Brutally Honest Review: Armored Warfare

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Source: Fiaura The Tank Girl

Well it’s a little late but finally here! Let’s talk about and how it’s turned out!


  1. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    All of it said! and done! almost now to do a comparison to happen soon.

  2. Michael Halliwell Bones

    Nearly first to raid your comment section… More to follow!

  3. I had a feeling it was going to get such a review. Whenever spitfire is streaming it she hardly ever gets a full match. Is it wrong to wish there was a good tank game that while didn’t do a pay to win model did try to earn money and make their game fun?

  4. Yeah, their prices are stupid, the PvE is getting worse, the 3-4 tier spread hurts more than helps. The way the top tier tank is awarded the highest reputation regardless of how well the lower tier vehicle does, only reinforces the top tier tank to sit and snipe, even if they are the top tier MBT, I have lost more times than I care to count cause the MBT did not do its job. When you do go as the forward MBT, you get punished hard by the missile spam, the instant weak spot sniping, and the, more often than not, feeling that you have no frontal armor cause the pen on missiles is ridiculously high. I had a match, a missiles penned me frontally, first was 922, that is nearly my half my health, second was 458, and the third and final that killed me was 470. I have not paid a single dime to this game since it went to MyCom, it is no longer rewarding lower tier vehicles for doing well, it makes missile boats over powered, and makes an entire branch line pointless to play, don’t get me started on arty, I am more than a little pissed on what has been done to it. The game had something going for it, I left for a few months, only to return to find it a wrecked shadow of what it once was, I wanted this game to succeed, I really did, but it has fallen so far I don’t think it can even see light from where it is now.
    Nice review by the way.

  5. do not forget PvE way to win is drop the bots behind you.

  6. Thanks for the time you wasted for us giving us your brutally honest review. Another Russian cash grab game, what a surprise. Thanks again

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      At least you only had to put 40 minutes into listening, I had to put 12 hours into playing it again and put aside any notions or attachments I had to it.

    • I know that’s why I commend you on your effort and time, I used to like it but with the My.Com fiasco and firing of Obsidian Entertainment it went to hell in a hand basket and I never look back. So Thanks again for a very good balanced review.

  7. Meeh should be renamed to ATGM warefare. Issue with all 3 tank games is the Russian communities are the largest and most catered for. And fuck balance with them, power creep up the ass is what they love, on top of money is power.

    The other Issue is people have no idea wtf they want, AW did a lot of things right and better than WoTs in the beginning yet people didn’t like it. Like complain about gold ammo making armor useless, yet complain when they can’t lazy pen the front of a heavily armored tank… AIM OR FLANK. And the whole Arty pve if I remember right they got to the point of asking people what they wanted changed with arty and if nothing worked they where just going to plain remove it from the game, at least its pve only and again people don’t know what they want and end up making shit worse.

    • Yeah it seems that armor is non existent even on a Challenger 2 irl often regarded as the heaviest armored MBT on the modern battlefield can get wrecked by ai with the HE form of Rockets not the Tandem HEAT. Just the day before yesterday I was killed instantly in a PL-01 by a ai terminator firing thermobaric warheads 3 penned and the 3rd set a fire that killed me instantly their was no time to move us a rebuild kit no nothing even when a HE rocket just hits you it does 400 dmg with a non penetrating hit but if a player tries the same thing they would be lucky to do 100dmg. Rockets are far too overpowered especially with the ai using them allot they can consistently hit the turret ring even at extreme ranges also I have notice if a rocket is fired by the ai off to your side so you turn the tank’s front towards it, it somehow miraculously hits the side of the tank you will literally see the rocket go off to one side or another and do a 90 degree turn and hit the side of the tank its insane. Also it seems that composite armor does not do what it is suppose to do that it use to do in game was limit the effectiveness of HEAT projectiles or eliminate them as a threat it no longer gives any protection against heat shell types fired at your vehicle. The thing that would fix the low population count on the servers and the funky matchmaking would be to advertise the goddam game I remember them saying sometime in late November last year that they where going to do a advertising campaign with the turn of the year over a month in no tv ads no internet ads just it was released on steam that by the way is a separate account for people that have been playing thru for years. I preferred the idea they had before the whole fuckup 2.0 was released where you had to think of what type of round would be better to use ap for heavy armor and heat and rockets for light armor or vehicles that do not have countermeasures to eliminate them and auto cannon armed vehicles had to flank or catch targets off guard to do great now its hard to know what afvs are for now?

  8. have you ever tried MechWarrior online? you might like it just a thought…

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      I was one of the founders, beta testers, and apart of the first team: Templars, to participate and win in a competitive tournament in it. I am Natasha Uchevnikov, pilot of the assault brawling mechs.

  9. the premium tank thing is budles but unlike wot you dont have to buy the bundles you can buy the tanks on thier own

  10. I am honestly surprised you didnt factor in the best parts of AW while you did for WoT.
    The grind is a hell of a lot faster than the other two games, most to all of the vehicles are playable after immediately buying them, there is plenty of events and boosters going round and you have the ability to put a extra booster next to your premium or standard account for FREE.

    There is barely any RNG in the game, mostly for damage. Otherwise your shot will land where you want it to land, the accuracy numbers dont lie unlike WoT which I remember being a huge part of your previous video in which you said that every shot felt like a chance, in AW it isnt.

    Aside from that, anything else I wanted to say we covered in our discord call a hour ago.

    • yeah, missile spam (ROF) to high. in damage per hit is to great. Hitpoints are to low. PVP is not fun, games are ended to quickly. Solo PVP sucks. The tanks (Prem.) prices are ridiculous for both servers, i won’t buy them ever again.

  11. Panzerkampfwagen Zavod No 1

    Well, this is going to generate a bit of a debate. Can’t wait for the comment wars on the WoT vs AW video XD

  12. That poor car.

  13. The bars are comparisons to tier 10 vehicles, just like in WoT. To be honest it’s dumb. Your review of this game seems rather spot on! Only thing is you never mentioned about all the cheating AI tactics in PVE. You know, the pre aiming, pre firing, pin point accurate shots with the massively excessive ATGM spam.

  14. I had 15 viewers during my PVE Based Tank-O Tuesday, so seems folks will watch PVE fights, especially since they can be train wrecks with the uber-cheating bots in hard mode. yeah, buy just the tanks lower cost, but the add ons like the premium times, and bonus creds and gold they jack you up. But basically, a lot of issues, less vodka for the devs while doing programming
    Vodka is for after they do development, not while they are supposed to do programming and codes!

  15. Well, the first two paragraphs of my comment on your World of Tanks review apply just as much to Armored Warfare, regarding graphics rendering the vehicles and environment, the GUI giving more info than you get in real life on a combat vehicle, and the group toxicity/insanity that is present in the game chat. I wont repeat that here. Anyone interested should go to that video if they want to read them.

    Armored Warfare does have a few positives over WoT: The free garage slots encourages people to keep all of the progression vehicles they unlock, and there is even some credit/reputation bonus for having more vehicles rather than fewer. This is a big plus over WoT, where I found myself dumping lower tier vehicles as I progressed up the tech trees and ran out of garage slots. Being able to assign a commander to multiple vehicles is a plus. The grind to reach higher tiers isn’t onerous, and there is a wide selection of vehicles. There is PVE, not simply PVP. There is also GLOPS, a mix of PVE and PVP, that I find more enjoyable than straight PVP, but it seems to enrage both strict PVE players and strict PVP players. Call me a contrarian, but that must mean there’s something worthwhile about it. The login giveaways are, I’ll admit, far more generous than anything you would find in WoT.

    But there is a lot wrong with AW as well. You are dead on that it is neither an arcade game nor a simulator. In many ways, it combines the worst aspects of both. The engagement ranges are, at best, point blank for any vehicle beyond the M41 and PT76. Dispersion of rounds (the probability that a shell will strike outside a circle of either 36 inches, as used in the ammo of the 1950’s and 60’s – or 18 inches, as used in the ammo of the 70’s and beyond) is so low that the lack of rangefinders in the game is negligible. If you put your aiming reticle on the target, the gun WILL hit it at these ranges. The way that AW is a total fail as a simulator is that for an overwhelming majority of rounds impacting a target, it will be a kill first round – either a mobility kill, crew kill, or outright destroyed vehicle. For reference, look at photos/video of what happened in the last major armored war, Desert Storm. Yeah, that’s not fun for an arcade game, but it is an appallingly real fact of life to armored crewmembers, and it has been that way since the 70’s. Penetrator failure/shatter is simply nowhere near as prevalent as it is portrayed in AW. The interplay of armor/cage armor/ERA/composite versus HEAT and HEP is just wrong. The fact that hotter rounds for the M1’s 105mm M68 cannon aren’t available for all of the M60-series (and all of the NATO tanks that were equipped with the M68/L7, such as the Leopards) is also wrong. Crew performance factors that are critical, such as reloading speeds, are just pulled out of the devs’ ass instead of reflecting the level of skill required of average loaders, much less the ones who were expert at it. Ready racks, clip sizes, rates of fire for chain-fed weapons, all of it is made up from whole cloth rather than reflecting the actual capabilities and limitations of the vehicles.

    Then there are the game mechanics that are just… total bullshit. Ramming comes to mind immediately. A tank ramming another tank for more than a glancing blow is going to incapacitate its own crew, as well as damage itself severely. I knocked down enough trees to be intimately familiar with the jolt that a tank gives you when hitting a large object. I was involved in a glancing blow with another tank when my gun tube smacked into another tank’s turret at 5 mph. It bent the TC cupola hatch so that it would not close. OK, maybe 5% of the armor HP if you will, were destroyed. On the other hand, my tank’s boresight was completely thrown out of whack, the gun tube was likely bent enough that it would have to be replaced because it couldn’t shoot straight any more, and it might have been bad enough that trying to fire a round would have shattered the gun tube. Don’t know, but it wasn’t worth trying to hide it and risk somebody else’s life. In game, this 5% HP damage result on my ‘target’ would have knocked my tank’s sight out and destroyed the gun, requiring at least the use of a Jesus kit to fix. Yet AW encourages this sort of behavior, and there are all sorts of fools who claim it’s a valid mechanic ‘because it’s fun’. Yup. Sure. Tell you what, bucko: try it in your Toyota Corolla with a telephone pole and let me know what you think afterwards.

    The game fails as an arcade game because it sets people’s expectations of what should happen in a tank battle and in any game on its ear. Check out the AW forums; they are filled with salt over the way that inconsistencies between vehicle performance and bugs continually appear and reappear, patch after patch, with lip service to fixes that always break something else when a bug is dealt with.

    One thing you don’t find in the Wot chat that is all too prevalent in both the AW in-game chat and especially the forums, is PVP-centric elitism demanding the end of both PVE and GLOPS. If WoT even had PVE and GLOPS, I suppose you would find the same levels of toxicity, but it really drags down the fun factor of the game when you have all these self-appointed ‘tank gods’ pissing and moaning that if only PVE was eliminated, the queues for PVP would be full. Don’t think so, and many PVE-only players have stated as much in response on the forums, but it never ends.

    End result: I totally agree with you. There are moments of fun to be had with AW, and watching someone play well can be enjoyable, but the game itself.. No. There are better games in other genres out there, and while I might be willing to put up with these bugs in a simulator (assuming I still NEEDED to be using a simulator), I’m not going to put up with them in an arcade game.

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      Did not know you had this much emotion behind this.

    • Well, you spend 20+ years doing that stuff and training other people on it, even on a part-time basis, you tend to form… strong opinions. Hopefully, they’re based on reality. I get that games are supposed to be fun. But there is a difference between claiming a game is based on reality and just making shit up as you go. Thinking the game Armored Warfare is like armored warfare is like calling World of Warcraft an authentic recreation of the Middle Ages.

      Still looking forward to your comparison of WoT and and AW; I’m going on a low-sodium diet to prep for it. 😀

    • Janet, this is probably the most insightful and reasonable critique I have read so far. But then, you have the advantage of real experience with some of the tanks in the game. That’s something all of the Guderian wannabees and even the developers lack completely.

  16. Yup, you die in seconds total pos game

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      Meh, no I was illustrating the kill time went down as you went up in tiers.

    • You die in seconds if your bad or allow yourself to get flanked, its perfectly possible to survive an entire game while in the frontline if you know what your doing

  17. RIP ARMORED WARFARE: If you love Armored Warfare support and play there game.

  18. Try playing WoT and think you are going to have fun. On PS4 this is a breathe of fresh air since WoT greed and WT PS4 incompetence is about the only thing we have going. They get the HD models upgraded and a few tweaks and i won’t look back.

  19. “Constantly engaged by tanks you cannot see” – wasn’t that why they removed SPGs from the game? SMH.

  20. Need to back away from that mic your blowing into it to much.

  21. I stopped playing for ages……came back to find just the best thing ever! Not only did they do nothing at all about the bots spaming ATGMs like confetti on new years eve but they also went in buggered the cmdr skills to hell n back! What more could you ask for? Except maybe like the direct opposite of that.
    Then you deal with hardly anyone on most the time, then you wanna play all your tanks etc cause …why not? Ya get into higher tiers but OH of course hardly anyone doing hard so you gotta go in medium or wait 10 mins for hard or storyline etc. Then your T8 is paired more than likely with T6 n 5 who complain that your a T8+ in medium, whilest not thinking for a second that maybe with the lack of ppl on in the game they dont want to wait 10+ mins for 1 match. Not that i can tell much difference in difficulty anyway, just more ATGMs slamming into me from angles i didnt think physics allowed for.

  22. Color blindness really that prevalent never even thought about it before you seem too picky

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      I’m not being picky at all, in fact statistically males are 1/4 color blind to some degree.
      As for me being too picky, considered I’ve had 12+ people complain about the night vision and their color blindness, I think it’s a justified complaint. Not to mention, that is not how headlights work in pitch darkness.

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl I don’t even play this game anyway fair enough

  23. I don’t think you played enough to judge this game, a lot of the points that you have made were actually invalid.

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      Actually Sandwich I’ve played this game since Alpha, I got to make one of the very first Alpha YouTube videos. And all of my points were dead on according to every other comment.
      I have more than 10K battles and a win loss ratio of 55.3% with a KDR of 3.19 in PvP.
      I think I’ve played more than enough.

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