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Source: Malzi

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Song: Frailach 1


  1. Fernando Mirandilla

    Excuse me. 2:00

  2. Fernando Mirandilla

    Top gun: Maverick meme time. 3:31

  3. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    3:30 > Fifth Generation Spincraft

  4. Ah yes, another skill issue videos

  5. 0:29 jajajajajajajaaja
    3:18 kjjjjjjjjj

  6. green of tree black of blue

    Bro really did the top gun at the end.

  7. I like TK on jets. Such a classic

  8. the last one was like topgun

  9. 0:25
    Least racist chinese player

  10. That tutel at 2:11 is the cutest little chubby tutel i have ever seen.

  11. Okay, I’ve just sent Schwarzblitz a friendship request. Let’s see what happens…

  12. when your teammate is racist

  13. i wonder how this guy spent hundreds of hours to play and upload videos on his channel

  14. how do i write the n word in war thunder

  15. please play weisel 1a2


  17. final exams are coming and this is the perfect stress reliever:)

  18. it do be like that

  19. 219 192 192 192 3:16

  20. My favourite internet show, guarantee more dopamine than 500h of war thunder

  21. I love your sounds effects

  22. 0:25 powerful aura

  23. bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh; no GW Tiger 🙁

  24. last one is top gun

  25. At this point Malzi just needs to stop using missiles

  26. That wma player. Gets malzi canceled.

  27. Just want to say that whenever I leave the game frustrated, I come to watch your videos. They make me smile and laugh really hard, and it’s good to see that I’m not the only one subjected to BS 🙂

  28. tutel literally made me jump in fear

  29. ngl half the time you’re playing the most obnoxiously OP vehicles in the game so i have no sympathy.

  30. That was my wma 301

  31. I swear I get more non-pens on Leopard Is than any other tank. Insane

  32. Now I have to ask how do you do what that WMA did?

  33. Just a simple gamer

    3:30 that 1 guy trying the Top gun maneuver

  34. Been playing enlisted so I havent touched wt in a good while
    Also what the FUCK is up with your missiles and friendly bruh

  35. Youraverageleopard2a4

    0 to 100 rq with that wma

  36. 0:24

  37. Man this game has so many issues it’s ridiculous

  38. Honestly if i saw that 0:28 player i would just suicide teamkill him idrc i have 60M SL

  39. PriscillaVixen Gaming

    RB looks awesome

  40. my favorite part its when he puts the moip sound effect when he litteraly obliterate the oponents amorack and litterally nothing happens xd

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