BRITISH RAILGUN | Conway 120mm Tank Destroyer (War Thunder)

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RAILGUN | Conway 120mm (War Thunder)


  1. I pheel bad about the Ferdi thats why I wrote a poem about it. ph

  2. Epic Thunder sound mod working?

  3. Yes!!! I have been waiting!

  4. Kv2 *HE ONLY*

  5. *Ah yes, enslaved KV-2*

  6. who thinks they should add the Semple tank to war thunder?

  7. The renaissance man

    Same tank different ww2 tank games; in wot you get 7,80 sec reload in WT 20 secs

  8. “They’re just spawning and going out into the open and stuff.”

    Yeah sorry about that, us AB players sometimes bleed into RB for shits and giggles.

  9. Phly. M41 Bulldog, please
    *Attempt 26*

  10. I require the Shitbarn with the new sounds!

  11. Should have been
    “untill your ammunision explodes inside me”

  12. F in the comments.

  13. This is one of the best looking tanks in the game.

  14. APDS, for those that just can’t get enough “target undamaged” notifications

  15. I still get seriously annoyed when you play German WW2 tanks and have to deal with Cold war tanks. Been playing for many years now, still hate it.

  16. Constantin Raileanu

    Post war vs mid war .
    Conway vs ferdi.
    GG gaijin

  17. “I can tie 42 shoes in 15 seconds.”

    Well, we’re waiting.!.

  18. Gabriel Paiva Harwat

    Where are the servers where Ply play? Stupid Land? I wish i Could encounter this idiots when i play.

  19. That’s lame, try the FV4005, 183mm of pure godness, nothing more satisfying than killing with this machine

  20. Take out the ju388j with historical camo

  21. North American Heathen

    Phly. Escape from Tarkov is wiping and adding content soon. Any chance of you doing a couple videos in that? I know this is your bread and butter but your content regardless of which game is top notch.

  22. Damn, wish baronvongamez was still playing war thunder. He and phly were a good duo

  23. Thing is Phly. You have a power that any tank look like a OP tank

  24. attempt #1
    Phly please teach me how to fly on WT

  25. 16:14 charlie sheen called. he wants his tiger p back

  26. Dang phly copping in emblem meano biter I see how it is

  27. Nah the true railgun is the obj 120

  28. 8:40 : the round bounced ’cause the Conway have a huge and thick double armor plate as gun mantlet. And everybody shoots there for some fucking reason

  29. FINLAND MENTIONED. And yes i know its because the map is finland

  30. more helicopter gameplay phlee

  31. Attempt #338 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  32. with every WW2 German tank that gets destroyed, i cry a little inside

  33. 12:23 Thats when you really contemplate uninstalling War Thunder for the 8th time

  34. Phly play the T-44-122 attempt number (alot)

  35. i dont play war thunder anymore i just watch your videos for the intros lol

  36. 7:04 Conway: dude this is a painful long reload. IS-2 IS-2 (1944) IS-3 IS-4M: HOLD MY BEER FV4005:…

  37. phly became a poet?

  38. LOVE the poem Phly… god job 😉

  39. *Phuck*

  40. 9:26 Can we get a video on how many shoes Phly can tie in 15 seconds

  41. 14:30 I think it was karma for leaving that Type 75 to his death :p

    Anyway great video, as always.

  42. Also who remembers when he sang Georgia on my mind by ray Charles not gonna lie it was pretty ???

  43. apds is the reason i don’t play brits anymore.

  44. Damn what is the name of thst piano song?! ive herad it so often but nerver got the name 🙁

  45. Hey Phly, loving the vids. Could you Plssssss try loving the unloved M4A3 (105) with HE shells Only, try and get as many kills as possible attempt 5. Keep it up man

  46. When the Conway fires it sounds like the Halo sniper rifle.

  47. Phly: one shots everything
    me: shoot either ricochet or my ammo explodes before I can shoot

  48. Phly can you play the Chinese 9.3 CM11 tank!!! It would be interesting to see!!!

  49. 120mm APDS vs King Tiger upper front plate: straight through, one hit kill
    120mm APDS vs Su-100P: lol, you can kill one of my crew

    Gaijin don’t even disguise it anymore.

  50. pleas tankdaily take out the yak-30 giv it some love

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