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is bringing a new tech of British wheeled mediums in update 1.22! here's all you need to know about the new “tanks”!


6:01 FSV Scheme A
9:52 FV601 Saladin
14:14 GSOR 1006 Scheme 7
19:25 Concept No.5
27:28 Conclusion


  1. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    first 🙂

  2. Looking forward to them.

  3. Here we go!

  4. honestly i love the concept


  6. Surprised the Rooikat wasn’t put it, 105mm gun and same mobility as an ebr

  7. So wheeled worse leopard 1’s

  8. It’s wild that they make you research the guns again when they are basically identical to equivelant tank guns both in game and in history.

    • Gotta incentivise gold purchases somehow.

    • yeah gone are the days when you would often get ‘crossover’ parts like usually if you’d been done one line you’d unlock pretty much ALL the radios for any further parts of that line and if you were lucky and went down the heavy tank line you’d unlock a lot of the medium tank guns.

    • It seems to me that Wargaming are doing every single thing in their power to make sure you hate this line of vehicles. I sure hope that changes before the update comes out.

    • ​​​@luketferTo be fair, they decreased the number of modules you have to reseach for a tank by a lot. Even the first gun is often bearable, and you usually only have to reseach the turret and a single gun to have full firepower. Back in the day even meds and lights would had to reseach 3 guns, each one being a bit better than the last, meaning that the full stock tank was horrible if you didn’t have any crossover from other lines (the new players suffered the most because they didn’t have many lines)

  9. Why are these armoured cars medium tanks? Considering that the UK was the premier users of armoured cars for like 90 years.

    • yeah creepy baby sucking up to his employers. The saladin a medium tank, its utter bollocks

    • Was wondering the same thing. But I bet WG did that on purpose to emphasize that the British Wheeled Tanks are NOT like the French ones, in order to avoid a sh*tstorm from all those players who hate the french Wheeled Light Tanks.

  10. Not looking great but inspired me to open the game first time in a bit 😀 Thanks for the video 07

  11. man are these tanks are ugly, very excited to play them nonetheless.

  12. You are british why are you calling them wheeled medium tanks they are armoured cars

  13. People yelling for years that they want all wheeled vehicles removed. WG: Let’s add more wheeled vehicles.

  14. Usable Stock gun on the AEC, that is the top gun from the matilda

  15. The Saladin was an armoured car not a wheeled armoured vehicle this is shite

  16. Big no

  17. Shame the Boarhound is absent (unless they are thinking of adding as a premium)

  18. At first they said “no wheelie” but then French wheelies happened. What’s next? Smoothbore gun? Or a new faction called “Asian Coalition” with a light tank line that lead to Commando Stingray which contains something likes BMP series and the new ATGM mechanic?

    • T-62A has a smoothbore

    • Lol! Go play the xBox version if you want to see all that nonsense. That being said, I don’t see why that won’t happen. There’s only so much they can add now before they simply have to add more and more post-war tanks and gun mechanics.

  19. Ah! But you see, I AM a mad lad! I got so bored grinding up to the Leo1 that I finally just gave up at the Leo Proto. I will someday finish that line but for now, I’ve got some new meat to look forward to! Excellent first look at some subpar mediums.

    Thank you once again for your awesome review of these wheelie boys! I’m still looking forward to seeing if I can make them work for me. I love taking tanks that no one likes and making them good.

    As always. Stay safe out there, everyone! Good luck and happy hunting!

    P.S. On a side note. Wargaming seem to be listening a bit more to the player base these days. Perhaps that bodes well for the future of these wheeled vehicles. Perhaps we’ll see a few much needed improvements before the update goes live!

  20. Tier 7 is a keeper. Others are very bad!

  21. Darth Waffle Ass 69

    There not OP so I’m happy

  22. So. It’s a tech tree for pro players. We, potatos, may keep calm and suck in wot

  23. We need a wheeled Maus

  24. Wheeled vehicles are known to be very quiet so the camo should be fixed
    Also I think that the acceleration especially when backing up after a shot should be increased and I’m even thinking of a new mechanic for higher caliber wheeled cars that would allow boosted acceleration after firing by pairing recoil and engine

  25. Tier 7 and 10 look like the most fun

    • Tier 7 looks indeed decent, but the tier X looks just like a weak Leopard 1. I see no reason to play the Concept 5 over the Leopard 1, it’s basically better in almost every aspect.

    • @Robin Khn well yes I wrote the comment before seeing all the tier 10s stats😅

  26. Francis Fjord Cupola

    Brexit making the UK irrelevant again. Not enough rich customers for WG to be bothered.

  27. Bush Master Flash

    Another tech tree not worth grinding if you aren’t a collector.

  28. Looks like a pass 😢

  29. So a leopard is the same speed, better camo, and has a better gun. Why would anyone play this? Ps, IRL the Saladin was a far more effective vehicle than any of the EBRs. Not that WG gives a shit about that…

  30. 20:22 Interesting, that Wargaming are planning to update the Concept 1 b to have wheels instead. Cool

    Good to know…

  31. The saladin remind my nickname, new main tank for me

  32. Absolutely useless vehicles. The only thing good about them is their gun handling, but compared to a Leopard that has equivalent gun handling but also significantly higher dpm, camo, view range, and is somehow faster… These just suck. I’d take an M48 or a 121 over this 10 times out of 10.

  33. Didn’t the preview from WG show the Wheeled line branching off from the T5 Covenanter LT not from the T4 Cruiser IV?

  34. i absolutely despise how the tech tree t8 is worse than the premium

  35. so why did they do supertest? it’s the same changes that were announced. everything was absolutely balanced?

  36. Oh look, another mediocre British medium tank, what a surprise.

  37. I will wait for the German Puma and Sonder KFZs.

  38. It is I who Nuts to That

    WG will buff for sure. Id be fine with these being a glass cannon type of tank. Good DPM and gun stats, but horrible camo and large 0 armor target aka fairly balanced tank imo.

  39. Even though some of these tanks look pretty ok, this has got to be one of the most disappointing tech-trees in quite a long time. Seems like the tier 7 and the tier 10 are the only decent (and competitive) ones in the line. If the tier 7 had more gun depression – at least 8 instead of that god-awful 5 – it would easily be the best in the line for me.

    • why tf would you say the tier X looks competitive? Didn’t you watch the end of the video? The Concept 5 is basically a heavily nerfed Leopard 1, there’s no reason to play the Concept over the Leo.

  40. Creating a new shitty wheeled line is not a way to balance the french one.
    Suffering on the GSOR 1010 will be enough for me.

  41. The only proper way to avoid being destroyed after one minute will be to play as a fast relocating TD

  42. Quicky, you act like and talk as if this is gonna be an “in your face” kind of medium, in regards to the concept. Yet it’s not, it’s a sniper medium, just like the leopard 1. I know I’m going to be using this as a sniper when I get it. You put a lot of emphasis on moving camo and yet you know it’s a medium, not a light. Sure, it’ll get spotted as its moving around by a light, however, playing it as a light is a horrible decision.

  43. Sherman Jumbo like it😅

  44. I was hoping for some gameplay with tier X vehicle in the end, but nevermind. Still great video QB, thanks!

  45. What i hate most is the 250 alpha gun on techtree tier 8. Yet another techtree tank that has inferior firepower compared to the premium tank. I really hate when the premium tank has like 100 more alpha than the techtree tank.

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