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Devblog –

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  1. first!

  2. That hype thou

  3. stop THE 1 thing

  4. the Brits are here! Looks like I’ll be firing up WT again

  5. Yess please

  6. ive been waiting for british tanks for ages and when they come out my
    computer is brocken ????

  7. that intro! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

  8. really dat 17pdr is fucking awsome especially the noise of the gun well
    hello fapping material

  9. 17 pounder is sooo jizzfull, gotta love dat sound

  10. Who else thats british couldn’t help but sing to our anthem at the start of
    the vid

  11. Here we come German’s and you better run ?

  12. phly the cruiser had a 2 pounder I believe

  13. they’re coming :-D

  14. Rank 3 for facing tigers and panthers is 5.7 phly :D

  15. Noice prototype black prince mo

  16. Get your cheeky banter ready lads

  17. I give the sherman firefly a 5.3 BR

  18. I don’t like to reinforce British stereotypes but I’m watching this
    drinking tea and eating scones and wondering if they will have the Boiling
    Vessel installed.. Rule Britannia!

  19. coolman's Kappa army

    so we have cromwells churchills sherman firelfys

  20. the archer td

  21. So are you also going to talk about the MM problems or nah?

  22. chieftain? mathilda? crusader? we can just hope ^^

  23. Wtf is this? 17pdr? What kind of measurement is this?
    The Americans are already stupid measuring their guns in inches, but what
    the hell does Pound say about a round?

  24. The cruiser is a 2 pounder/40mm cannon.


  26. i like it how phly cares about the british tanks but not about the PT-76

  27. I am an Aussie and we will fight for the Queen whenever she asks, RULE

  28. Yes I can’t wait. There going to be so many British tanks everywhere.

  29. BritishBeef TheBobbilys

    God save the queen

  30. wile i like hearing about new content… im always a little disappointed
    when i come to see phy’s vids and its a hype video 🙁
    o well. all good m8 keep up the good work

  31. we need the fv215b 183 aswell

  32. too bad gaijin fucked up the br’s of everything. enjoy getting clubbed in

  33. The British are coming

  34. Even this won’t bring me back, not until BR goes and 20 tiers come back…
    which is probably never. Such a shame :/

  35. DarkFrostbyte gameing

    helll yeaaaaa I can’t wait to get home and update

  36. I thought it had been released…. Thanks Phly, just got my hopes up. .’



  39. 6:00 – “TRZYNIEC” Where this mark comes from ?

  40. the tanks look very flat so easyer pen

  41. firefly is mine!

  42. I guess you could say the slow turret drive is the Achilles heel of the


  44. I swear if the crusader ain’t there I ain’t firing up wt again

  45. Charles “The Hammer” Martel

    I am so hyped for that achilles.

  46. nothing will beat tier 5 brits, and they will be nerfed like every british
    aircraft to make it even close to fair with the rest of the tier 5s. GOD
    SAVE THE QUEEN! Conquer and Chieftain ftw!

  47. the 17 P’ was just a tad bit inferior to the german 88 Phly… Calm down
    non need to nerf, good gun but overhyped because… well, let’s say it
    frankly… “British”.

    counquering indonesia and half of china is noting??? Yeaeaah Jesus Christ i
    hope you did not mean that…

  49. Gib gib gib gib gib

  50. I saw it on Facebook

  51. m10 with a big guuuuuun

  52. The spitfire Vc its a 5.3 in tier 3… so probably the firefly is gona be a
    5.3-6.3 I dont think that war thunder is gona allow brits to kick russian
    tanks asses, you know, they have to keep they little Ruski kids happy and
    OP :P

  53. Phly the A13 Mk2 cruiser has a 2Pdr gun (40mm) its reload is fast because
    the shells are nice and small

    The Comet (the Cromwell has the same chases but Hex turret with a 6 Pdr gun
    and was before this) has a 17Pdr 77mm gun

    The Sherman Firefly has a 17 Pdr 76.2mm gun

    The Black prince has also a 76.2mm 17Pdr gun (the great thing about the
    black prince is its great Armour and its size)

    for anyone wondering why the guns have different diameter sizes for the
    same caliber its simply the weight of the shell the gun uses is measured on
    british guns not the guns actual diameter

    The 17pdr was an excellent weapon in WW2 and feared by the Germans because
    it kept to a low diameter but had a long and heavy round which allowed it
    to punch a small yet deep hole into even tiger 2’s And had a penetration of
    around 200mm up close but it drops off obviously from there and the
    penetration varies on the diameter sizes of the guns (the sherman firefly
    has better penetration than the comet for example)

  54. British tank hype!

  55. And as german tank in SB youre fucked 3 vs. 1

    Thats not fair gaijin

  56. “with a fucking ohhhrr”

  57. No Mitilda wtf

  58. If you ask me British didn’t have good tanks ( by that i mean tanks
    produced directly by British and not just modified ) their medium tanks had
    bad armour, but ok that is an exchange for speed, guns were decent and when
    we talk about heavies they have beautiful armour and good guns but they are
    pretty much standing target

  59. sergenticus_wafflicus

    I really want to see the Centurion Mk IX with the 105mm Royal Ordinance
    gun, that thing will be epic

  60. The 17 pounder in my opinion is the best allied AT gun of the war, I may be
    biased though

  61. this is and emotional time for us brits??

  62. The turret on the M10 only techincally rotates, I bet WWII would be over by
    the time you do a 360, let alone with a 3 ton 17 pdr in it.

  63. the only ones that I will even look into buying are the Black Prince and
    the Firefly. Not sure about the Achilles.

  64. Really hoping the Russian writing can be removed, that or a British camo

  65. So are the tanks here now?

  66. How about you stop putting misleading titles on your videos ? They are NOT
    here yet.

  67. Lone Wolf (Sgt Blackburn)

    i want to see the M51 Super sherman

  68. wait i thought the cut-off date was 1960 .-. did i miss something?

  69. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the 17 pdr was horrifically
    inaccurate at longer ranges. This is because the round was overcharged.
    I.E. The round had too much propellant which destabilised it in flight. So
    sure it was powerful but don’t expect it to hit where you aim if they use
    correct accuracy tables.

  70. NAHHHH Firefly against Tiger 1’s?? Well I want my Tiger to stop going
    aginst IS-2 and Tiger 2’s in Arcade, AND if to be historical let it be
    against 1942 vehicles like it was IRL. No fun for the Germans going up
    against T44 IS2 and IS2 1944 with the currant BR of the Tiger 1 in RB.
    (Edit: Not hating on Firefly but wanting for fairer BR as it was a long
    time ago, fair, with the firefly being out gunned and out armored by
    everything so it’s BR shouldn’t face Tiger 1’s and Panthers)

  71. Firefly vs Tiger 1s …..R.I.P Tiger tankers

  72. phly the chiftain mk3 -mk5 u can compare it to the t64 , gaijin said that
    if they add any chietain it will be the mk3

  73. The 17 pdr sure is good but it is on par with panther 75mm but will be
    superior with its APDS so I guess the firefly will be on 5.3 or 5.0.I
    actually want to see if gaijin will add all the centurion (17 pdr 20 pdr
    and 105mm)

  74. nice lag man kesus

  75. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    o7 God Save the Queen and the Tea.

  76. premium. really? im going to wait instead

  77. russian planes ?

  78. Is “leopard” to much to say? So you just say it as “leo pard’?

  79. The Comet/The Centurion/The Tortoise are needed for this PLZ WT make it

  80. chieftain hype- really wanting that 105’mm gun “same one used on the
    challenger 1 and the early abrams

  81. Phly if the firefly was br3 it wouldn’t face tiger. When they say rank they
    mean Tier 3 (They don’t want to copy Wargaming so rank=tier)

  82. were are the T-60 bruh, the BTR-60 cunts , gajin comrades plz for Stalin

  83. War Thunder it’s an AMAZING game.. sadly the guys working at the BR /
    balance state of the game are terrible at their job. Every (almost) new
    patch is a proof to that statement. it’s pretty sad.

  84. “conqueror supported a one 20mm gun that is going to be devastating!”

  85. so its on the dev server

  86. “It looks almost as long as the German 88”

    The 17 pounder is L/55 or L/58 depending on where you count from, so the 88
    L/56 is still roughly half a meter longer

    As for it’s pen, WWII B&G rates the 17 pounder at(distances 100m, 500m,
    AP: 200/175/147
    AP against Face Hardened Armor: 164/144/121
    APCBC: 174/163/150
    APCBC vs FH: 187/175/161
    APDS: 275/256/233

  87. AYYY BRITISH TANKS!!!!!111!!

    What? BRMageddon? Broken MM? Absurd battles?
    Never heard of it.

  88. One thing to remember about tanks coming from the 70’s is that not every
    tank was designed as a main battle tank. For example the PT-76 that they’re
    adding is from 1951 but is vastly inferior when it comes to direct tank vs
    tank combat than many earlier tank designs because it simply wasn’t
    designed for it.

  89. HYPE!44!

    17 pounder = 75mm L/70

  90. there’s new BR changes coming… why not make a video on how shitty it’s
    going to be

  91. phly your cruel

  92. I want my comet

  93. better video than the Baron von games , :)

  94. Clickbait at its finest!

  95. “As long as the German 88”
    Wat? KwK 36? Pak43?!

    Its barely longer than the late war Pz. IV’s :|

  96. There is gonna be so much bitching from the high tier russian and german
    players that the 17 pounder will be beat to death from the nerf bat in my

  97. british tanks are here… well, the american tanks that the british used
    are here.

  98. will they have jap tanks? i hope so

  99. I passionately sung the British national anthem in the intro

  100. Phly. Allow me to briefly explain the British tank classification of

    It basically means, it’s slow as shit, has a lot of armour, and an
    effective gun.
    These infantry tanks are designed in order to be slow, so that they advance
    at the same speed AS the Infantry in order to provide effective mobile
    cover, and supporting fire.

  101. Did…did you just say Japan didn’t do anything in the war….You know that
    quadruple picard facepalm? I’d do that right now if I could. Dear lord man
    think of doing some research before opening your dudebro mouth. I love your
    vids, I really do, but at times jesus you’re thick!

  102. 🙁 not put into game yet i just checked for update

  103. WTF? No Matilda?


  105. Proud to be British

  106. Bit of a misleading title there Phly…

  107. tortoise…

  108. oh my…those guns sound so nice! both the main and coaxial guns just sound

  109. They releasing new vehicles to compensate the bad mistake they did with the
    new BRs

  110. It isn´t that OP, its a bit better than panthers 75mm

  111. i really want the FV215b (183)

  112. I have four words: fap fap fap fap


  114. IS 2 vs Cromwell… that is not gonna go well


  116. i highly doubt the chieftain is going to be the top tier tank the conquer
    maybe for the top tier of the Churchill line . what you are most likely to
    see one of the 17 variants of centurion becoming the top tier British
    medium or MBT as the later variants remained in service until the 1970s


  118. Germans we got this

  119. PHLY Y U DO DIS i thought they were out

  120. get your tea ready guys, this going to be awesome…

  121. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    FV 215B 183. The Russians can suck it with a big fat HESH round…top tier
    TD. Right in front of the Tortoise?
    Also the Centurion with the 105 might be top tier medium.
    Chieftain top tier Heavy.

  122. Way to steal Barons video Phly. Friendship over!

  123. Phly will the crusader be added??

  124. Gr8 b8 m8 r8 8/8 o7

  125. Cant wait for them 8.0 babys, but I hope the T-62 or the T-55 gets in to
    counter thoes british beasts

  126. The Tea Time has come

  127. Nice intro

  128. All these tanks should have a kettle that’s got HUGE amounts of armour, but
    if destroyed… Ammo rack.

  129. Ahh. The firefly and all her beautiful glory.

  130. God save the queen

  131. these videos are always misleading and pointless, no offense, but you know

  132. damnit phly they werent released

  133. I cant wait for chieftain tank

  134. I’m definitely buying me a A43 BP if the price isn’t too high…

  135. I enjoyed this during drinking a cup of tea. Cheers old boy.

  136. And of course 2 of the most iconic british tanks used WILL BE FUCKING
    PREMIUMS!!! OK black price and cruiser, ok… But I am really getting
    FUCKING tired of gaijin using LEGENDS like firefly or achilles as
    premiums… Cashgrabbing dicks…

  137. I hope they add the churchill avre and the tog.

  138. Finally! For fucks sake!



  141. what about the centurion Mk 5 with the 105 mm gun. oh i hope they ad the
    scorpion light tank cos that was a 1970s light tank

  142. 17pdr is nice,but its still a M4 Sherman hull witch weakspots..and well
    with the 17pdr,it may be around the 5.0’s so…Its more of a TD..i prefer
    my Jumbo then…

  143. You had me thinking its actually out….thx for having my hopes up LMAO XD

  144. just a quick one phly what was that song at the start because that was not
    god save the queen…same tune…what the fuck were the lyrics?

  145. St.Gloriana’s

  146. Vickers MBT was more of a cheaper alternative to the late Centurions rather
    than the Chieftain. It had lower armor in some places and in turn was more
    agile. A modified version of this tank was once Indian Army’s MBT.

  147. also TOG II prem

  148. Disliked.
    Learn to title your videos correctly m8.

  149. I think all knows this: the 17-pdr have MORE PEN than the 90 mm

  150. Hope matilda 2 gets added to war thunder

  151. I love Phily ?

  152. I cried tea to this :’)

  153. as long as its not more over powered than the is2 I’m happy

  154. You cheeky cunt, I’m going to rip your 1 nut off, starve your cats, and
    then feed it to them.

    Change the name of the video you prick, they’re not even on the dev server

  155. When do they come out and will ps4 be able to have them

  156. Still weaker than the russian tanks

  157. did the patch cone yet or us this the dev server

  158. hey dont forget a cake (tortoise) 😀 and charioters

  159. whene will the patch be available to download ?

  160. And I can’t play till Monday, fucking grate

  161. as a german tanker, i am scurred… will be getting a crusader though.
    always loved that tank

  162. Us 76.2mm was a lot more arcurate

  163. 17 pdr has some good pen values(really similar to German 75) but 17 pdr
    shells don’t have HE fillers in them and we all know how those raw metal
    rounds work in WT :P

  164. Oh yes! More tanks to destroy as the Germans!


  166. Was anyone thinking the quote of Paul Revere? “The British are coming, the
    British are coming!”

  167. Chemistry´s the best!

    so what about the premium m26 with 4 times 11 HE-rockets that all be added?

  168. Phly, dont let History channel foul you. Why are you so emphasizing the
    power of British 17pdr? I mean its a nice gun but its not even near the
    German 88…

  169. i’ll never be excited about new vehicles in ground forces. The only
    exciting thing about this game would be balance implementation, you know
    something completely new which wasnt in this game ever before.

  170. Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  171. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    What the fuck, why do Cruisers guns sound the same as Russian 45mm’s? I
    understand that both the weapons are 45mm in calibre but seriously? Gaijin
    couldn’t come up with a new and perhaps interesting sound effect instead of
    the same old sound effect?

    it’s just monotonous. Stupid and monotonous.

  172. what year did the challenger mk1 come out I’m pretty sure it was in the
    70s so that could be another one that they add

  173. what about the cromwell and centurion 7/1

  174. Black Prince wooo!!!

  175. The Chieftan would make mincemeat out of a T72, then again, they weren’t
    designed to go 1 v1. Also, fyi its pronounced ‘leperd’, not ‘leo pard’ Just
    saying :D

  176. Hey everyone; hi Phly.
    Could you please talk about the BR change they made to tanks and planes?
    It’s pretty much tier IV vs tier V in tanks now. It’s sad.
    The 8.0 tanks needed an INCREASE in br because there were cold war tanks vs
    WWII tanks in most cases. Now they’ve lowered it. Wtf.
    Also, in another note, the F2H had it’s br lowered EVEN MORE.

  177. No, please don’t make anything more OP than my beloved M60. I must remain
    at the top of the food chain!

  178. GavinGaming Industries

    Finally I can use my Scottish tank

  179. 10 out of 10 misleading title

  180. Hey Phly! is that Final Frontier by Thomas Bergersen you got playing in the
    background ?

  181. I’m drooling over the M10 Achilles

  182. Christie Suspension was indeed on all Cruiser tanks (Mark I through IV,
    Crusader, Cromwell, Cavalier, Centaur and Comet)

  183. marco “t500” jonker

    They will add the AVRE :D

  184. I want a T29! 6 prototypes were made..or the T34 (120mm).

  185. Can’t wait to see what my 88mm is gonna do to those Royal pieces of armor.

  186. I guess “unique” means premium only?

  187. God damnit Phly I gave up on WT stop making me regret that decision!

  188. Sike, no more 8.0

  189. I think I broke muh computer

  190. hardcoreminecrafter9

    too bad Gaijin ruined tanks with the new MM system before they came out,
    what a shame, hopefully they will fix it

  191. Leonard Lance Patolot

    Oh man, the Crusader, the Black prince matilda and the gun carrier edition.
    Haaah…….. It was also a brief moment of happiness. Good Times in world
    of tanks Blitz

  192. TOG life! XD

  193. Stronk british tonks, nerf them plz gaijin

  194. I believe that most of the British Tanks are American/German tanks on
    Steroids. Point said

  195. Up the British tanks

  196. They should add the Centurion Mk5 or 7 with the 105mm L7A1 gun for early T5
    medium. The Chieftain Saber for an T5 SPAA.

  197. BT-42 with 114 mm cannon. I wonder which country that would go. so
    basically soviet tank with english cannon built/converted by finns.

  198. Don’t forget about the Centurion Mark 7/1 Phly!
    That thing is SEXY!!!

  199. Hype for 8.0 in 7.7…
    I would be ok if it would be 1 match on 20 but…5 matches in jagpanther or
    IS2 1944 and I got maus,T10M all the time.

  200. they better have a Centurion mk. 9 for tier 5, a Centurion AVRE would be a
    bit of fun to stick in at tier 4 as well, 165mm derp gun with HESH :P

  201. At Tier 1, I think it’d be fun for Gaijin to add a Mark IV tank (from WW1).
    It was used towards the start of the Second World War, but was quickly
    replaced. Only one of the sponson guns could fire forward, so if they did
    add it, it would change up Tier 1 battles.

  202. jack “derb009” derbisz

    Why are you saying Leo-pard XD it’s pronounced lepard

  203. GOD SAVE THA QEEN (TF2 sniper)

  204. One thing to say: Tortoise pls.

  205. the British have the 40mm auto loading Pon Pons on some of there lower tier
    tanks the British put them on any thing they could the loved them and i
    want to see the 3.7in howitzer in there tank line up

  206. Dani “XzMaestrulii” Villarreal

    now we need some frenchies


  208. Phly… You just jinxed Gaijin to add the T-72. May RNGsus have mercy on
    our rectums.

  209. i want japanese tanks damnit …. i want the STB-1 ><

  210. 40mm probably for the cruiser

  211. Phly as soon as the firefly comes out

  212. From what I’ve read the 2 pounders standard AP shells should have around
    90mm of penetration, which is pretty bloody good for a 40mm gun of that era
    And the 17 pounder’s standard AP should have around 210mm of penetration 😮
    I’m going to go and make myself a cup of tea…I’m too hyped for the tanks
    to come….

  213. Matilda would be awesome

  214. well i once took pride in using a decent tiered tank that can actually
    fight off russians BUUUUT seems as war thunder have other dumbass
    plans….so half of the games in my Tiger 2H are now against T10Ms IS4Ms
    T54 1951s M103s and so on so from the bottom of my heart GET YOUR FUCKING

  215. 8.0 doesn’t exist anymore. A micropatch removed the 8.0 BR for tanks and
    moved all the formerly 8.0 tanks down to 7.7. That’s right, folks, you will
    now be put up against the IS-3, the IS-4M, the T-10, the M103, the T-60,
    the Leopard and the Maus the moment you unlock your first 6.7 BR tank. Have
    fun getting seal clubbed all you grinders who haven’t yet gotten your tier
    5 tanks.

  216. make a video on the new battlerating. Make sure that you tell everyone that
    the banshee was dropped to 7.0 and the meteor was up tiered to 7.7 🙂 oh,
    and the a5 sabre, f25 sabre, and f30 sabre are all at 7.7 🙂 good job war
    thunder. I have officially quit

  217. I hope Brits fuckig destroy t-34

  218. Looks like the Jerry’s are fucked then, God bless the king and long live

  219. PT-76???? Pe-8???

  220. The sentinels ac1 through ac4 and the ram cruiser and grizzly 1 cruiser and
    tortoise a39

  221. Epic Interstellar soundtrack/trailer music Phly!!!

  222. Final frontier Interstellar trailer Bergersen!!!

  223. Wow the 17 pounder is not as good as you think man.

  224. War thunder forgot the TOG :(


  226. 達人チャンネル


  227. the click bait is real with this one.

  228. please tell me why the national anthem of murica is playing in the
    background of a British hype video

  229. If they add infantry they should add Chinese tanks with Chinese soldiers
    because Chinese vs Japanese tanks would be funny

  230. Fly, I usted to play war thunder but then it broke my home computer/ the
    computer was old and stopped functioning properly (we don’t know). But I
    love watching your videos and Barons also on this game and I really like
    the work you guys do so keep it up and have a good day man. And finally
    British tanks…

  231. Phly I’m warning you now, when the patch drops I’m going to be voting for
    the firefly like crazy!!! Btw I’m in the hospital right now, I had surgery
    on my stomach to fix my 3 fistulas and it went perfectly! I’m fixed and
    should get out in a few days! Love the videos, I watch every one. You also
    read the story of my life during one of your streams so I hope you remember
    me, also my dad came down from Ohio to spend time together before and after
    the surgery. So for now I’m one of the happiest people alive! Keep up the
    vids phly!

  232. lots of early use of the 17 pdr in tankmodels used a modified gun with
    shorter shells, due to them being long as you mentioned. Therefore a
    smaller proppelant charge, less muzzlevelovity, less penetration. Still
    better than both American and standard german 75 mills, but not better than
    the 75 mill in the Panther. So yeah. The early centurions, the black prince
    and some late-war TDs tho!

  233. Barack Obama (Obama Care)


  234. Lep-ard not Leo it is pronounced lep

  235. The British are coming! The British are coming!

  236. Hey phly you should play world of warplanes again plz it might be bad but
    still fun ;)

  237. That awkward moment when they play American war music for a British tank

  238. just hoping gaijin will add TOG I/II

  239. 30fps kills the man

  240. Centurion, Centurion, Centurion, and the Centurion.
    Did I mention the Centurion?

  241. like 1000 o:

  242. IT shoulda been
    Cruiser MK4
    Churchill MK 7
    Black prince!
    I kinda find this more suitable not so jumpy lol but none the less greatly
    excited for the brits!!!

  243. The British 17 PDR is only 4.2 meters. It’s effectiveness wasn’t in the
    barrel length, it was in the cartridge and ammunition design. Was on par
    (if not better) in damage capabilities and had slightly better penetrating
    capabilities compared to the Panther. Though, it had a much lower velocity
    so it wasn’t as effective at long-range encounters.
    The Pak 40 L/48 was 3.6 meters. (Used by the late Pz.IV, Pz.III, and TD’s
    The Kwk 36 L/56 was 5 meters. (Used by the Tiger I primarily)
    The Kwk 42 L/70 was 5.2 meters. (used by the Panthers primarily)
    The Kwk 43 L/71 was 6.24 meters long (Tiger II and Panther II)

  244. Good luck trying to play them with the new and shitty hell gaijin fucking
    put in the game.

  245. Robert EO Weedswagon

    God save the queen (=_=)7

  246. WE NEED TOG…honk honk imma TOG

  247. The Firefly comes in the colours of one of the exilant Polish Army units.
    Quite awesome, the polish units fought like freaking devils every time they
    got the chance. I hope they put in some extra decals of the Polish Army
    like they did with the planes.

  248. David “madindie” Dew

    Great spill mate nice to watch, the Charioteer FV4101 with the 20 pounder
    should get a guernsey. Some Middle East countries still used them into the
    early 80’s

  249. did we english actually have any tanks in this is gunna be a
    huge fail.

  250. ha pathetic we had to modify us tanks cuz we were so shite my god i hate my

  251. God save the king start running Germans were coming for you

  252. Banter: Ready!
    Kettle: Boiling!
    Tea bag: In cup!
    Milk: Ready!
    Sugar: Yes please!

    Let’s do this!

  253. Maybe one day WT will go all the way to Abrams, i mean they are on 70′ now.
    Oh and i would like if they give us WW1 tanks just for fan if nothing
    Renoult FT and Mk1. would be crazy to see in this game.

  254. Where the fuck did they say 1970 ?

  255. there are no more 8.0 tanks phly! gaijin changed the br system which is

  256. Please stop saying leopard wrong….

  257. Plyh is overating the 17pounder that thing one even have any shrapnel

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