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  1. Kinda wanted to do something like this for aprils fools. but owell.
    M44 nerfs when? 😀

    • @SeraphinoII They will keep nerfing the damage and stats until no one plays it, that is the main plan. Maps are already a crap ton of corridors and uneven ground, very far from the 2012 camping fests.
      The rest is a problem from the MM, that shouldn’t pair 16 tds per match.

    • shut the fuck up Circon . arty is not the problem .

    • Thanks for the vid today, Circon, had a stressful day at work, this helps 🙂

    • bob bob well bob bob, what is the problem? You’re telling people art isn’t the problem. So you seem to acknowledge there is a problem. In your opinion, just what is the problem?

    • Never cuz Ivan at WG enjoys this shit


  3. Thank you Circon, very cool!

  4. Once again im friggin over the moaning about arty. Try a different horse mate this one’s been flogged to death already. UNSUBED.

  5. ASTOUNDING!!! The superior finger control needed to click their firing buttons is mind boggling!!! How do they do it!!!!

  6. If wg wants to do non-penning HE, then do it to arty only!!! I got hit by a gw tiger for 1.1k dmg while my jageroo struggle to 1k dmg n above (low roll)

  7. Very

  8. You can almost taste the sarcasm in this commentary. xDDDDDDDDD

  9. most of the arty at T5-6 need to be nerfed in some way or another, the T7s are mostly terrible in comparison, the British and American T8-9 need to be nerfed for sure, maybe the Russian and German a little as well. the french are stuck with the equivalent of a T7 arty gun for the entire tree and the auto-loader at T10 only makes it slightly better so that’s fine.
    that being said, the only arty I’ve found to be somewhat “balanced” is the CGC, sure it can hit behind some cover that others can’t, but it has downsides that none of the other high tiers deal with. it cant shoot more than half way across the larger maps, so it can’t counter arty, its shell velocity is the slowest by far at 360 (it literally takes a full map square of lead or more to hit a light tank on the move) and you constantly waste shots because someone else fired and killed the target while you were waiting for your shell to land. It has the worst dispersion by a large margin and slowest aim time so re-aiming more than a tank length or trying to track a moving target is actually worse than moving the hull on several of the other high tier artys. Its the only tank I’ve found that suffers from RNG as badly as the old BL10 did, you can go multiple games in a row without doing any damage just because RNG sent every shot into next year.

  10. Great now instead of 66% to 80% of arty being M44s we will now get 80% to 100% in most matches with tier 6s.

  11. The perfect class for low intelect people. They also may have fun with world of tanks, upon the rage and the curse of the pros.

  12. Im actually using the M44 to do the battle pass missions on my free to play account. It works.

  13. 20:05 My rng will derp shots at weakpoints with a 0.30 dispersion in a medium at point blank yet you can pull this off with an arty. Stupid.

  14. The “very cool” got me every time

  15. Anyone notice that sheep in the second replay.

  16. That’s where I stopped grinding the Jap heavies, at the O-I, thing gets spotted from the moon, is as slow as a one legged tortoise, and is impossible to miss with arty if caught in the open. It’s a hangar queen now…

  17. I love my M44.
    I’m a bad player. The M44 is what keeps me from uninstalling.
    I one-marked my M44. For me that was a lot of work and I’m proud of it.
    In my opinion, bad players/casual players/free-to-play players need something that gives them some sense of accomplishment to keep their experience at least somewhat positive. That’s the role of the M44.
    What you didn’t show here was the downside of playing artillery. You know what I’m talking about.
    Most artillery games go nothing like what you showed here.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had a 2000 damage game in my M44. I’m happy when I hit 1000.
    On the other hand, I’ve had plenty of zero damage games where there are no shots and some light tank kills me early in the game.
    Good players really shouldn’t bitch.
    Removing artillery would make good players better and widen the gap between good players and bad players.
    I believe it would result in more lopsided results (15-0, 1, 2, 3, etc.).
    Artillery merely adds one more variable that good players have to be mindful of.
    It makes bad players something of a threat to good players.
    As an aside, the other day I watched a game where the M44 was three-marked. That guy was ruining some peoples games.
    Be thankful most artillery players suck or just play casually/lazily.

    • Christopher Spears

      Well put. Getting nailed by arty is part of the game and I’ve suffered my share. But I pull out my two marked m44 play a few games, make some credits and all is good.

  18. The only reason I have an M44 is to complete the artillery missions in the campaign. I even bought the Lefh during the black market just to keep it out of the hands of someone who would actually play it.

  19. Still not as broken as wheeled tanks.

  20. The most frustrating thing is arty killing 2 crew in one shot or arty not hitting and still killing crew. Free to play players hurt so much when arty kills 2

  21. Here’s my two cents and I’ll give it to you for free. I spent a decade learning all there is to know about firing and controlling real arty, and this game ain’t it. I get that WoT is an “arcade” game, and all that. But, arty in this game isn’t even “arcade.” At least the other tanks mostly work like real tanks. Arty? I don’t know what it works like, but it isn’t like real arty even a little. It’s total bullshit. Real arty has to be surveyed in. You have to know where you are to hit something somewhere else. Period. It takes at least three real minutes to do that before you can fire a round, and you’re going to miss that first round because survey done that fast SUCKS. It’s little better then a “map spot.” But it can be refined by recording where the round landed. That’s why there are arty observers attached to front line units. To “walk it in.” Even modern GPS enabled arty that can self-survey almost never get first round hits, and they still require forward observers. Oh, and here’s a little know fact for you. Because it’s a howitzer and not a gun (there are MAJOR differences,) the closer the target is the hard it is to hit. Yeah, seriously, go look it up. At the ranges in this game arty could only hit something they can see with their own eyes. That’s direct fire mode, like a gun, but a crappy gun because it’s a howitzer – duh. And in that scenario, arty is somewhat accurate, but the other guy can also see you and their GUN is made to kill other vehicles. Arty is designed to kill infantry – period. To make arty real in WoT (and thus balanced IMO,) no one would want to play it. And I’m fine with that. I’d much rather see no player arty, and have arty as a consumable you can call on every once in awhile like in FrontLine – as long as you’re willing to use a consumable slot and make your tank that much worse. Anyway, thanks for the “interesting” video!

  22. I’m detecting a note of sarcasm….

  23. Christopher Spears

    I started playing 6 years ago and arty was in the game then and I just see it as part of the game. The more frustrating matter is the power creep from the op Russian tanks wargaming throw in every other day. Teams need arty to help deal with the garbage pay to win tanks. Just my humble opinion.

  24. So the main take-away is “play more M44”. At least that’s what I got from it.

  25. they should give tier vi arty the old light tank mm, so they can only play against higher tier tanks

  26. Am eating Pringles, getting full Arty experience

  27. If they nerf one of the last functioning artys in this game, I am coming for you, Mr. I-sport-coke-in-a-tier-6-arty-which-I-drive-so-long-that-my-crew-has-about-8-perks-uuuh-look-I-hit-with-my-8-perk-coke-crew-that-tank-must-be-op

  28. I suck and hate playing arty, but missions require it…can anyone tell me the best arty far as firing arc ?

  29. And there’s people that defend this and call it skilled and balanced.. hmm..


  31. Its almost as if an indirect-fire class doesn’t fit in well in a game that’s all about positioning and line-of-sight management….

  32. you should note that this game play is a 1 out of 30 games .. the gun normaly shoots to far or to short

  33. I like the sheep audience during the second replay, it gives you something to watch while you wait for something to happen.

  34. I’d say it goes beyond op m44, fv or autoloader tier X bc. The whole concept is completely retarded, and the players themselves are not the brightest bulbs in the world. It ruins the whole experience.. And it’s not even necessary, the games without arty are completely fine, way better than the onea with arty.. And on top of all, 90% of players keep saying those things and wg pretends everything is ok

  35. Love. LOVE my M44!

  36. Im a total arty noob, how do you move the overview aim tilted to the side, as you do in this video? Is it just something that is plain in the game? I have alot of arty missions I need to do, so maybe I should know the basics

  37. T43 real contribution was keeping them from getting that cheap ass crucial contribution award they were trying to farm. He deserves an award just for keeping them from getting that one.

  38. Very cool replays indeed Circon :33

  39. M44 rulez and that’s it.

  40. How the fuck is Fv304 and m44 in same tier. ???

  41. JuSt LeaRn tHe MaPS aND YoU WilL bE ArTY SaFE.

  42. Don’t forget that this thing was able to shoot HEAT, and so sorry to say this, it was hella fun to shoot people in the face with M44 back then 😂

  43. I know when I’m being shit on by arty I always think about what skill they need to have to outplay me.

  44. M53 is just a M44 on steroids. why not include that one too? balans

  45. There’s a reason I completed the personal arty missions for the Stug IV and T28HTC in the m44. It’s so easy, except for some of the stun missions. And yeah it’s a credit maker which is nice for a f2p player.

  46. WG should make counter battery fire way easier. That would make it more dangerous for arty and they’d have to think more about what they’re doing instead of just parking in a bush and click. It would also give arty something else to focus on while the other tanks play the game. Maybe a nerf in the range of arty would be beneficial. They’d have to move up and put themselves in harms way.

  47. Was nice tabloid video.
    The samples are well chosen to fit the bias (no critique for any other classes, of course, even the not-so-much-liked Japanese heavy becomes a poor, injured victim).

    Naturally, the good ones are where the arty scores are by far not this high, but those were not included in the sampled replays.
    E.g. when you are playing during constant counter-battery activity and you move all the time, or where the fronts move fast and you have to relocate constantly, not to mention when your team-mates in their glorious other tank classes f*** up in 5 minutes time from start, or when you are forced to play a TD.
    Or the funny ones, where the arty is rammed by two-brain-cell lights, or where the glorious lights in their overconfidence are shotgunned – sometimes two within a minute.

    Let’s see some M44 t6 stats though:
    Wins: 35th place
    Wn8: 41st place
    XP: 43rd place
    Damage: 21st place
    Number of battles: 15th place

    Let’s see some M44 all tier arty stats now:
    Wins: 8th place
    Wn8: 19th place
    XP: 22nd place
    Damage: 25th place
    Number of battles: 22nd place

    Conclusions are obvious – just not really harmonizing with the picture painted by the video above.

  48. Circon you kinda durped twice in the second replay. First you accidentally put the speed on x2 and say that the M44 has a stupidly fast reload (which it does, but x2 speeds doesn’t prove the point), and second, you stop the replay before all the enemy vehicles are destroyed. There was still a Hummel left. Granted, the killing of that Hummel would not have been exciting to watch.

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