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Source: Malzi

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Song: Frailach 2


  1. The first clip is just… I dont even know what to say honestly

  2. Certified Malzi classic

  3. I know for sure that MiG player said BRUHHHHH to himself after Malzi got em with that sick 360 missile kill

  4. Xtoxin loli-necronomicon

    2:55 I can’t

  5. rename this vid: malzi m51 giggachad gameplay

  6. Gotta love how literally every munition can be shot down EXCEPT the FAB5000

  7. have you considered doing comps of clips ppl send to you

  8. 2:15 bro went to hell and came back lol

  9. Yeah any idea why dumb bombs (minus Swedish/Italian bombs because gaijin forgot they existed) are so fucking ineffective it feels like I’m using British bombs???


  11. 1:03 ohio ping lol

  12. That the missile know where it is meme will never get old

  13. I always leap for joy when I see a BRUUUUHHH video, always a time to smile and laugh 😀

  14. So you are having bomb issues as well

  15. do you just spend all your time being a twat with cas

  16. Shadow !War Thunder

    cool video!!!!!!

  17. 0:42 1:18 we call that: “the Coffin Swap rule”: you kill one, then you die shortly after

  18. Its a Maus blaz!

  19. I felt the pain on this one

  20. average cas player *sees most heavily armored vehicle “imma drop everything i have on that thing and then wonder why it didnt to jack shit”

  21. I love how bombs just straight up don’t work on that map whatsoever no matter where you drop

  22. At this week you are more lucky to shot down the planes than tanks.

  23. Seems like an extea load of bruh moments in this video, stay strong Malzi

  24. Emergency Broadcast System

    You think not killing those mice with those bombs are bad, wait till you drop a TV guided bomb on the roof of a Russian MBT and it do nothing

  25. 3:02 i would ram into that maus at that point

  26. Hi it was me in this bf 109 e3

  27. this is quality content

  28. I hate this game. Good video tho

  29. i noticed when it comes to Maus’ (Mauses??) you’re better off not bothering to bomb them unless you have a 2,000lb bomb or bigger. Its better to just use anything smaller on targets you know it will kill.

  30. Another BRUUUH video, another reminder to never download this game.

  31. i don’t even play this game and these videos are still hilarious to me.

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  33. Super Sherman is very bad tank, i try it

  34. I once again got a nuke. Every single time before I ran out of time. This time I had time to make it to the battlefield. A friendly plane rams me.

  35. the truck shot, who never… xD

  36. poor sturmtiger

  37. 0:59 that’s not a 7.62mm

  38. The bomb one against the Maus I more or less get. Id be suprised if those bombs did much at the ranges from the target they were at. Especially tiny 250lb bombs.

  39. ilov my mi24

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