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1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky


  1. im new to WT, how do you get your sites to auto-correct after you measure range to target?

  2. The opening and the ending could be on thundershow ngl

  3. I can’t even play war thunder so I’m envious u get to use this, every time I try to update I get a message saying I can’t unpack some files and won’t let me do owt 💀

  4. I love that an APC that entered service in ‘94 gets pit against Tiger IIs. Outstanding Gaijin.

  5. I had the same freeze crashes. Updated my gf drivers and it was K

  6. 0:32 that branch

  7. Ayo this shit can even kill leopard from the front 💀

  8. i love music in ur videos

  9. 0:30 ПО РП

  10. The moment with the PE-8 demonstrates the whole essence of the game

  11. 0:32 Helicopter Helicopter

  12. So I’m not the only one who keeps crashing???

  13. literally start playing russia again to unlock this bad ass ifv

  14. НаС ПоДбИлИ!

  15. 6K for that

  16. I am with the same problem that you after the update , the crash game

  17. as a russia main, Malzi makes this comrade proud for doing the BTR-80 justice and showing us how kick ass and great fun it is to play 👍

  18. ah yes low end gaming

  19. 4:37 “пизда”.

  20. Looks like the mouse initialization crash gets fixed by updating your nvidia drivers.

  21. 6k rp with premium, so generous

  22. r3 on roids

  23. Malzi was pissed after getting killed by a Ostwind ll

  24. Avocado's Constant

    love this thing only for the fact it gives me old mw2/3 vibes

  25. Mouse initialization error crash 😩 I had to update my gpu drivers

  26. Malzi drops a nuke successfully?

  27. you even put the voiceline for the right dirrection in the intro, bravo

  28. oh so crashing is only my problem

  29. Amazing ending!

  30. Don’t say my name

    The ending is insane too )

  31. That clutch at the end, holy shit that was tense!

  32. The intro was great wheeled vehicles go brrrrrrrr!

  33. do another one for the new RCV yeah?

  34. Blox Fruit Gaming(Kid)

    Bro war thunder make my GPU memory turn to 0mb I hate it I need to buy a new one 😢😢😢😢😢

  35. So not just my game crash then.

  36. Emergency Broadcast System

    I really love this thing, it’s so easy to kill in the marder

  37. LOG-Aras Yıldırım

    Yeah Tiger II (1944) and BTR-80A (1984) in same game. I am really glad i was already deleted the game.

  38. Rage Gamer Nebulus Derg

    Malzi has upgraded

    He/she/whatever has cinematics now

  39. Rafał Marchewka

    Gajin: BTR-80 will be at 5.7 will be fine
    People: Russian Bias
    Russian Mains: NOOOO! IT WILL BE SUCK EVEN AT 5.7
    Gajin moved it to 7.0
    BTR: is still good

  40. 72k SL for all of that work

  41. Does Americas tree have a BTR?

  42. no way you get those crapy rewards for 10 kills plus a nuke

  43. such an enterence

  44. the epicness of this video has no limits!

  45. Ending: teams are filled with clowns and random nons

  46. Nearly 700 BTR series vehicles lost in the current conflict.

  47. I love that warthunder keeps crashing all the time

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