BRRRRRTT Tank “M48 Gau-8” Armored Warfare

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. Thank you so much for covering AW! Its such a great game but unfortuanly PvP is hard to play with a low player population and as much as i like to play PvE it can get boring. Hopefully with this video we should start to see a bit of traffic coming in again 🙂

  2. The sound effect of the GAU-8 is a bit lacking. Needs that crackling sound imo.

  3. That shit freaky

  4. This game is still live?

  5. Gau-8 with tin foil armour, love it!

  6. Ohh my I have a question
    What do you think
    If m48 gau8 will be a big upgrade
    To be CIWS tank on a m60 a4 chassis

  7. yeah the firing of it was a bit underwhelming needs that BRRRRRRRR!

    • O H You can increase the firing rate with a button, I believe ‘E’. What you were seeing here was the low firing rate mode.

  8. So basically a mobile phalanx? Ok

  9. The campaigns are pretty cool too. I’m actually surprised you were able to find a PvP match.

  10. Sounds more like a vibrator than an a-10 lol

    • Blake Chapman You can increase the firing rate with a button, I believe ‘E’. What you were seeing here was the low firing rate mode.

  11. downloading it as we speak played it a bit before its a okey game but hate spotting mechanics..

  12. Holy hell that’s amazing! I need to start playing Armored Warfare again! ?

  13. The old Glass Canon.

  14. This game is mega dead on PS4 literally can’t find a game ever

    • i give up on this game about 2 years ago… in pc, it was dead as a cemetery, the best i got above tier 4 is 4vs4 battles… in every 5 minute waiting.

    • @kissHUN EU and NA people were playing mostly PvE, so now we have a global server, and PvP is pretty active, except mayve CET nighttime. Ofc this is on PC… console.. yeah.. .

  15. For those asking, the reason the GAU-8 does not sound like the actual A-10’s BRRRRRT is because he had the low-speed fire mode active. The high speed firing mode sounds a lot more like the A-10.

    • I was just about to write that the gun sounds like a wet noodle, shame he didn’t have the high speed module then :3

    • @Leopardts You can actually turn it to high RPM or low RPM at will. You can see the button next to his healthbar with the belt icon. Press E, it’ll switch to high RPM but you’ll overheat within seconds. Low RPM allows you to fire longer bursts, but without as many rounds.

  16. why didnt u use smoke?

  17. Just imagine one of those with 4 of the gau-8’s lol

  18. Wait is this thing real ???

  19. Is the Gau 8 like a Gatling Gun? that like the Gun on the A10 That is awesome.


      The GAU-8 is the gun on the A-10…
      Yes, it’s like a Gatling gun, but it’s classified as a “Rotary cannon”

  20. I’m surprised to not see any “WaRThUnDeR Is BeTTer”

    • because this game really is dead, I played it a few months ago and it took like 30 minutes to find a game on NA servers


    Gaijin when? LOL

  22. I love how half the tanks you were fighting the gun had no effect or had its rounds ricochet 86% of the time

  23. is this alive? xd

  24. Actually why did no one think to put the GAU on an MBT chassis like abrams or even make a whole chassis around the gun haha taking inspiration from the a10 design style.

    • Josh Boucher Mostly because you could realistically only carry enough ammo to fire for about 3 seconds before needing to be resupplied externally.

  25. Damnit devildog. Now I have to reinstall this game.

  26. gotta love devil not using his repairs or taking advantage of the repair and rearm spots on the map.

  27. war aesthetics for now

    So does AW actually have players on the north america server again?

  28. This game has the same horrible spotting mechanic as WoT, which I absolutely despise. You can have direct line of sight on someone but they’re invisible because they aren’t “spotted”, god that pissed me off so much in WoT. Thank god WT doesn’t have that.

  29. yesterday in the chat people told me to go and grind for this one because its hella fun,.. today im browsing youtube and i see this brand new video.
    okaaaay, maybe i’ll see you around in game!

  30. Looks as boring as when it came out, even with the mega update this games mechanics are awful
    Shame, had big expectations about it.

  31. so is this game just a wot clone?

  32. how the hell did you find a game

  33. The Further Adventures of BRRRT and Ernie.

  34. When you see the ammo he’s using and you’ve played the game the facepalm is so hard

  35. MarineplayesMinecraft

    *someone random*: oh this game has the gau-8
    *Every marine with a pc* *heavy breathing*

  36. This game is dead on the PC… Lobby wait times are ridiculous. Don’t bother…RIP…

  37. -TGF- The Gaming Failure

    I would love to see you play more of Armored Warfare, Devil. 🙂

  38. How much they pay you to make this video?

  39. Yeeeet tank

  40. BURRRRRRRRRRRT! The sound allies love and targets hate.

  41. بولينا ساحرة

    How earn m48 ,? :O ..

  42. If you had fun with the M48, I would totally recommend you look into the T250 when it’s released.. ; )

  43. it doesn’t make the right sound though….

  44. Well as of this morning they’ve already nerfed it due to pvp whining. Standard procedure and ruins the fun for pve players just like the nerfed versions of pve only artillery we’re still forced to use. Ironically if the real damage output of this gun were modeled in the game, I don’t think any of the advanced MBT’s would stand a chance. So you can tell they had already toned down the damage. In real life I doubt an MBT could stand that many rounds of depleted uranium to a focused area. Besides that, I think the original intent of this vehicle was for anti-aircraft.

  45. I just ran across this vehicle om the net the other day, sweet setup for sure.

  46. Are people playing AW again ? Last time I was on the servers were deserted

    • Some time ago they merged all the servers from all over the world into one. So you can get PVE games easy but for spec ops (what he is playing) and basic pvp you will wait forever still.

    • @Evilactions pretty sure he is playing the big ass conquest mode with respawns. PvE only had checkpoint spawns

  47. This think in war thunder will be good, but in some game like wot or AW, it just like trash

  48. the problem is i had a good account but i can log in anymore

  49. People still play this game?

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