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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. love the intro

  2. games a joke

  3. Hellcats vs doom turtles

  4. Phly, you are my new favorite youtuber. I pictured you looking kind of like
    a surfer with long blondish hair though. I was a little shocked when I saw
    the same face as Private Pyle when he’s sitting in the head loading full
    metal jackets. Love the channel!

  5. Jorge Monge Salas (Sifmastergamer)

    Phly when are you going to make more toy soldier videos??

  6. good god your laugh is contagious XD

  7. ok guys like this comment for everyone to see this im being very serious
    and it could help you play in war thunder
    In the options there is a rangefinder option and after a couple seconds of
    pressing the key you set it to it will tell you the range and it can work
    on literally every tank and for the Panther II there is an improved
    rangefinder upgrade

  8. Heverson N. Rodrigues

    Challenge series, Take a tank high level and low cannon millimeter, Show
    damage and shot Can off. GG and GL

  9. PHLY challenge mode is on…
    kill a tank on 6.0 using a 4M GAZ
    I hope you will rage XD

  10. btw i like the beard you look better that way

  11. Been out of war thunder for a while, looks like business as usual. Soviet
    shells still have all those hidden modifiers for causing fires and such?
    Recall when the data miners found that one.

  12. A battle that never happened.. F8F V A6M5

  13. phly do a custom battle between rocket vehicles vs atgm vehicles is would
    be fun to play and watch or play tortoise vs. maus vs. t28 or t95 vs. t10m

  14. you can arc your shells from behind cover with the bumbar

  15. Richard MapleRidge

    Derp derpedy derp derp derp derp

  16. M4A3 105 vs Brumbar. American Derp Vs German derpish

  17. Phyl why u such a dick to slick

  18. Phly could you possibly make a video talking about why you and baron don’t
    play together anymore, I really enjoyed watching you guys pkay war thunder

  19. Ply ur bad at wt

  20. Arty in WT confirmed

  21. sgt.killer-warthunder. p

    Kv2 king of derp comerad it stays that way

  22. War Thunder: the game where we don’t add big ships without player opinion
    and we add premium vehicles instead of researchable vehicles because we
    want money. (rubs hand)

  23. Arcade is borrrrrrrrrriiiinnnnnggggg!

  24. axofDiamond “AxofDiamond” 156

    how did battle ship kill you at 2:12 just what?

  25. Russian bias

  26. 2:10 and 6:26 RUSSIAN BIAS CONFIRMED stalinium shell is OP

  27. +PhlyDaily how many golden eagles would i need to unlock all or most of the
    american tanks?

  28. brumbar need to be nerf

  29. 10:19
    when you see your ex’s name but its not them XD lol

    that smile tho XD ahahaha

  30. Try serious Hunter F bias gameplay

  31. Custom Battle idea: t28/t95 wall vs a worthy opponent. idk what that would
    be, but it would be cool to have the wall of thick armour

  32. Moonraker And Elizabeth

    Custom battle for me grille 15vs m4 Sherman tanks please Reply The comment

  33. vr games +1

  34. Will HE shell effect on any tanks with that 150mm gun?

  35. I_am_soviet_ Russ1a

    Phly you should totally drive the t62 in a desert camouflage in Tunisia or
    El Alamein and call it soviet war in Afghanistan

  36. Every time Phly repaired and said ’21 Seconds’, my brain would finish off
    with ‘T-T-T’ and I would continue singing ‘I got 21 seconds to go’. Yanks
    may not get it, but a brit old enough to have hair on his sack will.

  37. Phly please play with PO-2

  38. please play all KV Types

  39. chauchua Bernardo

    No one can sit on the throne of DeRp only the KV2!!

  40. Phly, Please can you fly the Tempest V ?

  41. Mikołaj Adamczyk

    German army combo Tiger H1 and Bf 109 E3.

  42. kv2 one shot master

  43. Would be funny. The slowest Tank from Tier 5 against the fastest

  44. brummbar
    high BR
    no turret
    Premium vehicle
    Pz Iv Chassis Shittier Armour

    Lower BR
    Normal Vehicle
    KV1 Chassis stronger armour

    russian bias confirmed??

  45. How about a custom battle of KV-2s vs M18s?

  46. Ahmad Yusuf Mumtaz

    haha rusian bias

  47. Does anyone know how to download custom skins on Ps4

  48. phly when a new vids on awsome toy soldiers vietnam. a love the smell of
    napalm in the morning. phly If you could go back to wars what had you
    chose? a vietnam

  49. what a shit play. tottaly noob . u dude reaaaly suck. you maybe better play
    tetris . also your voice is .just annoying.Unsubscribe.

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