7s nowadays. 😐

  47. Oprea Dragos Marian

    Thx for the video!

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