BRITISH MUTANT TANK | 2 Guns 1 Tank (War Thunder Grant 1 Gameplay)

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BRITISH MUTANT TANK | 2 Guns 1 Tank (War Thunder Grant 1 Gameplay)


  1. Could you talk about your Grant/Lee/multi turret key bindings?

  2. Never watched videos of or played this game, but I thoroughly enjoyed this video 🙂
    Game looks slick, the ‘recaps’ of every hit and how the projectiles scattered on the inside of the vehicles is sick

  3. The Gamer On The Couch

    Ugly Christmas Sweater = Any Tier 1 Japanese tank ON the front and back Copy And Pasted.

  4. I want to see some communist tank gameplay
    (Stalin ordered it)

  5. I love playing war thunder as I watch you play it ? for some reason tho I always get good games when I do ? your my good luck ?❤️

  6. 8:35 I got it from a kid too!

  7. Do a MUG
    *You’ve got a hole in your left wing*

  8. How about an m3 or a grant wrapped up like a christmas tree with a star on the top and lights all over

  9. Design idea: Top tier tanks helis and jets with Santa hats on then around a fire roasting marshmallows with a Christmas tree behind them and like an a-10 gift wrapped with a bow or they’re gift wrapping an upcoming vehicle

  10. The maus painted as frosty the snowman.

  11. U can put on that sweter all the tanks that you played with your sound pack fireing snowballs

  12. People who know what phlys merch looks like, do you think it looks good? I think it’s something I would give to my kid, the designs are often fun but I wouldn’t wear them as an adult guy!

  13. Maybe try having a big tank trying to hide behind a tiny Christmas tree?

  14. The British troops who had to crew these tank gave it a nickname. “A Coffin for 7 brothers”. Reason for the name was because the tank was so tall it was easy to spot.

  15. it MUST have a derpy KV2 with the eye’s on it =]

  16. look up a Hot Toddy it is a traditional British cure for a cold. I am sure you will enjoy it. helps the throat and Laura i am sure will enjoy one also

  17. now I wish your voice is gone lol

  18. I like reindeer ears snow and bright colors for Christmas garments…

  19. A sturmpanzer shooting a Christmas tree or present

  20. maus would be santa

  21. The Russians actually refer to the M3 Lee as a coffin for 6 brothers.

  22. German tanker loading snowballs into an SPA

  23. I was always puzzled as to why this is in the US tree, as it is really something that belongs in the Brit tree. I realize the gift version you have is in the British tree, but for some reason the US premium tree has it too. Only the British used this version, in fact the British designed the turret to replace the Lee turret, so why is it there?
    Either way great video, and i hope you feel better!

  24. >>> Vote for Laura’s Voiceover before 2020 <<<

  25. 9:54 i shouldn’t be alive tbh

  26. A good idea imo, would be instead of someone making a snowman, it’s a Maus. Either that, or in the background, a Maus could be covered in snow. Barely visible.

  27. Laura needs to voice over a vid ?

  28. A t34, Panzer 4, and a Sherman
    All gathered around a christmas tree

  29. Why don’t you just switch sights for long range

  30. Phly is a has been, his name is now Phlew

  31. Finn Fighter games

    Your birthday is on the 27th correct?

  32. Finn Fighter games

    How about a Christmas tree but instead of the balls there’s bombs and at the tip there is a fritz X with a flare

  33. I actualy like the tank for mid range flank protection, it works great at least in WT, if you know how to use cover and walls. In WOT, avoid these types of tanks, they suck, as WOT only alows one gun on any tank, whatever is larger.

  34. On that first kill, cancer removed.

  35. How about a blue and yellow sweater that somehow incorporates the symbols of when a teammate crashed into you on takeoff

  36. i would love to see some videos about how to play this game. cuz in your videos its always looks so easy to play the game.. if i do it .. im just gettin killed
    so some basic training would be a really cool idea

  37. Battle of the bulge, German and Americans snowballing next to a jumbo and a tiger 2 while p47’s are dropping presents (deffinetly not bombs)

  38. 9:52
    *Hans:* Franz! I am seeing red!

  39. Santas sleigh being pulled by a po-2?

  40. today on the on the shooting range. (voice)

  41. Design Idea: Snowflakes with tank silhouettes in the middle of them?

  42. design idea: helicopters/airplanes/tanks shooting ATGMs or some other sort of missile, but it is a Christmas tree.

  43. PE8 dropping snowmen and kv2 shooting big ol snowballs

  44. Sturmtiger battery shooting fully decorated trees 😉

  45. Design Idea: R3T20 snowball blizzard.

  46. You should have Laura do a voice over of your gameplay

  47. Surprised Phly hasn’t done a Thanos “I don’t feel so good…” Design for the Maus yet

  48. Santa sleigh pulled by po2’s

  49. Best m3 lee is m3 in russia

  50. Sturmtiger shooting a Christmas tree missile?

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