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  1. JohnnyBlackMeatToboggan

    wow, 1 minute ago :D

  2. Woo!

  3. hey phly what computer do u have

  4. Peww Peww :D


  6. I like all yo vids phly

  7. twitter is great, its facebook i dont like using

  8. Titty fish Phly

  9. omg 144viewers :o

  10. So I went ham, if you have a better performance with this tank in RB send
    me a pic to my twitter! I’ll RT it 😛

  11. Sweet, thanks Phly!

  12. so want the cruiser please ply

  13. shitti twitter

  14. hey phly…keep the vids comin man!!!

  15. but I don’t use twitter…

  16. 483rd heii yea!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That is awesome ! I do have Twitter too! Humble man!?

  18. i like more the boston mk1

  19. I want to see something of the cats again :<

  20. can you in the next video drive th a13 and fly the boston mk1

  21. AP bounce off of a wooden plane :D?

  22. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I’ve had it with these motherfuckin giveaways in this
    motherfuckin channel. Give me that damn Cruiser!!!!

  23. Wow, it’s Britain! Smashingggggggg

  24. JohnnyBlackMeatToboggan

    these brit tanks man… i was in a tier 4 game, and the enemy had a BP, it
    shit on every one, then a KV-1 rolled up and one shot it XD

  25. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    @phlydaily , @BaronVonGamez funniest war thunder content. @SquireFlyer most
    british accent in war thunder and @MagzTV is the most informative channel
    about war thunder! My favourite youtubers keep up the good work! :)

  26. justin kolenbrander

    i don’t have twitter :(

  27. I love the swordfish and wirraway xD

  28. ew twitter…

  29. lokks noice


  31. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    No fair! I don’t have Twitter©! I’m not legally old enough to use it!
    Typical democrat rebel colonists… ??

  32. hey +PhlyDaily can I participate being a ps4 player?

  33. Imagine a London map. Oh. My. God. I know it’s not historically accurate,
    but when has Gaijin cares about historical accuracy in ground battles?


  35. Firefly and Wellington or spitfire, I don’t play war thunder so I don’t
    know what planes are what tier so you can decide. Epic clutch Phly! I love
    your videos!!

  36. Try #2 the tiger e with the 131 skin if they have it and any aircraft u

  37. There should be a ultra realistic mode, where (depending on the tank) 2 to
    6 guys play 1 tank, one as the commander, one as the gunner… It would be

  38. everyone prepare for 200000 peeps on the channel

  39. How do you get so many points?
    I’ve played realistic battles but I don’t get nearly as many points.

  40. First like!!!

  41. wow you destroyed in this tank, fire rate op.
    would love to play the A13 looks so fun!

  42. @PhlyDaily can I enter if I play in EU I’m not sure what the server break
    down is for war thunder! just don’t want to enter and steal someone’s NA
    only code! thanks for your time. love ya

  43. Mig 15 (not bis) please

  44. Twitter wont let me follow, what now?

  45. Epic match! :)

  46. this wont work for ps4 players

  47. Tango left cash right LOL

  48. hiiii phly

  49. after spending months of deactivating my twitter i dont want to reactivate
    it not for a giveaway not for anything
    i spent 4 months maybe even 5 months to stop the spam mail which i couldnt
    stop in any way

  50. man i hope i win i recently started to play low tier games again and they
    are a lot more fun then high tier games

  51. I can't believe it's not butter!

    Phly: “The Wirraway is soon underused guys and i love it and ill use it
    today k brah? k lol”
    Phly: *doesnt use it*

    lul wut

  52. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

    LOL That’s actually THE worst tier 1 tank lmfao
    It will be one shoted by everyone who’s not a potato player.
    German tanks with 75mm gun are THE best tier 1
    Especially Pz IV with 75mm at 1.3
    It will one shot everything it faces

    I won’t even try win this
    GL to those who will :)

  53. Hey phly! Please take out the Me 262 jet figther in your next letsplay!

  54. i can’t find the BF109 3-7 anywhere on my tech tree… where is it?

  55. It would be very awesome to actually win something Phly, love your content

  56. Where did you get that gladiator mk2F?!

  57. The Sherman Firefly and the Firefly mk V

  58. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    Phly, at 4:45 there is no such thing as a “good shot” on a BT-7… I say
    this because if you are on their side and shoot right below the turret ring
    you will get a kill 99.99% of the time.

  59. Niels van de Wetering

    i love the wirraway

  60. Dude You Are So Op

  61. phly will this work for console?

  62. phly why do the give-aways always have to be through Twitter, not everyone
    has twitter :c

  63. Firefly and hurricane with 4O mm cannons

  64. Phly keep the vids coming! You the best youtuber ever! -from hitler

  65. Don’t do tw@tter. :o)

  66. Eeeeeez a wreckin’ machineee!

  67. “Nice” giveaway, Phly, especially for those who don’t use and don’t want to
    use Twitter…

  68. darn I cant enter the giveaway because my twitter is suspended for some
    reason (probably because I haven’t used it in 3 whole years)

  69. Wow, your MySpace account has improved significantly over the last months.

  70. Phly, your being attacked by Panzer Mk. lll’s and Panzer ll’s in the DAK
    corps. But your African-French lee is overwhelmed by them, but a RAAF pilot
    is inbound, finding DAK’s that he could see and drop his 100lbs with 500lbs
    bombs, but cant take it, and really needs these early panzers off your ass.
    And as you scream out Viva la France et d’Afrique.

  71. Firefly and firefly!! Do it! Just do it!! (Second attempt)

  72. Phly what if your on ps4 will you still get it?

  73. But I don’t have Twitter, phly…

  74. Im playing fallout! Leave me alone!

  75. I sometimes wonder if I should join the giveaway, its like literally 0.1%
    chance that ill even win a giveaway…. The last giveaway ive won is like 5
    years ago

  76. M24 Chaffee and the devastator

  77. hey phly loved the video and watched your stream the other day it was great
    congrats on the 200k and I followed your twitter too

  78. at some point in time you should try out the Russian heavy tank SMK and the
    Russian bomber pby 5a Catalina.

  79. but I don’t have twitter :'(

  80. NOOOO, I hate Twitter. Oh well. Guess I’m going to have to use it now if I
    want at least one british tank.

  81. TiberiousThe Labrador

    the tiger 1 is better than this scheise

  82. love the intro song, my favorite of phly’s videos

  83. My name on war thunder is Mastercheifsfan and I wanted to play a game of
    war thunder with you

  84. I was so happy when you said you were going to use the wirraway. But you
    never played it ?

  85. I’m nine I can’t use it I have Gmail and email

  86. I’m nine I can’t use it I have Gmail and email

  87. I don’t even have twitter!!!!!!!!!!! $$$*#&#€#&£#7^”^”£÷*¥÷¥74&#€37&#&”

  88. LeafsNation was going off in the chat.

  89. p 38 lightning

  90. Twattar is stupid bruh

  91. Serguei Tcherkassov

    this tank is pay to win, nobody can penetrate it at this tier. 1 hit kill..
    f**k off!

  92. next tank the Jadgtiger ! with the 128mm op

  93. Nice game, Phly

  94. __ FallenNation8 __ FallenNation8

    British Hype!

  95. IS-3 and TB-3

  96. That tank is OP. I think I’m gonna buy it!

  97. I thought I already followed you to be honest… Now I am in twitter as

  98. B-29 and t92

  99. David “madindie” Dew

    Wirraway the little Aussie battler

  100. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    “This gun doesnt really one shot things”
    *proceeds to get a bunch of one shot kills*
    “I love this gun, its like a one shot kill”.

    Im glad you’re entertaining, Phly. It prevents me from plotting to
    annihilate you.

  101. Lame Twitter tie in Phly, come on man! Been following you for a couple
    years now on Youtube, but I refuse to get Twitter. Facebook is bad enough.

  102. Twitter really, I follow you on youtube not twitter. How about I just
    unsubscribe then since its twitter you want us to follow you on.

  103. So if everything is apparently op… What happens when op vs op?

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