BRITISH TANKS! ACHILLES TANK RB – War Thunder 1.53 British Tanks

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  1. So What British COMBO NEXT?!

  2. hi phly!!

  3. Nice intro

  4. Alexander Tymchyshyn

    Black Prince and Tempest with 2 47mm Pew Pew Pew ………….

  5. Lancaster and Blackprince maybe ?

  6. Black Prince. The royal killer and baby eater!

  7. Lol love the intro XD

  8. dammit i’m too early here

  9. Firefly and mosquito (normal)

  10. Firefly and the Firefly FR V 😀 you’re great phly

  11. A43 Black Prince and Tempest Vickers

  12. Take out the black prins and the vickers d Tempest. GL

  13. Henrik Bloch Helmers

    Im early ok

  14. The firefly and one of the many Lancasters

  15. Has anyone noticed the Q 17 pounder HYPE ?

  16. isnt he supposed to be doing a stream tonight?

  17. mythical hero achilles ( ach-ey-les)

  18. Firefly and 40mm pompoms plz!!!!

  19. The black prince and spitfire mark 16 with the 20 mm and .50 calls. Got to
    love them

  20. Phly you drove past a tank at 6:22 that was right beside the stug you blew
    up. You can see it flash for a second. XD

  21. Firefly and Wellington Mk X!

  22. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    i want to see some french tanks not british crap.

  23. Andreas Theilgaard

    A tank you most see lock like a M1 Abraham i don’t now abaut war thunter’s

  24. a13 and 57mm mosqito

  25. You realize that the m-10 has paper for armor

  26. Black Prince and Spitfire MK4

  27. The british gave the official name achilles in the end 1944 and it was for
    the standard M10 and 17pdr version

  28. God damn what’s up with americans trying and failing hard at doing a brit
    accent (looking at you Baron and Phly :P)

  29. Do the slow but powerful Black prince and give the Germans some nice
    Lancaster Cookies ;)

  30. Spawn killing irritates me as well but we’d do the same in real combat by
    interdicting reinforcements. In reality they’re just preventing us from
    reinforcing our front lines. It’s certainly not fun to be spawn killed but
    if we don’t keep anybody in the rear to protect our lines of reinforcement,
    it’s our bad not theirs.

  31. Sherman Phirephly and Fairey Phirephly! British air support!!!

  32. Spawn campers -_o how pathetic as a player if someone does that, its not
    honoraburu , sportsmanly or even legit. Gaijin needs to add impervious
    bunkers with arty that 1 shots anything in the spawn line of sight or at
    least make the spawn area a bubble of invincibility the bounces the shell
    right back at them to take out their gun barrel if they cant manage the 3D
    art assets to take this into consideration when designing. Frustrating!

  33. Sherman Firefly & Fairey Firefly for next video!

  34. its Monday for me…

  35. hello i am a new subscriber of your’s and im really enjoying the videos so
    far! keep up the good work :D

  36. black prince and 16 rocket firefly

  37. black prince and 16 rocket firefly

  38. The Royal Armoured Corps (not British tank force)

  39. black prince and 16 rocket firefly for king and country

  40. black prince and 16 rocket firefly for king and country

  41. the should make it so u spawn in a unbroken buliding

  42. so u can’t get spawn killed

  43. You should go full firefly combo all the way :3

  44. the firefly tank and the tempast with 40mm

  45. a13 light tank and hurricane mkIV

  46. MyNamesAreCreative

    I think the problem with the British 17pdr in low tiers is that it’s very
    similar to the 90mms on American tanks, meaning it tends to over penetrate
    alot so you really have to know where the killshots are for each tank once
    you’ve got that figured out its plain sailing.

  47. A43 Black Prince – Spitfire MK 22. Aka the two best looking british war
    machines ever made

  48. Has anyone said you sound like Trey Parker?

  49. That frist game you were in lower tires and WTF Achiles with a better
    gun then American 90mm gun and still cant penetrate any Panther from the
    front are you kiding me

  50. flanking was fun but it funnier to flanking with a 17 pdr

  51. The dubbel firefly.

    -Sherman firefly
    -Firefly mk1 or the one with the Hispano mkV’s

    Btw keep up the good work, I really like your content m8! :)

  52. You get SO SALTY ever time you die.

  53. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    British Normandy combo

    Sherman firefly

    Destroy the Germans!!!

  54. C’mon Phly AD-2 and M60 DO IT FOR MURICA!!!! o7

  55. do you always get 3 respawns in rb with the british tanks?

  56. Firefly and the Wellington. I loved that traffic control in the beginning!

  57. The d-day combo the sherman firefly and a typhoon mk II i think.

  58. CaptainCaptainZach

    Why doesn’t this tank along with many others in WT do not have a cover on
    them? Isn’t it bad because of grenades and snipers, I’m very curious!
    Thanks to who answers.

  59. Black Prince and Lancaster

  60. best british tank to buy?

  61. I know how to fix spawncamping: draw a circle with a 50-100 Meter radius
    around the spawn, every enemy inside will be permanently highlighted. Also
    ~20 seconds spawn protection if you don’t move or shoot (somewhat like now)

  62. Are those the only british tanks?

  63. Firephly And you choose of plane must be tier 2 :3

  64. Henrik Bloch Helmers

    Firefly and firefly!!!!

  65. Spall from solid shot sems to do a lot more damage to crew now. Nice to see
    and just in time for the British. Also I’m glad they got rid of MG’s able
    to cut down trees, it was one of the most stupid, annoying mechanics in the
    game. Now if only they could return the maps to their proper size and put
    the sight in the historical place.

  66. The German Tank Hunter Combo, JagdPanther and Narwhal.

  67. The fire fly and I think there is the fairley firefly aircraft in game that
    if it is if not ze typhoon

  68. Next play the churchill bp with the muscito dosent mater witch

  69. PT-76 and TU-2

    It floats I swear ;)

  70. i was hyped for the achilles and the firefly… and they are premiums, so

  71. Quick note, 500lbs is a quarter of a ton and 500kg is approx. half,
    learning IS fun! Love the icecream cone analogy btw :D

  72. Cant wait for the e100 hype. It would most likely be a impossible special

  73. came here for British tank, got spawning killing instead

  74. On the issue of spawn camping, you could make the tanks indestructible in
    until they leave the spawn circle, but allow them to destroy enemy tanks
    while in the spawn circle, but the indestructibility only lasts for two
    minutes or so, giving the tanker enough time to deal with any threats to
    himself while discouraging the player from sitting in the spawn circle the
    entire match, waiting for the enemies to come to him so he could kill them
    with impunity.

  75. Meatballs for life

    Right then chaps, let’s give old fritz what for with our brand new Sherman
    firefly and typhoon mk1b with the 1000lbs bombs, Hitler will think twice
    before messing with us again

  76. Spawn campers are the worst players in the game. It’s the only way they can
    get kills. You have to feel some pity for them.

  77. Do firefly and mosquito

  78. Beautiful speech on team camping lol

  79. A43 Black Prince and Tempest Vickers, prototype combo!

  80. White house gaming

    Firefly and firefly!!! Do it!! Inception!!

  81. it’s the Royal Armoured Corps

  82. Only mentioning, you have a longer spawn protection if you hold still und
    only turn your turret. With an achilles turret speed and with this dirty
    camp it doesn´t matter, but still.

  83. T-34 57 and Pe-8 with 5000kg bomb

  84. 13:20 “500 pnd bomb thats like 1 Ton”.
    gg america please…. please get used to metric system

  85. They could easisly fix spawnkilling by doing 2 things: A: Not having the
    spawn areas 1-2km from the main engagement area so that pushing out of the
    main battle zone doesn’t put you within firing range of the enemy spawn in
    less than 30 seconds, and B: Making 500-1000m between your spawn and the
    battle area out of bounds for the enemy team, with something like a red
    line signifying the border of the OOB zone.

    Even better would be adding large, un-killable anti-tank emplacements that
    kill within 3 hits just in front of the spawn line to prevent people from
    getting within easy firing range of the spawn zones, and fire warning shots
    when you get too close, and if you fire a long range shell past the
    emplacements while out of their auto-engage range they open fire instead of
    just firing warning shots.

    All in all though, my biggest problem with WT:GF at the moment is that
    Kursk is the only map that doesn’t feel extremely tiny and cramped in RB,
    while encouraging players to border hump so they can get those super duper
    flanking shots from out of absolutely nowhere.

  86. oh i lol’d so hard at the medical attention part.

  87. is it real that HE round from tank can do shit to other tank, but small
    bomb from a plane can blow it up?

  88. James-Henry Watson

    way to fix spawn killing is to have it like battlefield where it prompts
    you to “return to the battlefield” if you get too close to the enemy spawn

  89. Hey Phly , why are you against spawn attacks eh? I remember that you do
    that often. Actually very recently with the Mark IV 😉 . Have a nice day

  90. mosquito with 57mm and black prince

  91. Spawn campers are truly the worst. Of course its the soviets that are the
    most guilty of this.

  92. I play on the ps4 and I have been wanting British tanks for along time but
    on the playstation store we can’t even buy them why you do this war thunder

  93. I was legit crying as he made that analogy to ice cream

  94. I’ve been spawn killed all day playing USA by freaking Soviets. I feel the
    pain Phly!

  95. “500lb bomb, thats a tonne”

    i mean maybe you meant “ton” but for about 20 seconds i was wtfing at that

  96. So far my experience with Stalingrad hasn’t been the most positive, spawn
    and start moving towards the cap, enemy all rushes up the edge of the map
    to our spawn, so as soon as any of us die and respawn, it’s a shit storm of
    fire and it ruins the game. So yes something like an elevated area would be
    nice just to get bearings

  97. Need much more of that opening narrator voice!

  98. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    great stuff!

  99. The Second shot on your third kill didnt kill him because all the crew in
    the turret were already dead. You should have aimed for the front.

  100. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Thise british flags in the back round!

  101. firefly and and a spitfire with similar br

  102. Stop whining,you sound like a little bitch. learn some tactics dummy and
    you won’t get hit so often. You can’t sit out in the open in a vehicle that
    can be penned by just about anything. I don’t hear the Baron bitching……

  103. black prince and Hunter

  104. [Mega Dj's Brasil]


  105. Phly I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it
    but I know when too much is too much

  106. Firefly in RB

  107. I think a cool idea to stop spawn killing would be to have a little forward
    operating base with walls, guard towers, and possibly some tank destroyers
    stationed outside that shoot at you if you get close, then it would still
    look cool but also stop spawn killing.

  108. firefly and firefly

  109. Black prince and Lancaster plox

  110. The AP round loadout for the Achilles and Firefly has the most useless ammo
    in war thunder. The AP just doesn’t kill, a fatal flaw.

  111. As to the spawn camping most if not all of you are guilty *myself included*
    at one point or another of doing it. Take White rock fortress for example
    you all have seen it or experienced it you see an enemy spawn in line up
    the shot and fire… but what this nothing happens thats because the get a
    3-6 sec barrier until they leave spawn or fire their weapon. So stop the
    whining about spawn in protection/camping.

  112. This game is so broken which is sad because i used to love it and I want to
    play the British tanks when they come out but i know I won’t stay :(

  113. there are ways to prevent spawnkilling like “safezones” where you cant get
    hurt and instant death zones where the enemy tank enters the area and then
    instantly dies, but they all come with bad effects.

  114. mmm ice cream

  115. They should make the spawn area a circle like they do for the cap points
    and make it so you cannot die while inside your own spawn for a full
    minute. You lose invincibility either when you leave the circle or after a
    minute of sitting in spawn so the invincibility mechanic is not abused

  116. Hey Phly how did you get the bomb target?

  117. How do you stop spawn killing? Turn the tables. Use a extremely OP tank and
    wait at the spawn. See a hostile, kill them. It pisses them off and they
    will stop.

  118. Black prince and tempest mk v vickers p 47mm

  119. I think i’m just going to get a $50 pre paid mastercard and buy the
    Achillies and the Cruiser. I wan’t the Sherman Firely but she’s expensive,
    i want to get the royal gaurd pack but i don’t know if that pack’s here to
    stay or like the German Sherman and is going to go away next update.

  120. after I got the update my game lagged the fuck out

  121. I haven’t downloaded53 yet. It looks like I’m not missing much

  122. Phly has gone nuts.

  123. black prince

  124. this is my opinion on spawn camping: if your team has allowed them to get
    all the way into your spawn point then you cannot blame the spawn campers
    you can only blame yourself and the others in your team for letting them
    get there. (sure it sucks but i believe it should stay in the game.)(being
    killed by planes while in spawn is a completely different question)

  125. Dynamic spawn points should be in the game already.

  126. Anybody shooting within 350 yards of a spawn should blow up when they pull
    the trigger. Victim lives.

  127. When is gaijin gonna add the p-61 black widow to the game? Or maybe the
    Northrop flying wing bombers

  128. Same M10 Achilles and 40mm Hurricane!

    Also, what happened to the 60fps? :(

  129. Sherman Firefly and the Hurricane IV

  130. Russian spawn campers are the end of all German realistic games

  131. the cruiser a13 and boston mk1 please

  132. It’s a tank destroyer, you have paper-thin armor. Your best defence is

  133. 1000% firefly plzzzzzzz Phly plzzzzzzz

  134. There’s no crying when someone shits in your ice cream cone!

  135. “Who needs flaps comrade”<-- Phly 2015

  136. are all the British tanks premium?

  137. Spawn killing: some people just don’t want you to have ice-cream…

    Try flying out the Beaufort next time Phly – much easier to deal with pesky
    109s on your six when you got a couple of 50 cals on the back. Best little
    bomber in the game in my opinion – approaching 1000 air kills with that
    thing. Perfect, if you like ice-cream.

  138. How do you guys follow the bombs down to the target, I’ve seen it before.
    Any idea?Anyhow, dang I’m glad I didn’t buy that tank. The turret is so bad
    for how I like to play. Love me some Bulldog. Love the sound of that
    Achilles though but sniping now is harder than ever so…. no thanks. LOL

  139. black prince and swordfish.

  140. Dalaxsis Ager (Dala)

    0:11 lmfao “oh great stuff “


  142. Phly the Firefly and Firefly!

  143. Spawn camping fucking retard assholes go to hell..

  144. Going to go spam jumperado now for being a spawn camping fuckface…

  145. i wish war thunder wel do somthing about spawn camping a circle in
    were if a enemy can enter or somthing like that.

  146. I agree with u for the spawn camping, I make sure that if I push up that
    far on the enemy I never spawn camp instead I’ll sit a bit further out and
    at least give them a chance

  147. kristoffer skjordal

    How to fix spawn camping: ONE SPAWN! 1 SPAWN!

  148. black prince the Prince of the night ?

  149. 30 seconds of spawn protection would be a good fix for spawnkillers

  150. BLACK PRINCE!!!!!!!

  151. Maybe a way to get spawn camping fixed is to make your new spawned tank
    either invisible or invincible for the first 5 seconds, and who ever shoots
    you would expose their position on the map immediately.

  152. hey how about the the Sherman firefly?

  153. the turret’s slow as fuck so as to balance the tank. It’s a 3.7 with the
    same gun as the Black Prince

  154. jason mccallum (extremgunna)

    lest we forget.

  155. jason mccallum (extremgunna)

    it is the royal armoured corps (rac)

  156. Play the firefly and the Wellington mk X

  157. Good luck with ur 3 golden eagles m8

  158. they shouls make the enemy spawn place unaccesible for 3/4th of the game so
    only at the end of the game you can reach their spawn but not early and mid

  159. Can u say salty?

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