British IFV – WARRIOR Suffocating Meta (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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British IFV – WARRIOR Suffocating Meta (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. I stopped playing war thunder just because I didn’t have enough time to get different tanks and it takes along time to get tanks and planes and tbh I think it takes to long any tips to get tanks faster and things like that

  2. It looks like a M2 Bradley

  3. Phly in a jeep is OP.

  4. Does Phly still not know he can spot while in the Scope? or does alot of people not know that?

  5. I killed my first one yesterday with a squash head round. Shoot the ATGM
    with one and the tank is done.

  6. Phly please play the A.C. IV
    Attempt #14

  7. Play the Type 61 and Kikka combo.

  8. What is the intro music?

  9. Why the fuck wt is a biplane 720 sp and a mig 17 720 sp with rockets

  10. Panther II and Jagdtiger need to be brought down to 6.7 smh. ATGMs, HEAT FS and APFSDS against it every game.

  11. always wondered – how does he not get any grass in his sights when in sniping mode or looking down his binoculars?

  12. the fact that you didn’t shoot the back of the turret on that obj 120 disappointed me.

  13. Bokken_brus Norsk_gaming

    It’s not a ATGM that stands for air to ground missile, so IT’s more a sts missile

  14. Phly: “If you see those logo’s you gotta shoot them”
    Me: “hell naw, it is not like I have bad luck in wt, i even have that logo…which means MORE BAD LUCK!

  15. I was like, what the hell is up with Internet…. Until 240p……. Great vid mate! 😀

  16. Илья Султанов

    Привет Флай! Отличное видео!

  17. Use the bmp 2 in 10.0!

  18. Phly play the Russian P-47D-27 (Stalinbolt)

  19. That was awesome to watch. Love support playstyle

  20. Wonderful 🙂

  21. anyone got a setup guide on how to run atgm’s with mouse cursor. phly is clearly using it.

  22. I wanna get the warrior before i drive the warrior ??????

  23. To be fair, getting 7 kills isn’t representative for what we know as getting 7 kills.

    7 kills in 1.81 is like getting an ace in 1.79.

  24. This is 30mm right? Does it count as a ground A-10?

  25. Challenge Time:
    Kill a Tank with the Schräge Musik Weapon System!
    Attempt #9

  26. 4ichpich

    Trees > WARRIOR

  27. 1:16
    “pretty much anything you look at, will get penetrated”

  28. Cheeki breeki

  29. Loving the unloved
    Attempt #13
    I-16 type 10 with historical information please


  31. play the BMP-2 is BiAs

  32. 12:52 “heh”

  33. Does anyone know when the rest of us peasants are gonna be allowed to play helicopters?

  34. you say “always scout” but when i play, my team doesn’t even scout. not sure if other players even know if scouting in a light tank is a thing…

  35. Phly best YouTuber confirmed

  36. It’s not a light tank it’s a (Infantry Troop Carrier) get it right next time you mong lol ps love the vids

  37. Sad that atgm can’t be controled like roof machine gun.. so you could using launcher’s sight instead of gunner’s

  38. I bet you can’t wait for a m2 Bradley now

  39. Bush tank is gone, time to get it back

  40. The Milan should go straight up then straight down in to the top of tanks

  41. Feels like a very unfair match up for tanks that have useless armor and are very slow like Maus, would say t95 but americans cant face british

  42. If only the coealian would get the pzgr. 40…

  43. Ferdian Wahyu Fauzan


  44. NO INFANTRY IN WAR THUNDER,, waste of time.

  45. I want the german Marder and the American m2 bradley

  46. Do they have the Bradley for the Americans in WT?

  47. Hi Phly ! The Biasherman is done.
    Now, the Emperor requires your skills to fight with its Japanese Sherman !

    Attempt #12

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