British Lights are USELESS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Update 1.6 is finally bringing the British light tanks to the game – but, at the moment, they kinda suck…


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The title should’ve been ” British Lights… But why?”

  2. russians are lying? really? That never happend before!


  3. Isnt this game dead?

  4. I like sow called useles tanks becease people like you tzl hole the world and then i can get it with ease… I like low played tanks more then every tank you put in the spotlights for a month

  5. Well at least they dont have wheels i suppose

  6. I would change the British light tanks to permanently delete wheeled vehicles from the accounts of players it hits. It can keep all it’s current stats then.

  7. I am the worst LT player ever, so this tech tree will be avoided at all cost.

  8. Václav Čepelák

    I think the Manticore would be good tier 8 tank 😀
    Good view range, high alpha, good camo

  9. WG : liars and incompetents..
    Here is one of the best example.
    If they don’t change this line..

  10. 100% Intention by WG! WG know what they doing. This garbage tank make it thru the supertest and they know how bad it is. It feels like WG want to show us the strength they have. WG can do everything they want and if the community crying so much about op tanks, they give us the 100% garbage tank line we can imagine.
    Than happens A: After some weeks of frustration about one bad light tank tree, WG can come, buff it and show us that they hear to the community. Or B: they don’t do nothing with it and show us who is the boss.
    It’s all about business…. but not really for the players

  11. I rather play Churcill Gun Carrier as scout.

  12. MyCaptainPugwash

    I know lets build a tech tree that makes you reach for the gold

  13. hey! look on the bright side, at least it’s not more powercreep

  14. stopped playing months ago. right decision…

  15. Yes dis LT is no to OP to be good need more BUFF. 248pen on LT and 390afha need 500afha ??? 80mm slope arrmor not good and LT is RNG protected.Actually need buff on view range, mobility and camo and need nerff on dis 248PEN

  16. 16 shells…

    16 SHELLS ???

  17. Wot its a more amd more ruchia game its sooo broke i dont play it mutch . If wg dont fix the ruchia bulshit and the teams

  18. Stefanuss Müller

    *cries in rhm panzerwagen*

  19. “usless tanks” they are scout tanks you idiot! best used for spotting, this is the reason why i hate watching you now, always thinking of DMG and not gameplay!!!

  20. how many of them are not fictional???

  21. QB you forgot to do a proper comparison, Manticore vs LT432, because everybody knows Soviet tanks should be 1-2 tiers better then the rest!

  22. maybe this is the solution wargaming came up with to make german lights not the worst light tanks in the game anymore?

  23. when u going to move on to war thunder wot is dead

  24. wg is busy screwing most British tanks

  25. Is this a part of the Brexit package? ?

  26. Lets be honest here that T49 comparison is just wrong.Who plays T49 without Durp.If i want to play a light tank wit pew pew gun i would play houndreads of others that we have already in game.

  27. Gotta say the editing on this video was so sloppy but damn the tanks are terrible

  28. Maybe the british LTs can swim or dive for ever.Because they still need to leave their island

  29. Anton Liljekvist

    Wargaming has done a Treyarch.

  30. I dont know, but this can be better too compare 2 tank full update, and not a stock Setter and a full T71 CMDC: can change many things in your judgement …

  31. TheOfficialBradster108

    These tanks are ridiculous, at least give them a quicker reload time like many of the British tanks and more shells.

  32. Wow the british light tanks are wery great, for yolo rushes, and two shoots per a battle. 🙂

  33. All those lies by Wot about ‘good this and that’, omg….

  34. I’d love them to have insane camo, view, speed and manoeuvrability. I don’t care about the gun.

  35. It’s hilariously pathetic how Wargaming is trying to pass off absolutely worst DPM as merely “mediocre”.

  36. ‘Pants’ is the word you are looking for QB…how disappointing

  37. I think this is Hilarious, A Teck Tree that goes wrong and the Community goes wild including Streamers for eg. DezGamez or QuickyBaby. Personaly I dont know if I schould cry or laugh because the problem that is uncoverd with this New TT light line. Is what people who play a certain line (German TT) have had all along granted the are some Derp Guns and there have been sone Buffs to T10 Vehicles But For the magority of the time 24/6 you play the underdog, Unless you play a 430U, OBJ246/4 ETC. I hope WG and the rest of the Community finaly realise that certain nerfs and new addons just go to far and that these changes have nothing to do with their reblancing of the tanks as they had promissed December 2018!!! Good Luck Tankers KillerBee_unconquerable

  38. Lecture or Ticket but not Both

    Weaker than English Tea

  39. Put a Russian flag on it and see if the stats change. Great video QB thanks.

  40. couldn’t the Brits have wheeled vehicles like the Daimler or Ferret? Maybe an answer to the French wheeled vehicles?

  41. These LT are meant to just sit in a bush and do absolutely nothing…. then there are those wheelchairs flying to your location which will get you spotted and killed. Gg wg.

  42. I sincerely believe that they released the new tech tree with the wrong statistics.

  43. Meme necromancer

    I mean they could have added the fv101 scimitar and scorpion but no they add a vehicle I have literally never heard of.

  44. rolland mousseaux

    game vision range is bullshit…constantly dying from a neaby tank i cannot see until AFTER i am dead… for the paying customers…

  45. British light tanks: The strike of the loaders.

  46. The British line has always been a labour of love with very few highs and lots of low’s

  47. He is talking shit at these Light tanks because he is British and like you See they are shit. Just tell that you want to be buffed…..

  48. Epically Baf

  49. Wth…I am very disappointed ….
    Because I did really wanted to farm this lights, love my Cromwell…

    This tanks suck at everything and they said ah the lights is not about gun is about spotting, where so you want to spot with that bad view range and camo?

    They should gave them the best camo in the game and bigger view range to make them at least useful…

    Wargaming…. cmon

  50. 0:00 , uum QB your quite in the face compared to your other videos!
    Did you see they manage to put in MORE ammo into the other tanks than the British lights? the ELC 90 even got 45 shells while the British lights needs to work with 25 OR LESS
    I think these statistics were meant for the wheeled tanks. but switched them with the British.

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