Brother of Boris is Less Balanced – T-80UK – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

T-80UK has arrived as a Squadron vehicle! (AKA, the Free Top Tier MBT), also features a TINY BIT of the SU-25… 😀

00:00 – Intro WATCH!
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  1. Is there a video of your audio set Up in warthunder cuz you seem to hear almost everything

  2. tbh, keeping the HE-VT would not hurt you, it’s just the regular Russian HE shell with a fuze in it, so you can use it as a regular Russian He-Frag round

  3. 1:09 they Fuck, oh they fuck HArd.

  4. the forggy is now 9.7 ..

  5. The “K” stands for Command as it is spelled with a K in Russian. This actually applicable to all T tanks as they all have a command variant which have some type of additional equipment not normally fitted. On most, it is usually just enhanced radio equipment or positioning equipment however on the T-80U the Soviets went a bit further and decided to include upgrades which made the tank more capable. The original U’s did not actually have thermal sights and the UK’s did as another example. This is also seen with the T72B 1989 (but not in game). In reality some T72B 1989 tanks placed in command roles were equipped with thermal sights but it was not common or standardized like with the UK’s.

  6. 3BM60 is the round you are thinking of

  7. oh look like 80% of the shots vs you bounced…. yet any allied tank with comparable armorangle get instagib’d. Coincidence?

  8. Dang Russia is just getting a new top tier vehicle EVERY patch at this point

  9. Since you can’t purchase, research, or otherwise spend any money on drones they could theoretically remove drones without impacting any players.

  10. drones are such cancer…

  11. ‘19 Explorer Sport

    Drone idea was awful

  12. Audio update come out tomorrow

  13. The missile defense system shouldn’t work on any wire guided missile because they don’t recieve any signal accept from the wire.

  14. This looks like a tank that they just wanted to see how much shit they could stack on it.

  15. The UK is the commander variant of the tank commander is spelled kommander since russia dosent have have a c in its alphabeth also the 3BM59 is the svinets 1 and the 3BM60 the svinets 2.

  16. Justin do you think Gaijin should add enduring confrontation maps for grounds forces where the maps are bigger and maybe there is AI ground forces we can move to destroy ?.

  17. A squad vehicle or premium with a tech tree equivalent+ is getting old:/

  18. Also like 8 new Israeli ground vehicles.

  19. He mentioned the T72 series will get their front plates buffed? Does this apply to the T72AV?

  20. Not that I care much as I don’t play russian tanks, but how is this tank, with worse armor, worse ammunition, no commander thermals and near identical mobility at the same BR as a fully upgraded T-72B3? Russian 10.7s are a mistery. Still, really cool upgrade to the T-80.

  21. those time fuse rounds works great against light armored tow launchers hiding behind rocks or bmp’s hiding behind corners of buildings

  22. I personally think Drones are a good idea that were badly implemented.
    But overall, I think it balances out the lack of CAS with guided munitions several of the minor nations have, Japan for example has a grand total of 0 planes with any sort of guided munitions, their one jet that is MADE for air to surface only carries dumb bombs, Zunis and Mighty Mouse rockets, with the weapons it has that are missing being anti-ship missiles.

  23. William Benedict Alava

    Purge the other games and focus on WT gaijin thanks.

  24. For the timed shells, aim top attack on any turrets. It even 1 shots the abrams m1a2! The shell is amazig. Always try to center the top of the turret und the thing just shreds

  25. Nice vid, would have missed out on that tank. Cancel the m1a1 aim I’m going for this bad boy now.
    Oh also, a Turms player that knows what they are doing is scary btw. Rare sight, I’m not the one but I’ve seen people go on stampedes with it

  26. I really hate the module grind on the higher BRs. The tank looks awesome until you see how much EXP you need to really feel it.

  27. the buffed the SH*T out of HE shells… can kill t-80’s by shooting its barrel “at the gas extractor” with an M247’s semi ap shells… somehow the he filler kills the crew from that far…

  28. Me and my friends are gonna try to grind this tank out it won’t be very fun but a new t 80 is always fun

  29. Hey Justin, check the m48 supers optics

  30. Quarterpoundering Ur mom

    I think the k stands for command tank bro

  31. This update will 100% kill top tier. They’re gonna have to do a massive revamp on how drones are done!

  32. I’ve been getting “screen shake” whenever i’m firing the main gun while aiming. Anyone knows how to disable it? It’s really disorienting whenever i’m firing

  33. Hey Gaijin did semi mess with the sounds but only adding Radio effects and a response to calling artillery which is actually pretty chad ngl… either that or I used a radio mod for way to long and thats been around for a bit lol

  34. if drones would spawn on heli pad instead of high altitude it would be a bit better countering them

  35. “Haven’t lost anything important, just the driver!”

    True Russian military command there, Justin. 😀

  36. Wished there was more Su25 footage 🙁

  37. K is for “Command” version

  38. can someone show me where the click bait part is?

  39. why bother turning a defencive system off. And the time fused round works fine if you actuallly know how to aim. Its all these fuckin people that just rush and hold w the entire battle with zero paitence that die all the time and blame systems that they dont know how to or give the time to use

  40. I came to the conclusion that Warthunder looks like an early access game with nicely designed units with little content other than a few poorly coded battles. They are very repetitive and boring, and the only content you have is lots of units to research and spend money on and lots of bugs.

  41. Looks like RED Rocket, RED Rocket

  42. According to wikipedia, the T-80UK is an export model

  43. “aka the free top tier mbt”

    M1A1 AIM along with other tanks: are we a joke to you?

  44. Dude i need to know what decoration is on top of your t80ul on the left hatch! Been trying to find out what it is

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