Brummbär – So Anyway, I started Blasting

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Source: Bo Time

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The Brummbär is one of my all time favorite premiums and I have always fun to revisit for a video once a year or so. I hope you enjoy the vicious hits this puts out and the total failures of some of the shots I took. If you have a vehicle you would like to see in a future video, let us know!

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  1. How does everyone feel about the changes made to the game over the summer? Has anything improved? Have they fallen short on what they said they were gonna fix? Are you still hopeful that there will be more positive changes down the line?

  2. Yessssss. Brummbar gameplay.

  3. The team work at 7:55 !
    Great job! Very impressive!

  4. 18:56

    Well, he _did_ fire into a hole.

    A hole 150 ft in front of him … that he made … using 150mm of high explosive …

  5. Great video Bo!
    I see HE is the way to go with this thing now, going to have to try that. Unfortunately me and HEAT don’t get along too well, so i’ve never had much luck with this vehicle lol

  6. Thank you Bear, Ham, and Stick for helping with this video!!

  7. Where’s sturmling I havent seen him in a while

    • Sturmling is around, he’s been in recent videos and Twitch streams…though that said he has been having trouble with locked doors in his wildling forms recently so maybe he’s still stuck in one of the BG3 dungeons. 🚪 🦡

  8. 22:23

    I thought I heard “next Mark Rober is gonna be delayed!”

  9. 9:25 I made that joke at the same time as Bo

  10. The same T14 in the first match was in the fourth match

  11. I can definitely see the Brummbar as the Danny Devito of War Thunder

  12. Wait so how big was the box if the seal was vacuum packed?

  13. seal life is real life

  14. Succubius Eißpin

    I love that thing!

  15. Bo, you are a tank dreams killer!!!!

  16. This stubby little tank reminds me of the little paper firework tanks.

  17. High explosives taste metallic, bitter, and acrid. FYI

  18. Brummbeär

  19. Hi Bo. I would just like to say! Fly the Boeing 797 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

  20. MrRenegadeshinobi

    This is the crew I wish I had

  21. Always happy to see more Hambone! He brings great fun and energy to these videos!

  22. “He wants you to think about him as you’re doing it.”

  23. Sherman III/V Wes me and I am darkmomo123005 😢 I killed stick boy at the beginning of the match it was a great honor playing with you

  24. Second interaction for the algorithm.

  25. at a 11:21pov: *bites HE* why it spicy

  26. I was the Sherman III/IV I killed stickboy earlier at 19.20 My name is Darkmomo123005 It was an honor playing with you bow and stick boy 😊

  27. Love the Brummbar, even in BR 6 games

  28. I was the kv1

  29. Bo, can you and the rest play all tortoise please?

  30. Sending 150mm right at your face; the Brummbar!

  31. Great episode, guys!

  32. Bo show us the seal 🤤🥴

  33. I want to know if you could make some sort of VOD channel and post streams and stuff

    • They have one, it’s called Bo & Co Shorts and Vods. I would link it but I did that the first time I replied and I think that YT ate the comment because of it.

  34. We need to get Bo to put that seal on one of his tanks

  35. Great video I have only been watching 10 months and ur the reason why I start playing and I have feel most of ur videos 😊😊❤

  36. Bo can you please please play arena breakout its just like tarkov and i think you guys would love it

  37. My fav tank 🥰 (also HE is better than the heat imo)

  38. Plan fell apart Bo died and Bear got bombed

  39. can you da a vid where you choose somebody from discord and make a video with them

  40. 𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓸𝓯 𝓓𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱

    I want one of those seals, it looks so nice

  41. Bear is a tactical genius, that was drifting a battleship levels of “so stupid it just might work”

  42. The Glorious Moron


  43. Stick is old enough to buy beer?

  44. It’s okay, Bear! You can just kill Stick yourself to get t over with…

  45. I’ve been here on one account or another for nearly a decade, the fact that I can still damn near piss myself laughing after a rough day at work after all this time keeps me coming back for more. One of these days I’ll make it to a community event…

  46. My stomach feels so much better when I see 2 or 3 blue dots below the ticket counter…

  47. Ham has gone through some change, I can tell! He has perhaps accepted himself fully. In any case he has reached inner calm. Big change!

  48. 22:15 Dead men talking…

  49. Kaboom, the main word of Brummbar

  50. Attack the D Point!

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