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  1. Who else wants to see phyls stomp play set?

  2. Yeah PHLY I take my a7m1 into found rb with a lineup that only has like ho ro, ho ni 3 I think and the chi nu. 3.3 max vehicles and just crush the enemy fighters in the a7m1 usually with a bomb Kill to boot

  3. Ah yes, my favorite anarchic bomb thrower

  4. your mic is very quite in the vid phly

  5. You know it’s going to be a good day when phly daddy or dollar plays posts a video.

  6. Muntather Aldamok

    If you’re facing British Tanks with APDS this thing’s armor is useless

  7. Phly you can get bushes from the war credit shop, at like level 4, you can buy a crate which gives you 1 random bush

  8. Sacha Friderich

    Phly play the object-268 or the Su-122-54 these things are kinfbof overlooked at 6.7 but realy good.

  9. DJ RAY the furry

    Can you do a video with the SD KFz specifically the six and a half ? It got Nerf recently but it’s still quite a monster

  10. DJ RAY the furry

    They need to make the sturmtiger into the game like you said but I wouldn’t mind if the Shell art a little bit and they should make it the last tiger 1 model you can receive and balance it by not even allowing backup vehicles on it since it has a 380 mm gun

  11. DJ RAY the furry

    Last thing like this comment if you agree and let’s see if we can put a petition up for it , war thunder should allow you to split screen when using consoles but only allow guest accounts that have a exact copy of every vehicle in your list or should I say lineup and whatever vehicles you have researched and unlocked the guest account may also use , they should even allow the ability of split screen multi-faction so if you and your buddy are playing together and you have vehicles researched in Russia but your buddy likes Russian vehicles more than the German vehicles you’re working on they can still use those only player one can actually grind and get it counted towards them and the guest account cannot grind but again only use the vehicles that are already previously researched by the main account lol gaijin should also add anti-tank weaponry and anti-aircraft weaponry at the spawns of every map so that way spawn camping is less encouraged for example for Germany stationary pack 40s and for Russia is zis tank destroying guns

  12. What does the SRC in the Heinkel do?

  13. Jaguar GR.1_ is_hot

    Black prince is great too

  14. Amilition Unreal

    Bruh, I literally just watched your video of the Brummbar from two years ago to decide if I want to buy it and you come out with this. Coincidence, I think not! I shall purchase it!

  15. B24 pls

  16. Day 1: play what ever you feel like.

  17. Sebastian Perberschlager

    Please keep on using the electric music in the background, so chilling^^

  18. Just a note, your videos are often the quietest of all the youtube vids I watch. Not sure why, anyone else notice this?

  19. Saya dari Indonesia abang salam kenal maen war thuder nya kaya rukusiiii9999 abang semangat

  20. Seth Courtemanche

    0:28 bigger derp shows up

  21. Seth Courtemanche

    9:25 where did the su-152 come from

  22. I got a Question what is the name of the song at the first kill? Plhy really love ur vids they always make me laugh.

  23. @PhlyDaily thank you so much for your videos. I was wondering if you could attempt to use the Russian Alligator helicopter to attempt to kill vehicles similar to how it is being used currently as an indirect fire weapon where the helicopter launches the rockets up in the air similar to an MLRS?

  24. Best part:

    *Kill an enemy*

  25. Willis Iannarelli

    Wish I could have a quarter of your luck. As a new player I just get sniped in my spawn across the map or dive bombed the first 30sec every game

  26. Hm, how the setting is called where you can switch through your guns? oO

  27. you scraped paint

  28. IRL tankers in ambush positions would put bushes on their tanks, but as soon as they fired most would be blown off. Perhaps they should make bushes fall off when you fire in Sim and need to spend around 45 seconds to replace the bushes?

  29. 6:15 how could He_KORONA_brO do that! he killed a child! (ASU-57)

  30. Totally no russian bias in this game 23:26

  31. Phly, pleeeaasee can you start testing armour with the 17pdr too, o think ots a brilliant gun in the game

  32. Loving the new music alongside the gameplay

  33. What music was playing faintly during the acrobatics at 11:15?

  34. Finishing deployment in one month, gonna buy me this thickk baby.

  35. 4pCA4pCA4pCA4pCA4pCA4pCA==

    1:10 ”you can not not have fun in this tank”
    Me who got spawn camped: -_-

  36. Lmao everytime you call smoke the “Wind of Change”. Keep up the vids man!

  37. 9:16 ratefight

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