British Tanks, MiG-17 War Thunder 1.55 NEW VEHICLES!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 5 NEW Vehicles: MiG 17, Churchill, British Tanks…
Tetrarch, Armored Cars, Crusader, Stirling Bomber, F3F, A7M2, Ki-44

War Thunder Update Info:
New Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, Ki-44-II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw. Churchill
: MiG-17, -122 Premium
Great Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Crusader Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2 Armored Car

Thanks watching!


  1. Are you excited for Patch 1.55? Pull the trigger on that like button! Also,
    let me know what you want to see covered the most!

  2. first

  3. I’d love to see you ripping it at the speed of sound in the mig 17 baron!

  4. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY DO 335?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Brits aren’t allowed the fastest jet, solution? MiG 17.

  6. Yeah, the MIG-17 is going to be immensely OP.

  7. Ethan “Emansford57” Swanson


  8. baron do Churchhill vs m6

  9. I was sitting here and wondering why its only 720p……..uploaded 2 mins
    before i clicked on it

  10. Do you think the MiG-17 will be OP? What planes do we need in game to
    counter it?

  11. Armored Cars!!! now thats getting good

  12. Baron when the update is on the game ?

  13. T-44-122… Oh boy…

  14. Easy: F100. Super Sabre

  15. F100 supersaber…

  16. why is the t44 122m premium :'(

  17. I think the F-18 or F-16 would be pretty decent for those Americans

  18. gaijin you stupid fucks quit adding jets we have enough and we’ve seen the
    past this is going to be the cl13 all over again. the only way I see the
    mig 17 maybe being balanced is if itnand the hawker Hunter were moved to
    battle rating 10.0

  19. Hey Baron

  20. will they ever go into Vietnam era air craft.

  21. PO-2 could one shot the MiG-17

  22. SdKFZ HYPE!!! :D

  23. USAF super saber

  24. what is your twitch

  25. Trevor “cobolhead” Barca

    F9f cougar

  26. A hunter that is as fast as the real life hunter

  27. 222 and 221 hype

  28. EmmanuelBeast Gaming

    fw100 super sabra and the f4 phantom would be an ideal opponent for the mig

  29. EmmanuelBeast Gaming

    *f100 i meant lol

  30. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    First the t34 100 and now the t44 122 gaijin keeps adding pay to win tanks
    and it’s getting on my nerves

  31. A guy who Likes tanks

    The presence of the MiG-17 in the dev server makes me think we might see
    the F-100 Supersaber, the A-4 Skyhawk, the F-105 Thunderchief, the Tu-16
    Badger, and the Tu-22 Blinder in War Thunder soon.

  32. F3H demon would be awesome :D

  33. juan david uran acevedo


  34. F-15 against the Mig seems fair I think xD

  35. dat churchil is SEXY

  36. F-100 Super saber

  37. The American need more heavy tanks ):

  38. How do you get access to patch 1.55 ?

  39. No one is gonna have the mig17 who tf is going to grind the mig 9s then 2
    identical mig 15s……….

  40. Most German Churchills were captured after they got beached during the
    Dieppe Raid. A few they put in service.

  41. no it will not be op no I’m kidding any plane can be op it just depends on
    the pilot

  42. Every retard that says that the f-100 needs to be added doesn’t realize
    that the mig 19 would be added along with it lol

  43. i would like to shoot down Mig 17 in a Saab 37 Viggen. Swedish power Ooh

  44. I want to see the German churchill

  45. Can’t wait to use the Matilda when they get around to making it.

  46. The Americans need the F-86D “Saber Dog”

  47. juan david uran acevedo


  48. apparently the pt-76 is floating now. maybe.

  49. fasted jet in game surprise surprise its Russian

  50. Kasper “kasper212kasper” Wenstad

    can someonw give me a random number between 1-20

  51. Are the British tanks going to be free to play ? And when are they going to
    be out ?

  52. the crusader pless….its looks dope

  53. “definitly hitting it there” yeah right, on a slope, in war thunder.

  54. Baron Remember the British flew at night. Very few daylight bomb flights.
    Also the plane maybe able to carry 14,000lbs you only have so much space in
    the bomb bay

  55. The stirling looks like a massive mosquito mixed with a wellington with
    four engines.

  56. Of course the Russians get the fastest plane

  57. Mig 17? put it against sidewinders!

  58. Since war thunder is getting into Korea and Vietnam time zones do you think
    they will ever introduce side winders and lock on rockets

  59. aw yea so much better than the phly dailys video

  60. Every one should check out the f84 Thunderstreak I bet It could take it on
    if the right pilot was flying it

  61. gray hound

  62. F100 Super sabre

  63. LOL too bad I do tanks

  64. Interesting Fact. The T17E2 and Armored Car AA Mk.2 are Both on the Basis
    of the Staghound Armored Car

  65. how come your videos are always so dark?

  66. F4 Phantom vs mig 17

  67. Oh wow. That means that eventually they will have to patch in the F96, the
    F97, the F100, and the F104. Which also means they will eventually patch in
    modern missiles.

  68. fly the Stirlings

  69. I’m so hyped for the Japanese planes. COOL FACT: planes that travel over
    885.6kmh are faster than the ammunition of the Japanese 40mm cannons.

  70. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Baron, back then, you were playing the ZSU-57
    Now as I see this video, you haven’t even researched it.

  71. And I’m just sitting here waiting for Dornier Do 335 …

  72. Hawker Hunter will eat Mig-17 for tea.

  73. there used to be only one plane i had bombs on all the time because it made
    it turn better… Mosquito was such a good plane now its all screwed up cus
    bomb dropping is broken as fuck on it

  74. the yellow square on the tank is a troop recognition marking.The troops are
    usually A,B,C,D….circle,diamond ,square and triangle.

  75. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Why are people so concerned about the MIG-17? It’s almost just like the
    Mig-15 Bis. Also, it is slower than the CL-13A

  76. How does the dev server work? Do you still have to research the vehicles
    and just get play them early or what?

  77. What I want is a German fw200 c3u2 which has a 20 front gun and 13 mm

  78. the black prince is a Churchill

  79. Let’s see some German Churchills!

  80. Imagine Daniels Clark

    The super saber

  81. can they please just finish the brit tech tree before adding british tanks
    to other nations, come on

  82. He baron, have you ever wondered why the Japanese tier 4 vehicles cost like
    a college tuition fee?

  83. A T-44 with a 122mm gun… Great, another OP premium Russian tank.

  84. Po-2>mig 17

  85. I shouldn’t be surprised that they are still creating premium tanks that
    the original is in the game, right?

  86. Can you play yak 1 with is2 mod 1944

  87. They should add the Avro arrow

  88. fa22 cant beat a mig17

  89. It would funny to have the b-52 because it was made in the mid 50’s. Just
    imagine the bomb load

  90. They should add either one the F-100 Super Sabre or the F-4 Phantom or
    other American jets.

  91. This game just gets worse and worse. Stopped playing with the last update.

    • Granted it seems to be a bit hit or miss on the updates but credit to the devs for the sheer detail in this, especially on PS4. What is it you don’t like?, I’m not much good at the game but its a great shooter when you’re bored of Battlefield and World of tanks, which doesn’t seem to have got anywhere near this at all.


  93. wot about Vulcan

  94. Britain gets the “fastest” plane in the game in 1.53, Russians get the new
    fastest plane in game in 1.55 seems legit.

  95. imagine the b-52 in wt JJSFHXGJ

  96. Wellington Mk X in tier 2, I get mm is based on br but damn

  97. Yes and I want the ki-44 pls

  98. So they already have a t34 with a 100mm gun now they add a t44 with a
    122??? Wtf

  99. Considering the Ho-301s were installed on the Ki-44 for the explicit
    purpose of killing bombers, YES, Baron, yes, it is a bomber hunter. The
    Ki-44-II Otsu won’t get any AP projectiles, because killing bombers was the
    name of the game at that time for Japan.

  100. Collab w/ Krebs again. Entak is a backstabbing bastard.

  101. I would like to see the “Kalinin K-7” Russian flying fortress.

  102. To Baron…
    Do you feel shafted by Gayjin because they removed press accounts in the

    I feel like the quality of content isn’t the same because we can’t get a
    full look at the new vehicles. Honestly, it seems like a big mistake on
    their part, especially losing you as a promoter of the game…

  103. I think america needs a super sabre now to kill the 17

  104. you sound exhausted! did you ran a marathon before filming the video?

  105. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Wtf, why is the dev server already up???

  106. Bell X2 Skybuster

  107. Looks like the armour on the Churchill has been nerfed as early models of
    the Churchill had 102mm armour

  108. f4 phantom…

  109. A short sterling crashed in my home town, had it’s wings and elevator
    stripped, put on a flatbed and then shipped to Utrecht where the germans
    reverse-engineered it. That new model of plane was becoming obsolete very

  110. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    dev server already?

  111. all bombers fro all country need to be drooped down

  112. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    I love how the churchill turret is so small compared to the chassis

  113. DO 335 or riot

  114. I think a greyhound would be a cool armor car

  115. I don’t think people understand how the early cold war worked… really
    people blame gaijin for adding Russian “OP” planes even though this
    technicly not there fault, not even balance is really at question really.
    NATO had a quick response policy, so whenever the USSR brang out a new
    plane/tank/vehicle etc… they instantaneously tried create a new, meaning
    the US and the USSR will get one better plane/ tank/vehicle etc… after
    the other probably with the USSR first and than the US

  116. Jets I want in War Thunder- F-94 Starfire. It is a beautiful aircraft, and
    is important as a first generation American jet fighter. To combat the
    MIG-17, I suggest the F-105 Thunderchief. THe THunderchief is a badass
    plane with a badass name, what more could you ask for?

  117. Wait, are there only gonna be tier 1 for British tanks for this update?

  118. screaming reptilian

    baron I believe it does not have 9000 bombs 11:05

  119. they should stop adding Russian tanks with large weapons

  120. Barron the Churchills track covers were just thin sheet metal to cover the
    tracks and protect the crew….

  121. Russias newest SPAA will be BUK missile system.

  122. Baron please take out the M4A3E8 (Fury) I love your channel, you always
    manage to give me a good laugh every video I’ve seen. KEEP UP THE GREAT

  123. was the dev server open for everybody or just some people?

  124. I believe that an F-4 Phantom with a gun pod and bombs(no sidewinders)
    would be a good American vs the Mig-17.

  125. As for another bomber, I would love to see a B-52.

  126. Tetrarch pls Baron :’)

  127. Belly gunner in the Sterling looks like he’s using the can!!

  128. The Americans could get the f11 tiger. Its only slightly faster, and has
    4×20 mm cannons. But I don’t think they’d add the sidewinder missiles yet,
    unless they give jets flares and stuff

  129. F-8 Crusader

  130. I remember that gaijin mentioned
    centurion,conquered,challenger,comet,Cromwell and other tanks?why am I only
    seeing tier 1s instead,are they gonna add the rest of the British tanks
    from tier 2 to 5 in the next update?

  131. Add the YF-93 or the CAC Sabre with 2 x 30mm Aden cannons for the U.S. Now
    I know what people are gonna say “Adens are for the British you fucking
    idiot!!!”, however, the CAC Sabre was made by North American and did serve
    in the U.S. Air Force for some time. Therefore, it could be added to both
    the British and U.S. tree, as the CAC sabre did also fight for Australia.
    The only reason I would not add the F-100 super sabre is because that plane
    can travel at mach 1.3, which is around 200 km/h faster than the current
    implementation of the Mig-17. Thus, this plane will only be added if the
    Mig-19 is added, which will probably happen in the future. But for now,
    either the CAC Sabre for both Britain and U.S., OR the YF-93 for U.S. and
    any better variant of of the hunter for Britain. (If you did the research
    British and U.S. players, you WANT the CAC Sabre in your tree ;D) Thanks
    for reading my comment!!!!

  132. I’d love to see more armored cars in Warthunder, something like the German
    Sd.Kfz 232 would be more exciting the me than the E100.

  133. Me 262 op, no need for new german jets.

  134. A German Churchill!!! I’m squealing in joy

  135. Crusader pls

  136. We need the f4 Danton xD

  137. Okay the T-44 122 is completely unessary

  138. The F-4 will be next

  139. Mig-17s, Bring out the F-100 Super Sabre.

  140. F-100 Supre Sabre

  141. Fighter pilot’s make movies, but bomber pilot’s make history!

  142. British tanks are generally slow, lumbering beasts, with thick, flat armor
    and small, fast firing guns.

  143. …. Russia gets t44 with 122mm and mig 17 soo 6.0 br matches will be
    spammed op Russia tanks t34 100 and t44 122 and top dog jet ( if used
    properly) so why am I even grinding American tanks and planes …?

  144. oh boy, theres a JU88 with a 75 gun, die schnelle tank buster

  145. f117 would be cool for usa

  146. 4:21 behold the flying barrel

  147. F-100 would be the most realistic choice. Its the predecessor to the sabre
    just like the mig 17 was the predecessor to the mig 15.

  148. I want Puma’s Vs GreyHounds!

  149. How about the P-61, I want to see that in the game.

  150. F-16 easy mig17 killer :)

  151. The German Churchill!

  152. YF-88 voodoo vs mig 17

  153. The mig15 is already an alpha jet why did they need to add the mig17…

  154. the mig-17 will not be OP if you look they already nerfed the top speed of
    the aircraft

  155. The M22 Locusts is a gliderborn tank too

  156. The Germans captured several Churchills after the Dieppe raid the Germans
    tested them and made suggestions on how to make them better and the
    suggestions were stolen and sent to the British and they listened to the
    suggestions and improve the Churchill

  157. I hope they add the Dornier Do 335

    When the Russians get mig17s.

  159. please Italian tree

  160. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    Do the German Churchill

  161. John Harms (Harminator)


  162. Curious, because on instagram, a user called “uhtrek” showed some higher
    tier British tanks. Are these not gonna be in this patch? Would be sad,
    becuz those look very appeling~

  163. T44-122 rly war thunder?????

  164. when the Matilda 2 is on the dev server… u gotta do it!!!

  165. ooo dat t44-122 gotta luv dem soviet derp tanks
    with a 19.7 reload rate!

    and the JU-88 had a design to implement a 88mm auto cannon

  166. Is it just me or did he sound out of breath

  167. I just want the M48, T29/30 to be added so badly. Hopefully one day.

  168. Im hoping for a f4 phantom with gun pod

  169. gaijin when is Japanese tanks? not very honoboru!

  170. f4 phanton or nf5

  171. Yeah the russian really needed a tier 4 premium with a massive gun!

  172. i wanna see a daimler armored car

  173. So…there’s effectively a super T-34 100, but at the same BR. I really
    hope that gets changed…

    Also, a quick google search shows that the tank was not ever put into
    service, with one prototype made and only tested. Due to an incredibly slow
    rate of fire (about 2 RPM, though, we’ll probably get higher in game, as
    cramped crews apparently mean nothing to Gaijin), and only capability to
    store 24 rounds. As a result, the project was cancelled before any other
    than one were produced.

    Now, I’m not against the introduction of prototype vehicles, usually, but,
    when we’re looking at a counter that has a similar type of prototype in the
    same tier, and is in no way lacking tanks to compete there, I don’t think
    it should be done, especially when the time spent adding this could of been
    spent helping to flesh out the underpopulated Japanese planes tree, or
    adding more to the new British tanks tree.

    *mood shift*

  174. T-44-122….Put 122mm gun on ALL THE COMMIE TANKS!

  175. okay to kill that mig 17 we need a f22 raptor

  176. Kurt “OberstReinhardt” Reinhardt

    Boran the Ju-88 you might be thinking about is a factory/field mod where
    they put a 88mm L/71 gun under the plane, it had an auto-loading system
    like the Duck

  177. F-100 Super Sabre would be good counter

  178. Can I drive these tanks now or only on dev server

  179. next time turn off the hangar sounds

  180. “most T44’s”

    There aren’t many lol.

  181. The F86F-2 already combats the Mig-17 very well.

    the Mig-17 that we get in game had little performance difference between
    the 15Bis.

    There should be little issue combating the Mig-17.

  182. Thank you Russian coders

  183. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    F-4 phantom?

  184. Piss off Gaijin, the first Churchill in the game needs to be British, we’ve
    waited long enough

  185. Mig- 17 vs Hunter F1 oh wait Hunter in WT have prototype motor ….

  186. Hahah, t44 with a 122mm – i knew the russians would keep adding overpowered
    vehicles to their nation…meanwhile germany getting fuuuucked

  187. War thunder should add the F-86 Sabredoge to counter the MiG-17, and Baron
    ples make a video on the T25 MURICAN BABY PERSHING

  188. Cold war,Nukes,infantry,modern tanks,artillery,storyline… myabe in
    warthunder 2

  189. The british could have the Eurofighter…

  190. Clearly what we need to counter the Mig 17 is something from the century

  191. Churchill at 3.7… pnzr4F2 is gona go through that armor like nothing

  192. JU-88’s with cannon in excess of 30mm were the P series, the Zerstörers
    were the C series

  193. SL Eleven (SevenEleven357)

    Are you fucking serious?! Pretty much adding in a better t-34-100 but it’s
    even more op on the T-44 body ffs the bias is unreal

  194. Well fuck you to wt when am I getting my f4 phantom

  195. german churchill

  196. Umm, obvious Russian bias going on right now, normal T-44 is at BR 6.7, the
    one with the 122 is at 6.3. I mean, the 6.7 BR is too high IMO for the T-44
    but 6.3 for the 122 version? swap them BRs around! Also lets not forget the
    near super-sonic jet they get, jesus, it probably could reach the speed of
    sound in a dive….

  197. T-44 122, RIP my beautiful br 6.0 panther line :.( I salute you!

  198. The Combat Commission

    why do the British Heavy Bomber’s have to be 5.0 & 5.3 why can’t they be
    4.3 & 4.7 BR it’s pointless having them at 5+ also were are the Cookies why
    can’t they carry cookies.

  199. F4f phantom vs mig 17

  200. I believe the American F100 super Sabre might be added to combat the MiG 17
    but at the same time the F100 was able to fly at supersonic speeds so maybe
    they might add a possible MiG 19 which could fly at supersonic speeds

  201. wow frist armored vehicle and they made it anty air thanks war thunder

  202. I hope the Russians get a British tank, I’m sure the brits gave them tanks
    like the yanks during the war

  203. Well … they should add F22 Raptor hum

  204. howe do you get on the dev surver

  205. one of the reasons the majority of British bombers defensive armament isn’t
    as good as that of the Americans is because the British bombers flew the
    majority of their bombing missions in the war at night so they didn’t need
    as strong of a defensive armament as the German aircraft couldn’t find them
    (until they got radar). as much as war thunder try’s to go for historical
    accuracy i think they should give the British bombers 50.cals to make it a
    bit more fair although British bomber are pretty good at night in
    historical battles (that doesn’t happen very much tho)

  206. Nice video Baron and also question do you think that the british will get
    their own derp tank which is the Churchil A.V.R.E.

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