Broke My Favorite Tanks Damage Record | World of Tanks Object 780

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Source: DezGamez

My New Damage Record in My Favorite Tank Object 780. World of Tanks with Object 780, Tier 10 Soviet .

Today I am going to show you Object 780 in quite a banger action, a which i had couple weeks ago. When it starts rolling, it freaking beast!


  1. Already here

  2. Shout-out to Lugia and Artychaud for the Chicken Dances at the end, of course! 😀
    Stay strong, fam! 😉

  3. Dezzzzzz❤

  4. Hearing two voices is annoying you should of just muted the stream audio then commentated over the top but great result non the less

  5. Always enjoyable video to watch from diz❤❤❤❤

  6. Good game, Dez! Beast! Keep beating your records ❤💪🔥🔥

  7. Where are you,, ohh here on YT 🙂

  8. Well deserved Dez, bloody good work 🙂

  9. I would actually rlly like to see just some good / fun games of your streams even without extra commentary.👍🏻

  10. MY fav tanks are tier 9 tanks i never play tier 10 lol my beloved kpz 50 t

  11. Kpz does not stand a chance… 780 is my favorite tank too… the best to come out of the assembly shop.. gg

  12. Congratulations to HUGE game..

  13. setup is? hp+rammer+turbo?

  14. You lost all credits….GOLD SPAM MUCH?

    • Dez fired all his AP & HE rounds and only had 4 APCR left at the end of the battle. Go away troll.

    • @brhop1982No I don’t think i will go away..I like Dez and i seen he lost a ton of credits and to tell the truth he should have made a ton….Also calling me a troll is untrue, this is my first or second post to a Dez video, so maybe you should go away!!

    • @Charles Hill He made 86k credits so how did he lose credits? If he was spamming Gold then he would’ve shot all of them and had regular ammo leftover but the opposite is true.

  15. Great game, Dez! Now, I must say I’m not a big fan of the mixed commentary style. It gets messy.

  16. Super game. Sadly i don’t have it. This kind of video are very nice to watch. I will be more than happy to see more like it

  17. Meanwhile FV215b – Traitor! 😭

    And from me – Send it to wg to get your deserved replay of the week! (maybe they can use older replays?)
    Anyway congratulations!

  18. Felicidades Mr Dezpacito 🎉❤

  19. Nice! I love the 780 over the last 2 similiar offerings 🙂

    • TehButterflyEffect

      It was expensive but it’s the cheapest and best assembly shop tank they have released. I like the 780 as well.

  20. GG Dez! I didn’t realize you are a fan of disc golf (noticed your disc bag hanging from next to you). I’ve never really gotten into it, but it is very popular in my town. We have many large tournaments including players from Estonia.

  21. GG! 👍

  22. Nice gg, same thing hapend to me with leo1…i deal 8k dmg but with blinds over 10k.

  23. Great game, Dez. Congrats!

  24. I like this type of video

  25. Congrats Dez I have a &*) and hate it glad you love the tank lol.

  26. ❤ great game mate!! Lol all my tier X tanks colect dust, just buy them to colect dust lol
    PS: i have it with the fancy cammo but i have not played a hand full of battles in it yet.

  27. punksinthebeerlight

    Gg buddy

  28. So mad i never got the chance to get a 780 😔

  29. Amazing game! I think at 2:36 when you shot, you could have known earlier that fv4005 is there because of that splash.

  30. nice job

  31. The battle where you got the third mark on this tank was epic as well shame it never made it to YouTube

  32. Honestly 780 is one of my favourite tanks as well

  33. an this is why war game need to stop make these over powered tanks that see lower tiers

  34. Love this video and your tank.
    Nice for you mate.

  35. Dez, they ruined the game when they introduced gold rounds. I haven’t downloaded any WG products to my new computer over that bs. I used to love WoT. Not anymore.

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